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From time to time, there was a ringing laugh in the yard, occasionally mixed with stupid dogs barking.

Ru Xiaonan played with the stupid dog for a long time before he found that Qing Mo Yan was there.
"You’re back" RuXiaoNan jumped on the porch and ran towards him.
"You’re an adult, or are you so rash?" Green ink Yan has a face of disgust. "Don’t go and wash your body when it stinks."
RuXiaoNan vomitted to stick out your tongue and went back to the house to have a clean wash before coming out again.
Qing Mo Yan also changed her homely robe and sat there reading the file he brought back from Dali Temple.
RuXiaoNan saw Qing Hou Fu’s letters lying on the corner of the table.
"The duke sent a messenger?" RuXiaoNan asked.
"Well, Qing Hou Fu wants the ancestral temple to be estimated to be in a hurry to clean up with Qing Jinzhi." Qing Mo Yan snorted.
RuXiaoNan secretly pie mouth.
The old duke is so affectionate that he has no mercy on his own son.
Blue ink Yan looked at the meeting file RuXiaoNan noticed that he was absent-minded, and sometimes he didn’t turn over a page for a long time, and his eyes were fixed on one position.
RuXiaoNan lightly sighed and encircled his waist from behind.
"Isn’t the second young master in Dali Temple? Can he go back to Houfu?" RuXiaoNan deliberately put words very easily.
"I’ll send the chief to follow." Qing Mo Yan’s voice was full of fatigue.
He arranged these forcefully before the important cases were finalized.
"I always thought he didn’t like me because I wasn’t his son. Even if I was obedient to him no matter how good I was, he didn’t treat me kindly, but now he is so kind to Qing Jinzhi. I really don’t know what he thinks."
"I don’t know much about this because I haven’t seen my father." RuXiaoNan buried her face in the blue ink Yan back lonely way
She is a child who has never met her parents and naturally has never been loved by her parents.
Qing Moyan lovingly pulled her into her arms. "What are you dissatisfied with having me here?"
RuXiaoNan nose looked up and smiled.
"green ink face"
"I like you best."
"What, um, what about you?" RuXiaoNan eagerly looked at him, hoping to hear the answer that she wanted to hear.
Qing Moyan smiled and put her face on her face. Judo "I have always had you by my side, don’t you think?"
RuXiaoNan was so proud that she had to cock her tail.
"Me, too. I like you best besides the old stick."
Green ink yan body a stiff.
In addition to the old Diablo iii … I didn’t expect him to be ranked second?
RuXiaoNan imperceptibly still around green ink yan smile happily.
Outside the door, Shi Dayin asked if Xuanyu and others should be taken late at night, and the lanterns hung in the window lattice were staggered by the autumn wind and scattered a soft light.
"Day you accompany me to go to the green Hou Fu" green ink yan faint way.
Although I don’t know what’s wrong with her, she is willing to answer if he asks.
On the second day, Qing Mo Yan took hundreds of chief officers to escort Qing Jin Zhi to Qing Hou Fu.
Watching the fun all the way, the people are getting together, and they have been following the Dali Temple people to the front of Qinghou House.
"What is this to do?"
"I heard that the Five Emperors were killed in the palace or under the emperor’s eyelids. The emperor ordered Shao Qing of Dali Temple to investigate the case thoroughly, and the second young master was involved."
"… what does the second young master have?"
"The second young master secretly brought bad guys into Dali Temple and burned all the prisons."
"How did this happen …"
Qing Moyan rode on a horse and turned a deaf ear to the surrounding discussion. In his arms, he held a black fragrant raccoon fur, which was smooth, dark and shiny. It was also wearing a little women’s skirt and clever little appearance, which attracted several women on the roadside to exclaim.
RuXiaoNan hate to grind his teeth.
This guy, Qing Mo Yan, is getting more and more serious. Now even if she turns into a fragrant raccoon, she has to force an animal to wear a skirt, not a modern person to keep a pet. How humiliating it is.
The little guy in his arms grinds his teeth from time to time, and the blue ink Yan has long noticed that his fingers rubbed his soft and slow fur on his jaw, and he gently pinched Ruxiao Nan, who finally couldn’t match the animal nature and narrowed his eyes.
Blue ink Yan looked down at her with a silk smile on her mouth.
This time, the ancestral temple of Qinghoufu will be in a hurry to clean up the second young master.
Blue ink Yan was not a little happy in his heart. He wanted to get this done quickly and take Qing Jinzhi back to Dali Temple.
Qing Jinzhi is an important criminal now, and he will never let him have an accident outside.
Into the green Hou Fu gate green ink yan sitting in the main hall to drink tea.
He was accompanied by Mr. Gu, the clerk of Dali Temple, and Mr. Bo Tang, the director.
Everything that happened today will be recorded and reported to the emperor.
RuXiaoNan is also a little thirsty, but now she has no way to drink tea, so she can regret staring up at the blue ink face.
I didn’t expect Qing Mo Yan to take her tea lamp to her at a glance.
RuXiaoNan heart bent cat’s eye to lick the tea in the cup, and she didn’t care whose cup it was.
She licked the tea and made a loud noise, which attracted a lot of attention around her.
Qing Mo Yan sat there firmly with her elbow propped up and concentrated on helping her tilt the tea lamp so that she could drink more smoothly.
Just then, the steward of the house came running, "Several lords in the big family of Shaoqing are here, please go to the ancestral temple."

Chun-Zhu Li was relieved to see her son talking, and the car just came again with 20 thousand yuan in cash. She forgot to take the Cynomorium pills back to her room and found that Cynomorium pills were gone. She rummaged through everything and disappeared.

Strange how the Cynomorium songaricum pill disappeared in the drawer?
Hit out and grabbed Liang’s second generation and said, "Tell me honestly that you took the Cynomorium pill box in the drawer?"
"Mom, I didn’t take any boxes!" Liang second generation a face of Meng than way
"You really didn’t take it? If you take it, hand it over. Mom will buy one for the skin! "
"Mom, I know, but I didn’t take it?"
Seeing her head shaking into a rattle, Li Chunzhu suddenly thought that it seemed that Liang Er went home last night and drove out in the middle of the night. She dialed out a word and asked, "Er, did you take the Cynomorium pills I put in the drawer?"
"You said Lock Yang Pills. Well, there was a boss who wanted Lock Yang Pills. I came back to you in the middle of the night and asked you to sleep like a dead pig, so I found one in the drawer." Liang Er said that he laughed.
"You old thing, this is what I bought for the skin. Please send it back to me quickly!" Chun-zhu li spirit not dozen 1 come way
"Hey, you bitch, what happened to one of your Cynomorium pills? You won’t buy it?"
"Liang Er Suoyang Pills are so tight that I can’t buy one. Where can I buy it now?" Li Chunzhu’s heart ached with anger at the thought of Liang Er taking it to serve Xiao San.
"That I have gone out can’t want to come back? You are my wife and you are me! That’s it. "Liang Er’s tone was tough over there and he hung up.
Chun-zhu li leng leng said Liang Er, the king’s egg, was so irritating that he kept a mistress outside and was still so awesome with me! Well, if you put a hat on me, I’ll put it back on you. I’m not unwanted!
In a huff, Li Chunzhu hit the gate of the courtyard and came to Da Nai Village with a foot pedal. She first parked her car at the entrance of the village and copied the path to two dog’s house.
At this time, two dog asked Ye Miaoyin, the director of new finance, to report for duty. This guy was in the living room with a large pile of employee lists of various sharing contracts and land lease agreements, and explained them to Ye Miaoyin one by one.
Funny ratio is that this guy is holding Ye Miaoyin’s hand while explaining, and Tian Huilixiang’s face is not good, but he dare not show it too strongly.
Chun-zhu li had the temerity to come in for a walk. She was also crying and laughing when she saw this scene. She didn’t know Ye Miaoyin. She felt that this little beauty was small and exquisite, and her skin was like snow. She had a pair of watery eyes and looked at it. Chun-zhu li said to her heart, God, it hurts so much. I want to help this little beauty if I am a woman!
Pi two dog saw that Li Chunzhu was coming, got up and called her to the back of the door and asked, "What do you say, Sister Chunzhu?"
"Report to the master that I have successfully persuaded my family to look at this 20,000 yuan cash, that is, he will return it to me and talk to Pi Jianli to see if he can give up this vicious plan?" Chun-zhu li thick peach yan li looked at skin two dog way
"The forehead is strong, saying that a ghost shaves his head and wants it to give up evil, then he is not a ghost shaves his head, but Chunzhu, it is a great thing that you can hold your son!" When he said this, he gave Li Chunzhu a commendatory look.
"Master maybe lock Yang pill tube? If he goes his own way, I won’t give him Cynomorium pills! "
"I’m afraid a Cynomorium pill can’t lock the grandson. He can easily buy it with money!"
"Master, with or without me, I’ll try it. Can you give me another Cynomorium songaricum pill? It was stolen by Liang Er yesterday! " Chun-zhu li wry smile way
"What? Stole it. "
"Yes, yes, Liang Er came back in the middle of the night. It’s 100% that he ate his mistress himself. He couldn’t eat enough without Cynomorium maruko!"
See chun-Zhu Li said very seriously. Pi two dog took out another Cynomorium pill. Hippie said, "Sister Chun-Zhu, I gave it to you. What do you have for me?"
"Master, I’m your maid. I’ll give you whatever you want!" Chun-Zhu Li is full of a look I want to say
"Well, I’ll lend you a kiss!" Said he this cargo holding chun-zhu li two kiss became a ball.
At this time, Tian Huilixiang knocked on the door and said, "The boss, the engineer is here!"
Hearing someone coming, Li Chunzhu was so scared that she rushed to dress. "Master, I’ll go and find Pi Jian. Bye!"
After a while, a car came outside the courtyard of the leather cannon, and Li Chunzhu saw a foot car enter the door and shouted, "Is the leather strong?"
Pi Jianli’s girlfriend Sang Danhong came out to see that she didn’t know Li Chunzhu and replied, "My family is not up yet. Who are you?"
"Beauty you are strong daughter-in-law sang Danhong? My name is Li Chunzhu, the wife of the opposite village chief Liang! " Li Chunzhu introduced herself, lamented in her heart. Oh, my God, the skin is strong. That child specializes in killing and cooking. The previous one was an aunt, and now it is also an aunt. Oh, my God, this leather cannon must be so angry!
"It turned out to be Mrs. Liang. Please come in!" Sang Danhong called Li Chunzhu to sit down and push the floor to wake up the skin.
Strong skin heard that chun-zhu li to find will know that is lock Yang pill to fart Dian rush floor excitedly way "Li Yi lock Yang pill? Wow, I can’t wait for me to try the effect! "
"Strong you this guy what’s the hurry? I have something to talk to you about! "
"What’s so serious?"
"I heard from Dong that you asked him to pour strong pesticides on Pi two dog vegetable fields. Is there such a thing?" Chun-zhu li bash elbows LiMu looking at skin strong way
"ah? Oh, is there such a thing? Aunt two dog beat my mother with a king’s egg. I can’t get revenge too much, can I? " Leather strong justly way
"Regardless of hitting you? It’s true and false, so it’s ok to get back at you."? How can you pesticide the vegetables in the field? Do you know that Pi two dog’s fate is to enter thousands of people and cause a large-scale poisoning accident? Do you know? " Chun-zhu li spirit not dozen 1 come way
Chapter 21 Zhou promise demon moth
Listen to chun-zhu li said so strong skin touched her mind, that is, chun-zhu li took good care of this face to him. I can’t help but shed crocodile tears at the thought of this ghost shaving. Don’t take my Cynomorium pill from this mouth! "
Li Chunzhu was overjoyed to return 20,000 cash and 1,000 yuan to the ghost through WeChat transfer, and handed me a Cynomorium songaricum pill. "This batch of Cynomorium songaricum pills is sold out, and this one is also obtained by me!"
"Aunt, I heard that Cynomorium maru is a master named Wang Langjun. Do you know where this master Wang is?" Strong skin says Niang Xipi, this is a big cake. If you can marry Master Wang and master Wang can produce technology, he will make money for mass production, even if he takes a few ingredients red, he can make crazy!
The name of "ghost shaving" is not for nothing. This ya promised to stay and take revenge on Pi two dog’s dead mother. On the one hand, the most important thing is to find the ghost and see the tail. Master Wang and Master Wang jointly produce this big cake of Cynomorium pills.
"Wang Langjun? I’ve heard of this man but I haven’t seen him. Don’t you say it’s from Pi two dog? " Li Chunzhu can’t tell the true from the false now. Outsiders say it’s Wang Langjun, and Pi two dog says that the sender of Suoyang Pill is someone else.
Of course, she believes that it is Wang Langjun and Pi two dog, but the skin is strong, and she is not very sure about her position here.
"Aunt two dog is a braggart. He also said that he is a millionaire? He didn’t send Cynomorium pills to him, but he got the agent from Master Wang! This joke is that I don’t know how much he weighs when I watch him grow up? " It’s no wonder that Pi Qiang killed me and didn’t believe that Suoyang Pill was made by Pi two dog. There have been rumors in nine planets City Square that Pi two dog has no good words anyway.
"Mama ah strong you are right! The parents of Xiao Wang’s egg didn’t even say in college that he would send Cynomorium pills or such a magical drug. It must be bragging to believe this stupid thing! " Chun-Zhu Li can’t expose the clues. Before her skin is strong, she scold Pi two dog to the dogs.
"That’s right, aunt. You start your own contacts and ask you to help find Wang Langjun. I will reward you heavily!" Leather solid started daydreaming way
"Come on, I’ll help you! But you mustn’t do it by spraying pesticides, or you’ll hurt yourself if my son doesn’t say anything. Do you know? " Chun-zhu li know skin strong ghost shave title she how all don’t trust this person.
"Don’t worry, aunt, you are my good friend and I will listen to you!" Leather strong a dumb way
I sent away Li Chunzhu’s strong skin and tried to make a message to the old lady with nine fingers. I didn’t expect that this time I got through, and then the strong skin was the same for the old lady with nine fingers
Besides, Pi two dog, the new financial director Ye Miaoyin, has settled in Xianda Hotel, that is, his couch luxury suite office. From now on, all employees’ salaries and dividend distribution departments in Pi two dog will be transferred.
At 9 o’clock in the afternoon, many experts, including Xu Qing, Wang Hongshang and Tian Huilixiang, accompanied two dog’s four famous bases, forests and crops to make it easy to design the installation route of Skynet.
A few people went out to the lively Pijia Courtyard, and the peace was restored. Pi two dog said that he hadn’t gone to see the growth of rice and sorghum for a long time, and he forgot to ask for a spiritual rain to water one.

If only there was a chance to get rid of her.

Aiden les was busy calculating something with a frown when a knock at the door came into his ears.
"Come in!"
The door was gently pushed and a handsome young knight came in, "my Lord"
"What’s new?"
"Yes," Moyenke made a respectful salute. "It is reported that Molly Kui, the new queen of the Moya Empire, has invited her to visit the Moya Empire in the near future as the head of the Julianne Army."
Moyenke, a 27-year-old member of the Guards of the Cheetah Corps and one of the most trusted people in Eden Reyes, received a strange order a few months ago to set up an intelligence network to inquire about everything in Julianne, including the detailed information of the Griffin Corps.
If there is no doubt in my heart, it is absolutely a lie. Julianne’s head is the same as his own head, and he is in the same country as the military leader of the Holy Alliance. What is the secret? How can the head of Eden Reyes deliberately understand these situations?
However, even if the soldiers have a guess about the command duty, they should not have doubts about the command of the grown-ups of the legion. He soon put his curiosity behind him and devoted himself to the work with great enthusiasm.
"Oh?" Aidan Reyes’ face showed a little smile. It’s hard to get along with her. I just wanted to get rid of Julianne’s opportunity and sent it to the door myself.
"Very well done, you go!"
"Yes!" Moyenke bowed down and watched the back of the department disappear. Aiden Reyes was in a trance and then appeared in the air outside.
The Cheetah Corps is the most powerful trump card in the holy alliance. It is stationed in the west of the capital, Guanghui City. It is a vast land, but there is a valley behind it. The frozen valley of Sderot is also famous.
According to common sense, the level of the Yang-level trial area in the Mercenary Guild Guide is divided according to the severity of Warcraft. The most common symbol, Sun, Moon and Star, is adopted to divide the World of Warcraft Paradise, which is the only adventure area with three solar levels in this continent. There is a sun in the frozen valley.
Of course, there is a reason for this. In this strange valley, Warcraft is similar to the ordinary three-month trial area in terms of severity, but it is particularly fierce and aggressive, and there are a large number of cheetah legions stationed here. First, it protects the capital. Second, it blocks the canyon to prevent Warcraft from running out and endangering creatures. Mercenaries who want to enter here must hold a certificate issued by the Mercenary Guild.
Because of the trouble, danger and great harvest, it is almost the same as the one-month trial training area. At the end of the year, mercenaries here can’t see a few of them, but surprisingly, there is a castle in the depths of the canyon. Although it is very simple, it is indeed an artificial castle made of gray stones, which exudes a cold and dangerous atmosphere.
At this moment Eden les appeared in front of the castle gate.
In the black fog, an old swordsman came out, his armor was tattered, and he could vaguely tell that it was a cheetah legion. Is he a member of that cheetah legion? How is it worse than a flower?
"My Lord!" The old swordsman saluted.
Adenauer looked at the old swordsman deeply, as if he also sighed lightly. "How long have you been here, Curras?"
If outsiders hear this name, they will be surprised. Beatty Curras Cheetah Corps used to be the deputy head of the mainland’s peerless strong man, a famous beautiful man and noble lady, who was synonymous with the white horse king. But now he looks like a swordsman like a zombie?
There’s no way to connect the two, but there’s definitely nothing wrong with the name appearing in Eden Reyes’ mouth. Maybe there’s something unknown in it.
"Fifty years"
The old swordsmen also sighed, and the old face revealed a trace of silence.
Aiden les stopped talking and patted him on the shoulder and walked to the castle. His boots were gray and blue, and Shi Zhuan made a clicking sound. Because it was very quiet, he could clearly hear the distant wall going back and forth. Aiden les came to the innermost room of the castle.
The area inside the door is the size of a basketball court, but the most surprising thing is that there is a strange plant in the center of the room with big flowers, which are pink and semi-transparent, giving off a strange smell. There is a person wrapped in it, and he is suspended in the center of the flower, surrounded by liquid.
Weird scene, but obviously this man is still alive
"Well, my friend, do you feel stronger now and it’s time to wake up?"
As Eden Reyes laughed, the man opened his eyes, and the flowers exploded, and he floated slowly.
Orwell, the knight of the earth, who is infatuated with Julianne and wants to duel with Lan Yunpeng, is a powerful saint. Not long ago, the purple quarrelling swordsman narrowly defeated him, but he was nowhere to be found. No one expected to appear here.
"Lord Eden Reyes"
Orwell made a ceremony. It was Eden Reyes who saved his life at the beginning, but this is not the reason why Orwell was so respectful. The masters of the holy order have extraordinary strength, that is, they meet the emperor or the Pope as an equal. As the saying goes, the first martial art, the second martial art, Eden Reyes can also get gratitude for saving his life without respect. He did so because he saw Eden Reyes’ powerful strength. He was the master of the holy order like himself, and his skill was the deepest. I didn’t expect Eden Reyes to enter that mysterious realm, which even people like them envied ..
And Eden Reyes helped him not only recover from his injury, but also greatly increase his strength. If he is at least 90% sure of the purple fighting swordsman now.
Orwell, do you want revenge?
"Revenge?" The earth knight licked his lips. What a beautiful word! "Do you know the whereabouts of the purple quarrelling swordsman?"
"Not Lan Yunpeng but Julianne"
"What? Julianne? " Orwell zheng face puzzled expression.
"Ha ha, think about it. Over the years, you have a deep affection for Julianne, but she didn’t take you seriously because of your dirt. She has purple fighting swordsmen in her eyes. If Julianne wasn’t so affectionate, how could you have such a tragic fate?"
Aiden Reyes’s voice has a kind of magic that seems to tempt the devil who sells his soul. "So you should retaliate against Julianne and kill her, which can also make the generation of purple quarrelling swordsmen suffer."
Orwell’s eyes were in a trance. "I should get back at Julianne."
Eden Reyes was relieved. Of course, this is not a spell to control people’s minds. You know, the other person is a master of the holy order. Even he can never control such people’s minds. It is always impossible.
After so many days’ observation, Aidan Reyes has long seen through Orwell’s petty attitude and jealousy. The person he hates most is the purple fighting swordsman, but he also hates Juliana for repeatedly rejecting himself.
Orwell belongs to me, and what I can’t get is willing to destroy it, so that others can’t get it. It is precisely because of this that Eden Reyes has made a little trick to arouse his hatred for Julianne and enlarge this hatred as much as possible …

This white female emperor knows that she can actually punish her with this black fire, but even before this thing is thrown out, this weapon has already killed her. @++www* C

Even after taking away the gun, the whole body suddenly became soft and looked like a weak woman.
This white female emperor looked at her with a frown in surprise. "Good to continue talking! Please go inside Queen Geng. "
Back in the main hall, I even put away one gun and kept holding this other gun, but this imposing manner is not as cold and violent as when I first arrived. I even took out a bullet from the magazine. "Your country slowly throws gunpowder here, not only slowly, but if it is close, it may hurt the enemy and damage everything, but the palace has turned this gunpowder into a gun that can be entered far away."
"Is this a thing?"
"It’s the name of the gun that makes this copper shell filled with pure afterpowder. Well, it doesn’t matter. Now that the threat of money is enough, the palace can recognize that the monarch can listen to the palace words."
The white female emperor frowned and didn’t relax, but the momentum of her body was soft and soft, which made her feel that she was a different person.
"Everyone knows that this war is a joint effort of Haiguo and Geng Guo to give this little country a good look."
"Your country is to borrow? Then why not say it? "
"By the way? This country is already a maritime country in the bag of Geng, and even half an inch of land will affect China’s management of its own territory. "
The white female emperor looked at Lian Jian’s face and changed greatly. "Does Geng Guo want to unify the sky?"
Even some Pei Jian looked at this white female emperor and actually heard it through this sentence? Even Jia Jian nodded unceremoniously. "With the artifact in hand and the help of powerful allies in this continent, I don’t think so."
"So the Queen Geng came here to make our white country bow down?"
"Yes, because our country has heard that the white country is proficient in this black fire refining, I think that all the white countries are rare talents to let the palace come to your country. Otherwise, even the 60,000 people with the power of this black fire can’t be blown up by you."
The white female emperor’s face was dark, but she listened to this, because even when she said this, she seemed to wake up in good faith instead of threatening it as before, and it was still pleasant to hear.
Lian Jia smiled at her. "I know that if there is no benefit, no one will agree. Since today is intimidation and inducement, I wonder if the monarch wants to hear about this benefit?"
The white female emperor looked at the uncontrolled point of her life.
Even Jia Jian smiled, and the softness became more friendly. "One is that if your country voluntarily submits to peace and avoids the suffering of the people in Belarus, the other monarch also knows that there are only one or two black fire craftsmen in Belarus. Every person will give the royal craftsman a title, not only taxes, but also the salary palace to ensure that every obedient person in Belarus has food and clothing worries."
"But do you want the black fire formula for it?" The white female emperor looked at Lianjia warily.
Even JianJia is stand stand hand "to this formula? Don’t you still need this craftsman to do it? If the monarch wants to give it, he doesn’t want to leave it as insurance, which is also called "
"Are there any of these benefits?"
"That’s impossible or even the palace won’t promise so easily, right? The third palace takes into account that if your country submits, after all, it is not the original inhabitants of this Geng country, and most of the people of Bai will worry about being bullied by this foreign unruly. If your country submits, Bai will be rebuilt into a fire city. Only Bai residents and some craftsmen in our country can freely enter and leave the rest, even if they borrow roads, they are not allowed to get close. "
"What about my officials?"
"The monarch can continue to prefect this hand officials but order to reduce but since outsiders into the baicheng is there a difference? The monarch can relax when his local tyrant wants to be able to fulfill his requirements. "
The white female emperor slightly moved and caught her face, which was shaken. She continued, "Since we are going to change this place into a fire city, the original farmers, herders and fishermen will naturally become artisans. This food is naturally prepared by others for you. Everyone can eat big fish and delicacies."
Even when she saw the map, she suddenly thought, "By the way, I heard that this hunting country has invaded your country many times. If your country is willing to surrender to us and take this inheritance country, it will immediately take the hunting country for your country and let this hunter give it to the white slaves?"
"That sounds really tempting … but Queen Geng, you still haven’t made it clear what we are going to do?"
"Come back to our country and concentrate on the study of black fire. When the time comes, craftsmen will come. That’s what we need." Lianjia threw this bomb away. "It is enough for your people to concentrate on the study of black fire and make a large number of bombs and black fire weapons."
"I want to think about it."
"The monarch bites me, but this white country is a small village in a place like Geng Guo. The monarch is not as good as the residence of five officials in China when the emperor lives. But if he defected to live in Qionglou Jade Pavilion and enjoyed luxurious food, he could devote himself to studying this specialty without being carefully served by the enemy …" Even after a long pause, "Carry forward the ancestral craft …"
"Queen Geng, please come back. I will send you to your camp on the 5th."
"Frank! When the time comes, the palace will draw up a guarantee that the requirements for your country will be detailed, and the convenience and welfare of your country will be made clear one by one, so it will not be sent to this camp. The palace believes that the monarch is sincere and the monarch will send it directly to this capital city, and the palace will withdraw its troops. "
Even the white queen sighed when she left here, and even this set of threats and inducements made people refuse to let the white queen recruit and wave to the people here, "Call the people to tell them that I have decided."
Five days later, Lian Jian returned to the capital with the 3,000 people, and the day before she came back, the white country had arrived.
You Yan Qimu personally greeted Lian Jia at the city gate with a drop. "Tell me what you did?"
"Well, I really don’t remember what I did in Baiguo. I know that there is now an army that has already learned this gun." Even a smile says.

Jiang Zhichu’s "Don’t be blind to milk"

"No more milk, no more milk." Xie Ji sighed that his luck plummeted after he entered the altar, and even Xie Quan was frustrated by him. "Did you see this red snake with Siyouwu in the forest?"
Jiang Jichu shook his head. "There are purple snakes and ordinary snakes."
There are human beings in the village of Sheguokabulang. The villagers didn’t even see a bss, and there were either trees or mountains around the village. This is the only place where the canyon sounded so abrupt that he wanted to find out.
Although dangerous, it is somewhat rewarding.
I just met a red snake or a red python, which looks like a purple snake. They are all "specialties" of Chenjiacun. They are not less aggressive than the purple snake and lie in the cliffs in the east.
There must be something wrong with this.
The cave is deep and long, and the red python is in the hole, leaving a dark tunnel in front.
Thank you for sending me an old-fashioned hand from the hostel before exploring the cave. At this moment, it’s just time to send a party.
Red pythons lie prone on the ground and look at them from the hole like lanterns, and the scarlet letter keeps probing in.
He shook his hand and spared the letter. He flashed the light into the depths of the cave, "I can walk in and see."
The two of them have a minimum of one meter, and the height of the cave is about one meter six, so they have to walk short.
Xie Ji doesn’t like such a depressing atmosphere, pulling Jiang Zhichu to chat. "Little comrade, this may not be my poison milk, but your cheating on the organization and not telling the truth."
Jiang Jichu rubbed his eyebrows. "I have something in my hand that she always wanted to go back, but I didn’t give it."
Thank you for sending me "Why don’t you give something back to someone’s girl?"
Jiang Yunchu was silent for a while. "I can’t give it to her for the time being." He rarely hesitated and regretted doing things, and he never knew whether it was right or wrong.
Xie Ji asked, "What?"
Jiang Yunchu was silent for a long time this time. When Xie Ji couldn’t answer, he heard the young man’s indifferent voice again. "My father disappeared a few years after my mother gave birth to me. She loved my father deeply and searched for his trace all over the world. In the process of searching, she seemed to be a different person … from a beautiful and elegant rich girl to a haggard, paranoid and crazy one."
Xie Ji heard a little bit from Xie Quan’s mouth, but Jiang Zhichu said it was more meaningful or shocking. He cooperated, "What happened later?"
Jiang Ji early continued
"Later, I accidentally learned of my father’s death. He went abroad to pick scenery temporarily and didn’t come to tell my mother.
"When he arrived, he didn’t contact my mother, and he was hit by heavy rain and landslides. His face was smashed, and his identity card was lost. It was more sensitive to go to the place. He didn’t go through formal channels and couldn’t find effective information. He vaguely recognized that he was a Chinese and was posted on a foreign oil painting network because he carried a painting tool with him.
"I recognize his wed ring with his moth."
Xie Ji vaguely guessed what "you told your mother?"
"When I was nine years old, I didn’t know if I should say it until my mother found out the middle stage of cancer." Jiang Ji’s Hatsune Hatsune began to sink. "I advised her to go to my father when she died …"
"She boarded a plane to fly abroad and held her father’s urn to commit suicide in the place where he had an accident."
At the beginning of the dark tunnel, Jiang Ji bent forward like a hole in the dark, and the light from the hand barrel reflected on half of his face, and his lips were slightly sipped.
At the beginning of that year, Jiang Ji could clearly realize that the death would have bad consequences, but his mother was suffering from cancer and he wanted her to receive treatment as soon as possible and return to her normal life.
If he were older, Jiang Zhichu might have a better solution, but at that time he was nine years old and wanted his mother to go to the hospital.
Thank you for listening, feeling distressed and angry. "It’s too irresponsible, isn’t it? You didn’t care about the novel at that time? ! What will you … do with your brother? "
Perhaps the past was heavy. Jiang Yunchu didn’t notice the pause of Xie Ji. He spat out a foul breath. "It doesn’t matter what happened in the future, but I’ve lived until now. I want to tell you that I took something similar to’ death’ from Siyou."
Live in the unknown or die in the truth.
Parents’ ashes are buried in their homeland across the sea, and they are always pressed in the heart of Jiang Ji.
Thank you. "Are you going to never give it to her?"
Jiang Yunchu "I will give it when the time comes"
Parents are dead, Siyou is still alive.
He has doubted whether his choice is correct several times, but the best time to send it to the altar is coming.
Jiang Ji-chu counted how long it would take to hang his hand by his side and be caught off guard by Xie.
The strength is gentle and firm, and the body temperature is too hot to dispel the cold in the whole cave.
Xie jihe said, "it’s not your fault what happened."
Jiang Jichu didn’t respond to shallow smile.
Because the cave was too low, they had to bow down and walk at a slower speed. After a long time, they saw the light.
Outside the cave is a view of the sky in Yuan Ye. The blue grass is as beautiful as a painting.
In the middle of the painting stands a red fruit tree.
This is the only red fruit tree they saw in Chenjiacun. It is not higher than other trees, but it is quiet and lonely, but it gives people a kind of peace of mind.
After leaving the cave, Xie Ji stretched himself and bowed for a long time, which made him uncomfortable anywhere.
They approached the mangroves, big and small, and the red fruits hung on the branches, round, full and fresh.
Xie Ji picked a fruit. I don’t know if he has been exercising for a long time and is thirsty. He has a desire to taste it.
Thank you for sending "I think this should be more delicious than Fuxiu"
Jiang Zhichu also picked one and played with it in his hand. He simply replied with a positive thank you.
Mangrove is so remote that no one will water it to repel insects. It naturally grows tenaciously in the original wild fruit without any dust.
Purple Fuxiu purple snake
Red fruit red snake
Xie sent a guess
"Chen jiacun should be in the purple and red camps. If we ate Fuxiu, we might not be attacked by purple snakes. If everyone eats Fuxiu, we will not be rejected by the villagers.
"If you eat red fruit outside the canyon red snake, even just red pythons may not attack us.
"We didn’t eat a fruit tree, which was temporarily neutral and would be attacked by both sides.
"But choosing one side of the camp is equivalent to being confronted with more fierce attacks on the opposite side of the other camp, which may become the first place of hatred."
Xie Ji never likes to be forced to team up, and he often doesn’t choose one side when he is in the mall, but acts as a subsequent party to wipe out other forces.
But just like hating Fu Xiu, he has a natural affection for the red fruit in his opponent.
This feeling is very subtle. He searched repeatedly in his vocabulary and finally chose "identity"
He agrees with it.
When they looked at the fruit tree, the red python wagged its tail and pursued it from another road.
They were infected with Fuxiu in the forest, and the smell was blown away by the wind, and then covered by the smell of red fruit, and there was nothing left.
In front of people, the python can cover the sun. Before it changed, it was ferocious and honestly lying on the ground, with its head slightly raised as if waiting for them to choose.
Xie sent the fruit in his hand and threw it at the red python without malice.

When I quickly spread my palm, I saw a wisp of black gas seeping into my palm from the palm of my left hand, where the second and third metacarpals were slightly biased towards the third metacarpal!

And the black gas source is actually a pool of black water!
It turned out to be black ice and turned into black water at this time!
What’s going on here?
I was white and bloodless in an instant!
I tried to hold the palm of my hand, but I found that it was paralyzed and stiff with cold, and I couldn’t move!
Not only does the left hand stretch, but the left wrist, the left arm, the left arm and then the left shoulder are connected, and the whole left half is paralyzed and stiff!
I can still move my right hand and my right leg, but the left half seems to be not my own body.
I tried my best to hold my left half on my right, but I couldn’t move.
The left leg is like being nailed to the ground!
You can’t move a hair!
Is this a drowning ghost that hasn’t been wiped out and then got into my body?
Are you going to be possessed?
I was so anxious that I looked up to see that Uncle De had chased the man away, and his back passed quickly and disappeared out of my sight.
"Uncle De!"
I shouted hard in the hope that he could hear me and then came back to save me, but the sound seemed so far away.
I am short of gas …
That black gas is like a needle pulling a thread from the palm of my hand and then swimming in my flesh and blood and then walking the whole left half!
The feeling of tingling, numbness, itching and extreme cold always makes people feel uncomfortable to the extreme!
After I called Uncle De, the black gas gradually subsided and stopped drilling from my palm.
And that "needle" that wander around my body slowly disappeared.
After another moment, the numbness, tingling, cold and itching gradually disappeared.
I tried to move my left hand. My left arm, left shoulder and left half were all back to normal.
I was surprised and surprised to turn around several times before I was sure that there was nothing unusual.
I scratched my head and looked at the palm of my hand without leaving a mark.
As if nothing had happened just now.
I was awake in broad daylight and had a strange dream.
Is it really an illusion?
I hesitated for a moment and looked at the black viscous liquid again. It seemed to have become a little bit too thick, but it didn’t seem to change.
What’s going on? I think Uncle De may have gone far and had to chase him. Maybe he will know what’s going on if he tells Uncle De about it.
So I immediately ran in the direction of Uncle De’s departure.
After running for dozens of breath, I saw Uncle De.
He is holding the Shuitang man and walking towards me.
The man was pinched by Uncle De’s shoulder and followed suit, which was funny and pitiful.
I quickly walked a few steps, and Uncle De met Uncle De head-on. "What happened to you? Why didn’t you come for a long time?"
"Something happened," I said. "Uncle De just turned that black ice into black water and a black gas ran out and got into my body. I couldn’t move at all for a while, but now I’m fine!"
Uncle De looked at me in amazement as if he didn’t understand me. I said it again, Uncle De didn’t wake up like a dream. "Is there such a thing? Show me your palm! "
"You see, there is no impression at all. Now I suspect that what just happened is my illusion." I put my left palm in front of Uncle De’s eyes.
Uncle De looked at it and frowned. "There is really no trace."
You!’ Uncle pinched the man’s shoulder again, and the man screamed. "What machine is there in black ice besides drowning ghosts?" What is the black gas that comes out? What do you want to do when drilling into the human body? Say! "
The 40th chapter mentoring suited to reproduce the enemy’s tracks
The man grinned with pain and was afraid that Uncle De would hit him in the mouth again. He dared not yell and shook his head desperately. "There is no other machine except drowning ghosts!" The villain is an ordinary brother of the Five Elements Water Hall. He is not qualified as a gentleman and his magic power is low. Where can he hide anything except drowning ghosts? Seek respect for each other! "
"Hey hey …"
Uncle’s sneer at a way "finally willing to admit his identity? Little bastard, how do you know that I am a relative? "
"The younger generation …"
"Who are you, junior!"
"Oh, no, no, the villain is a villain!" The humanitarian "little people still have some eyesight to see that the two means of display just now are all relative means."
Uncle De snorted, "I can see that you dared to cheat us just now!"
"I was wrong! I was so wrong! I must correct it after I go back and think that this generation will not do bad things. "
"It’s the same story again." I hate it. "Tutang people talk the same as Shuitang people. What’s the difference between Tutang’s dry mouth and others? Don’t treat us like fools. Tell us honestly what that black gas is. What got out of your black ice and into my hand? "
"I really don’t know, little Xiang Zun," the man said piteously. "I’ve never heard of any black gas getting into your hands!"
I knew that what he said didn’t look like a lie, so I asked, "Then tell us honestly how the black ice was made?"
"Report back that the black ice is the main instrument of our water hall, and our level is too low for the disciples to do it, and the villain doesn’t know how to do it."
"Then how can you have it?"
"It’s my master, Mr. Water, who gave it to me."
"Mr. Water?" Uncle De and I looked at each other for a moment in silence. I asked, "How did the drowned ghost get sealed in the black ice?"
"I found it myself." The humanitarian "Master villain gave this instrument to the villain and ordered the villain to find some rivers, lakes, ponds and swamps. If there are drowning people, you can go anywhere. Then we can find the drowning ghosts wandering in the water and seal them in this black ice."
"How to seal it?"
"It’s not difficult to find the drowned ghost. Sacrifice the black ice and the drowned ghost will automatically fly into the black ice and become a imprisoned soul."
"What an evil thing!" Uncle De said, "Since this black ice was given to you by your master, what is your ultimate goal of sealing these souls? It’s not just a ritual, is it? "
"I don’t know what the ultimate goal is, but Master once told us that if we want to absorb more than one soul, we should hand over the black ice, and Master will also give us a reward and then return it to us."
The man said with a bitter face, "What we do is also a hard work, because every time we hand over the black ice, when Master sends it back, the ghosts drowned in it will be gone! We have to go everywhere to find new drowning ghosts, and we have to. "
"Did you deliberately kill seven people in Daliu Village?" Uncle De said, "Seven people plus Wang Guie’s soul is just enough! Are you just trying to get together a drowning ghost house to set up a game in Daliu Village and then harm people? "
"No, no, I did it!" The man Siming argued that "the two respected Jian Zhen didn’t do it! You two have just seen two drowning ghosts in the black ice! How can things in Daliu Village be done by villains? "
Uncle De glared at his eyes and said, "I was just about to ask you where the ghost is!"

"Hey, what do you want!" The winding research was startled by the sudden temperature, and suddenly he stepped back with his hands around his chest and a face of alert.

"Help you change your clothes. Do you want to wear this dress all the time?" He said, of course, with an evil smile at the end and amber eyes scanning her around. "Of course, I don’t mind very much."
I was a little hairy when I looked at this eager sight. Only then did I find that my body was exposed and my face was flushed. She grabbed the white shirt and stopped it on her chest. "I’ll change it myself when you go out."
"All right, then." Mojingfeng stood stand hand rather regretfully.
When the gorgeous door was opened and closed, Xiaoyan breathed a sigh of relief. Her face flushed and a heat spread from her face. She touched her face and then dumped it.
"Luo Xiaoyan, why are you shy of a wool? He kisses you less often. Calm down, calm down!"
After doing a good job in psychological construction, she picked up the white shirt and looked intently at it, only to find that it was a men’s shirt or a dress at first. She looked black and blue with convulsions in her eyes.
"What can Mojingfeng cover with this dress?" She shouted at the door.
Listen to the sound like running water. "It’s more interesting if it’s looming."
"Go to hell, you pervert!" Although she knew that she couldn’t hit him, she grabbed a pillow and threw it at the door. After close contact with the door, the white pillow fell vertically to the ground.
Xiao Yan is obviously in a much better mood. She can’t always wear wet clothes to change that shirt. After that, her face is a little dark, and the neckline is very big, revealing her delicate collarbone dress. It’s really looming just to cover her hips!
"Cat" looked at the mirror when her face was dark, and there was a deep voice outside the door.
"Forget it, it’s nothing. I’ll get you something to eat. You haven’t eaten all day. You should be hungry."
He didn’t say it was okay, but she really felt a little hungry, and she didn’t doubt that she should say "Oh, good" if she had him.
After that, she heard footsteps outside the house. She found that although he looked unruly, his footsteps were unusually calm, just like the timbre of the grand piano was low and melodious.
Mo Jing Feng can’t understand this person.
Luo Xiaoyan, don’t try to escape. I will make you realize that you can’t live without me.
Chaper can learn.
Luo Xiaoyan looked out of the window with a sad face, just like being locked in a cage. The canary’s gorgeous life was lost. Before she should have freedom, she admired the rich people’s well-fed life, but staying here every day did not make people feel bored.
"why is my dear kitten so sad? Do you miss me?" Ink scene seal pushed the door and came in. As usual, the tone was not bent and the corners of the mouth were very charming.
"Mojingfeng, I told you that I can work and pay you back. You are so stuck with me … why are you dressed like this?" Winding small research walked out of the back room and said that he was dumbfounded when he saw the ink scene seal today.
"I’m going to learn to wear school today. Is there a problem?" Mo Jingfeng turned around. "How to wear it on my body is also very handsome."
"Handsome and handsome" Luo Xiaoyan replied without thinking that the door to freedom was about to open to himself and leaned over and said wryly, "Then can I learn?"
"Of course," Mojing smiled like a gentleman.
"Really?" Collateral Xiaoyan obviously doesn’t believe that this freedom comes too fast, but it is not true.
His four words "with me" cheered Xiao Yan up, and his brain immediately plummeted like bungee jumping. It was obvious that Mo Jing Feng didn’t care about handing over a suit "Nuo Your School" as expected.
Luo Xiaoyan was ordered to take over this set of black and red photo schools. When she saw the luxurious school badge, she looked up and asked, "Is this … Andrelie School?"
"I’ve already completed the transfer formalities for you, and you don’t need to worry about learning anything. I’ve already arranged it." Mo Jingfeng handed her a mobile phone with a white metal case that is the same model as himself. "You can call me when you have this mobile phone. The shortcut key 1 is my number."
Collateral Xiaoyan took some puzzled look at him in a school. Why do you need a cell phone?
Like seeing her mind watching her DengYuan eyes, he couldn’t help but stretch out his hand and rubbed her hair. "You and Jingchen are in Class A, Grade One, and I am in Class A, Grade Three."
"Ah, aren’t you in my class?" Winding small research curious asks.
Chaper1 You can’t escape from tight encirclement alone.
"I’m glad you want to be in my class," Mo Jingfeng shrugged. "But I’m two years older than you, so I’ll stay in senior three for the time being."
"Who wants to be in your class?"
"Kitten" is a rare ink scene seal. Instead of teasing her, it is a deeper voice than a gentle tone, and no one can help but soften it.
Luo Xiaoyan was also a little flustered by this sudden sound. She swallowed and asked, "Why are you so disgusting?"
"I can’t stay with you all the time when I get to school. Do call me if you need anything, okay?" He put his hands on her shoulders and said solemnly
"You’d better not be here."
"Okay, I know. I’ll call you if I have something to do, right? It’s annoying."
"Well, it’s lovely." Mojingfeng smiled softly and gently, reflecting her delicate lips. The tip of her tongue described her beautiful lips carefully, and she inadvertently leaned in and tasted her sweet taste.

Huo Cang’s face sank. "If you are not afraid of losing your life, take her. I’ll tell you the truth. If you lose your life, don’t blame me for not waking you up." In his opinion, Di La and Xiao Na naturally don’t want to go out with her if they can’t disobey orders.

When Dilla heard Huo Cang’s words, she hesitated for a moment. She had not made a decision yet, and she heard Huo Cang say "someone is coming". The words just fell and Xu Zhongyong appeared in front of them. He wanted to rush to the front of Fengzhu, but he was stopped by a group of wolves.
The man was still wounded in the abdomen and the dagger had not been pulled out. At this time, a group of wolves stopped him. He did not hesitate to pull out the dagger and a group of wolves fought together.
After the first two or three seconds of pain passed, Fengzhu slowly regained consciousness. Whether it was brain or dull pain made all her reactions particularly slow, but she knew one thing very well, and she not only encountered it, but also experienced it herself.
Phoenix bamboos slowly rose from the ground. She took a look at the flute and then at Xu Zhongyong, who was already covered in blood. It is impossible to kill a group of wolves without being injured. The wolf has strong teamwork ability. It is not impossible for Xu Zhongyong to avoid their attacks without being injured, but he can’t hurt the wolves at all.
So his hand is a fatal blow to one wolf and attacks on other wolves. To avoid important parts, he doesn’t care whether he is injured or not, and soon he becomes a bloody man.
Di La said to Huo Cang, "Kill her." Huo Cang came at Feng Zhu but was stopped by Xu Zhongyong who was desperate to rush over.
Fengzhu took another look at the man and turned away without hesitation. She didn’t help much if she stayed. She was passively beaten for the flute brain wave attack, but she left the man herself to get away.
But before she went far, she heard Huo Cang shout, "Flute attacks Xu Zhongyong’s brain, and wolves and I are no match for him." If the man pauses for a moment, he can wring his neck.
The first volume 37 Zhang Wu Zhongyong Go to your heart
Fengzhu has a moment’s pause. The first moment of the crisis can kill people. Fighting with Xu Zhongyong is still a group of wolves and a master. She knows that at this time, a man will die if he wants to play flute.
But what does it matter if she stays? Although she has just hypnotized Deborah, although she also remembers the brain wave attack method, she doesn’t think she can learn it instantly and then attack Deborah!
But after thinking about it for half a second, Fengzhu turned and walked back. She didn’t want to owe her life to be a killer. She owed nothing to her in this business, because there is a rule in this business that she owes her life to the Yan, and if she owes too much, she will be collected by the Yan sooner or later.
Killers come to do ghost jobs and decide other people’s lives at will. This business has not died, whether it is retribution or not, but Fengzhuxin has never killed anyone. When he was born again, he secretly vowed that he would never be a killer again and would not kill people easily unless his own life was in danger.
The phoenix bamboo turned around purely because she didn’t want to lose her life because Xu Zhongyong saved her. She went over to Dilla. She didn’t know if she could stand another brain wave attack. It is normal to know that once the brain is damaged, it will become a vegetable or an idiot.
Feng Zhu walked over to Di La and Xu Zhongyong suddenly pushed and was sharp. Many huocang shouted at Di La, "What are you waiting for? If something happens to me, you can’t walk out of the dome country alive. "
Dilla was pale and shouted at Huocang, "You are quick to let the wolves protect me. I can control her regardless of the soul control attack. I can control it once." If she could keep making the phoenix bamboo, she would have killed it.
In fact, Della Soul Control has never been able to attack people. Maybe it was just in life and death that she was so powerful. At this time, she can’t make it again.
Fengzhu can see from Dilla’s expression that she is not lying. Dilla really can’t do it. She said, If such a strong attack is like eating casually, the dome country has long been defeated by the Great Cang country. Obviously, such an attack cannot be done by anyone.
Xu Zhongyong didn’t threaten her life. This time, Fengzhu turned and ran away without hesitation, but this time she didn’t run far. She was stopped again, and this time the person who stopped her was the county magistrate Zhang Wu.
"Sister-in-law, I also can’t help it because of me. I have to take care of my sister-in-law, whether it’s brave or not? Do you know him? If those people are not dead, Zhongyong will haunt them until they are dragged to death, and he did this to make you have no threat. Zhongyong can do this. Can you really leave? "
Fengzhu definitely said, "He won’t die." He still has Xu Zhi to take care of, and he won’t die easily.
"That sister-in-law know what brave agreed to hold you shrines? He decided to do this because he saw that you were disturbed by the villagers these days. He hoped that your life would not be affected by the past. "
Life is not affected by the past. Has Xu Zhongyong noticed something? It seems that this is nothing strange. After all, she has never concealed anything. She has never intended to live instead of her original body. She lives for herself!
Zhang Wu went on to say, "He and I didn’t know you would be so disgusted. If we knew, he wouldn’t have done it, and I wouldn’t have forced you. Now that we know that my sister-in-law is wrong, just give me a chance to make up for it. I promise I will do it according to her wishes."
Phoenix bamboo indifference said, "If you want to make up for me, then you can save Xu Zhongyong even if you owe me a write-off." Say that finish and turn around and leave. This bastard magistrate can turn people into demons and convince the city people that he can definitely save Xu Zhongyong with his tongue.
Zhang Wu couldn’t have appeared in front of Fengzhu at this time. Maybe she will go back and see if Xu Zhongyong is worried about him. What on earth is an outsider mixing two people?
Zhang Wu followed Fengzhu. "Sister-in-law, I can’t help it. If I hurt Zhongyong without a daughter-in-law, I will feel guilty for a generation. Can you bear to see me in pain?"
Fengzhu nodded firmly. "I’d love to!" Zhang Wu still wants to play the bitter drama, and he can’t play it anymore. He choked and almost choked. Should we be so heartless? At least we have two sides. Can’t we get along well?
Zhang Wu is still pathetic to follow Fengzhu, like Fengzhu. If he doesn’t go with him, he will stop with a generation of Fengzhu and say to Zhang Wu, "Do you want to follow me? Xu Zhongyong won’t last long, but you should be able to tell the priorities! "
Zhang Wu saw that Fengzhu was determined not to look back, so he said seriously, "No matter whether you believe it or not, he will definitely fight with that group of people to the end, and he will control the orcs. If Sister-in-law is really from ruin, then go back to Fengsha Village in a few days and take Xu Zhi away, because I’m sure Zhongyong will definitely be gone at that time."
Zhang Wu thought that your daughter-in-law is brave, and I can persuade her to come here. Can you look back at your weight in her heart?
Zhang Wu finished and left. He really knew that Xu Zhongyong would never run away when he didn’t completely solve those people. Zhang Wu shouted at Xu Zhongyong, "Don’t try so hard. Fengzhu has already left. Do you really want to leave Xu Yong alone?"
Zhang Wu let the chief behind him sprinkle a circle of exorcism powder around them. The people he brought were ordinary chief, even if they went to help, they just went to die. They all finished behind Zhang Wu, just like their county magistrate, to watch the fun.
"Isn’t there still you?" Xu Zhongyong returned
Zhang Wu couldn’t wait to slap himself. He was really wrong. He shouldn’t have gone out. He shouldn’t have advised Fengzhu to appear in front of Xu Zhongyong. Maybe he will come back to save Xu Zhongyong regardless of his words. Xu Zhongyong will also have scruples because of Xu Zhi, but it’s all his fault that these two people saw him go completely and desperately.
Zhang Wu asked the chief behind him, "Can you convince Xu Zhongyong that the person who just talked to him is not me but his illusion? If you can do it, I will give you more money. "
The chief behind them shook their heads. "Your honor, don’t be difficult for us. We don’t have adults to say that Xu Zhongyong won’t believe us."
Zhang Wu hated iron and said, "What a bunch of idiots can’t even do this little thing well. This money is deducted by one person."
Zhang Wu felt at ease and said to Xu Zhongyong in the stupefaction of the officials, "You will marry someone else after you die, and you will have children with others, eat others’ meals and call others’ husbands to forget all about you."
"If you really die, I can’t let my brother’s wife be widowed. I will pursue Fengzhu. I will take good care of her brother. Just go with peace of mind!"
The first volume 38 enlightenment tricks
Xu Zhongyong’s face is getting more and more ugly. I don’t know if it is because of excessive blood loss or being angry by Zhang Wu. If he has a third hand, he must have torn up Zhang Wu’s mouth.
However, Zhang Wu still added fuel to the fire and said, "Zhong Yong, tell me about Fengzhu’s hobbies before you die. What does she like to eat? Who is closest to you in the village? If you want to break her heart, you must get the approval of her friends. You can’t hide it from me or our wife will be abducted by others! "
Our wife … Let’s … My wife Xu Zhongyong’s veins stood out and punched a wolf head and rushed to Zhang Wu in an instant.
"You’re right. Nothing is as important as a wife. I’ll leave it to you here. Don’t worry, if you are torn to pieces by wolves, I will definitely help you collect the body when I get my wife back. You should expect me to get my wife back soon, or you may be exposed to the wilderness."
Xu Zhongyong said a flicker and disappeared. Zhang Wu wanted to grab his clothes but it was too late. "Mama really left?" I really don’t care if I live or die? "
As soon as Xu Zhongyong left, the officials pushed hard behind Zhang Wu. Because of the crowd, they accidentally pushed the adults out. One official grabbed the adults’ clothes by the load, but because the adults dressed up as clean clothes all day, one patch after another, the official dragged back and was composed of patches. The official failed to withstand the tension and completely fell apart.
Instead of being pulled back, the adult was stripped naked, and the chief hurriedly apologized with a sad face. "Adult, I didn’t mean it. I am willing to take the initiative to accept the punishment and deduct ten pence more."
Zhang Wu’s naked figure shouted at the chief, "Do you still have salary money this month? I have already deducted all my money, and now I have no money left. "The chief regretted it. If I had known he wouldn’t have’ saved’ my adult, he swore that he would never care about important people again.
The chiefs looked at the adults and looked at them with contempt. Zhang Wu threw a sharp look in the past. "And you just pushed me. You all had a month’s salary deducted."
An official muttered, "Why don’t you be fierce at the enemy behind you?"
Zhang Wu gas pointed to the chief "you dare not? The adults will let you see me. "
Zhang Wu turned to Dila and Huo Cang and said, "You are guests from a long distance. Let’s be polite first. Are you going to follow the official honestly or ask for it and let them carry you back?" Zhang Wu didn’t even give it to two people. Obviously, he didn’t put two people in his eyes.
In his opinion, Xu Zhongyong’s desperate efforts in person like that are hopeless. Isn’t it demeaning to deal with wild animals and want people?
Dilla looked at Zhang Wu with no material at all and said contemptuously, "I overreach myself." Huo Cang was injured by Xu Zhongyong. At this time, he also looked at Zhang Wu. Why do you still want to stop them with such a few people? Wolves can tear them apart in an instant.
Zhang Wu looked at the two men and said, "There’s nothing the officer can do. Since you don’t come with me, the officer will be welcome." He waved at the officers and "smashed them to death." He looked at the officers and said, "Idiot, open the black bag for you and throw it at them and run, okay?" Zhang Wu rewarded them with a kick and told them to act quickly. They had already run away.
The officials didn’t know what was in the bag given to them by the adults, and they didn’t want to feed the wolves. They unpacked the bags and threw them out without looking, and turned around and ran away.
However, before we ran far, we heard buzzing and wolves howling in pain. "Oh, my God, adults let us take a hornet’s nest. No wonder adults ran first!"
The officials rushed to an official doorway near the adult in the distance. "When the adult just left the city, he asked the people to send these black bags. They used to be filled with wasps. How did the adult think?" Why do you always come up with these strange tricks?

The first attack didn’t hit the driftwood, and it became more disorganized. Yunmingyuan moved fast enough, and even if there were a large number of branches out of the driftwood, there was no way to take Yunmingyuan.

The two sides were deadlocked for a moment, and Liumu didn’t get the benefits, but he didn’t say anything, and he was also got by Yunmingyuan.
Yunmingyuan didn’t expect it to be like this. He could get a part of this tree full of fruit after the original Liumu shot. Who would have thought that Liumu turned out to be a slag? Not only did it not take away the fruit of Liumu from his hand, but it also helped Yunmingyuan to get the fruit of Liumu. The process became simpler.
Yunmingyuan "…"
He didn’t know what to say at the moment.
Liumu is going to explode!
But it also realized that its fighting capacity is not good, even a human monk can’t deal with it!
It was only because of the weak fighting capacity that I found such a place to take root. I didn’t expect it to be rooted in the natural materials and treasures. I have been relying on the breakthrough of the turbulent people outside to create the illusion of my own strength.
This human comes in and tells it again that it is really not strong at all.
Flow wood first stopped moving.
Yunmingyuan also listened to it.
The two sides stared at each other face to face very quietly for a moment.
There’s an energy coming from Liumu Yunmingyuan. I heard a sound in my mind.
"You’ve taken all my fruits. Why don’t you leave?"
Liumuyin sounds … very young.
Like a cub
Yun Mingyuan didn’t bully the cub at all. He felt that his face was expressionless and calmly stated the facts. "I noticed that there is a natural resource here."
Flow wood tone panic a "what did you say? I don’t know anything! "
Yun Mingyuan "… I haven’t said you know."
Liumu "…" So it is without being pressed?
Flowing wood has opened up spiritual wisdom, but there is no cultivation to be able to take shape. Through it, the essence is not so strong for a while. When I really face human monks, I find that I am no match for human monks.
"What do you want?" Liumu is a little scared.
"I want to know what that natural treasure is."
"no! Impossible! " Even if Liumu has a bad brain, he knows that if he tells the name of that thing, it is impossible for this human being not to be moved!
No one can refuse to be lured by natural resources and treasures.
Less in the eyes of Liumu, it attracted attention at a glance, and no one can resist it!
Yun Mingyuan said something for a moment, "What is impossible?"
"Give up, human. I can never tell you what it is!"
"I can find it myself if you don’t tell me."
Yunmingyuan light way
He took out a compass.
Of course, he didn’t forge this compass, but he got it at the contribution point of Xianyun Zongli brother to detect the natural materials and treasures.
Although he is not so accurate occasionally, he may make mistakes on a large scale, but he is already here and can’t find what that thing is. He will go back and give a good talk to the refiner who is refining these arrays.
Liumu knows that the human friar always has some strange means. I really want this human friar to find it.
Chapter 7 Go to Hongyuan
"Brother, do you think you need a spiritual pet?" Liumu’s posture is very low, and his tone is also cautious, and he also takes a few minutes to please.
Yunmingyuan doesn’t know whether he should feel that Liumu is flexible or should feel that Liumu is so ashamed.
As the saying goes, black cats and white cats are good cats if they can catch consumption.
Liumu doesn’t care whether he can meet people by his own means or not, and he is shameless. Anyway, it’s just a tree with no face!
Yun Mingyuan didn’t know that he was going to be attacked by a tree. He glanced at his hand and he didn’t know that he should react at the moment.
Ice Excalibur is not responsible for answering his doubts. After absorbing the stone, Ice Excalibur directly returned to Yunmingyuan Dantian without leaving a word.
Yunmingyuan "…"
Suddenly I feel that none of these things he got from the God King are reliable.
He turned to look at the "eyeing up" to himself-actually, there is no eye to wonder that the trunk is facing Yunmingyuan’s flowing wood in a dull tone. "Sorry, I don’t need a pet now."
It’s ridiculous that he has already raised so many small ancestors, so why not raise any spiritual pets?
Yunmingyuan thinks he won’t do such a stupid thing.
By no means will the contract flow wood.
I’m not annoyed that Liumu was rejected and somehow turned into a palm-sized sapling. I eagerly asked Yun Mingyuan, "Do you still need leg pendants? I can also pretend to be a decoration. Do you think I’m cute now? It’s also wonderful to send my heart, right? "
Yun Mingyuan couldn’t help looking at a driftwood when he heard this and found that it looked really cute when it became smaller.
Yunmingyuan shook his head "…" He was really crazy and almost brainwashed by a tree.
"You don’t follow me" YunMingYuan will flow wood aside to Han Xiu ink location in the past.
Although the turbulence-causing stones have disappeared, the turbulence stones in this area will not disappear when the gangfeng is short.
Going back, Yunmingyuan still has to go through several Gangfeng winds and random turbulence, regardless of the roots jumping behind him.

However, in less than a hundred feet deep, Yang Tian was no longer pushing forward. In just a short moment, there was no place in good condition, and all of them were cracked by the thunder of the Seven Yuan God.

Raging thunder without any mercy, scrambling for Yang Tian’s wounds, invading his body and wantonly destroying all of them.
At this moment, Yang Tianqiang resisted the tragic cry impulse, clenched his teeth and silently transported his armor to cooperate with the rapid solidification of the flesh.
However, the raging thunder went deep into the Yuan God after bombarding Yang Tian’s body to pieces.
Yang God knows that this is a lightning-proof robbery, and he must survive the baptism, but the intense pain will soon make his consciousness gradually fall into a state of confusion.
I don’t know when Yang Tian was lying quietly in the thunder prison, but he didn’t move. He was wrapped in a beating seven-yuan thunder and sewed like a big cocoon.
Chapter five hundred and forty-nine Meet
sound of crying in pain or suffering
Halfway up the mountain, the fire element, the big bird and the dark element lizard monster at the top of the mountain are as calm as ever. They know everything about this mountain and everything is under their king’s control.
But on this day, a strange roar suddenly came from the thunder prison on the top of the head, and a mountain was boiling instantly.
They can hear this roar, and their master has enough strength to rival their king.
This means that a big war is coming, saying that one mountain is not two tigers, and how can one mountain have two kings?
Damn it, where did the invasion come from?
The big bird lizard monster felt angry, and the lizard king had already flown for half a day, and he took his own commander in chief to look for the bold invasion.
It wants to kill the invasion in front of the mobster, which proves that its status is inviolable.
sound of crying in pain or suffering
Another roar, mixed with strong pleasure, like a rebirth
Damn it, get your ass here
This time, the lizard king finally heard the invasion position and rushed to the thunder prison, cursing angrily
It didn’t directly rush into the thunder prison to kill people, not because it didn’t want to, but because its commander-in-chief couldn’t enter the thunder prison. Once it entered the thunder prison, it meant that it had to fight alone, which was the lizard king’s unwillingness.
Perhaps the invasion will be scared and flee when it sees the arrival of its own name department.
After the doctor denounced the lizard king, he thought proudly.
But just then, a young man dressed in a black robe suddenly flashed to Lei Prison with a relaxed and calm face and an excited smile on his mouth.
Yang Tian was in a good mood at this time, because he felt that he had just slept. When he woke up, he saw that he had not only developed a golden body, but also broke through the fifth realm of Shenlong.
Now the transformation is not a four-claw dragon, but a five-claw dragon, which is a hundred times more powerful than this. It is a qualitative leap.
The bones of the flesh have turned golden, but they glow with colorful light. It seems that the body is vast and boundless, and Yang Tian wants to find someone to fight at once to try new strength.
If you are sleepy, you will send pillows. When you are in a thunder prison, you will see nine ugly lizards, and all of them are not weak. One of them seems to be the king here.
Kill him
When Yang Tian was full of heart, the lizard king had given an order.
Lizard grand marshal without hesitation qi qi a roar each a black mans directly came at Yang day.
Although these guys haven’t reached the level of robbing the golden body, every body contains Jinghua, and its converging strength is not underestimated at 500,000 yuan.
But in the face of the lizard commander’s attack, Yang Tian didn’t even look at them. His eyes were still staring at the lizard king’s mouth and he was still smiling with excitement.
Is in the black mans attack to Yang Tianshen a foot, Yang Tianshen suddenly Yao up a circle of pale halo will they firmly refused to stop in front, this lizard had to show shape has been unable to move because of the pale halo has covered them in.
The lizard king was completely stunned for a moment because his body was actually transforming fly ash at an extremely fast speed.
Lizard king Han is not afraid of death. At this moment, he exposed his legacy and roared. At that time, the black mountain crashed into Yang Tian.
Yang Tian ao however smiled unhurriedly, stretched out his hand and grasped five white light horses, and immediately practiced five-finger maser, and instantly locked the lizard king.