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The king of men broke the magic statue!

The magic deity tried to escape, but was captured by the fairy king and suppressed into the nine-turn altar.
The inferno is immortal and can’t be killed. It can suppress all ages. That’s what Qian Zun did. Otherwise, how could the inferno feel extremely scared when the wild rose up at this altar that day?
"no! ! !”
The magic statue roared!
"People king I inferno is immortal. One day we will make a comeback! Kill all your terrans! "
He exploded and roared, but the altar was like a nine-turn divine power, and he was completely imprisoned.
Liu Yu’s air force changed into a golden villain, and he didn’t come here for nothing until now. This is Tianfu Zun’s peak killing technique.
No wonder when he was in a group of heroes, but this magic tactic hit the wild god
The altar sank into the Beidou plane, which was a quick success. A statue withered quickly. Without the demon Lord, the inferno gradually lost its fighting power and fell asleep in situ.
Liu Yu wanders around the star field alone.
In the end, he won
But it also lost everyone.
"Do you believe in reincarnation?"
At this moment, the little girl walked beside Liu Yu, and her eyes were clear and she looked at Liu Yu.
The little girl nodded. "There is a shining wheel in the depths of the universe. Maybe you can wait there until they are reincarnated. Your friend died, but there are still fragments of their souls here."
With that, she stretched out her little hand and fluttered with some golden fragments.
"Tell me where I will get them back no matter how difficult the road ahead is!" Liu Yu said excitedly
"But you have to give up your status as a master and wait for them to come back!"
Said the little girl.
"Ha ha, I never longed for power in the world of mortals? What about that? " Liu Yu said
"Waiting may be ten years, ten thousand years or one hundred thousand years."
The little girl added
"You have a life span of 100,000 years unless you keep breaking through."
Liu Yu pondered and then said, "Don’t let these fragments appear until you wait, and forget me."
Winning is like being lonely!
End! ! !
"Rebirth and Rise of Prosperity" is a pancake with green onions.
official documents and correspondence
Time has gone back two years. Chen Bo was born again. This year, the Internet was in a bubble. This year, house prices have not yet taken off. People die and birds die in the air for ten thousand years. Since they have come back, they must live a vigorous life! With his rich internet experience, the industry is on the rampage! Grab the big job! Dig the corner of the giant! In the wave of the times, it is triumphant and powerful! Youqun 53577251
Key words rebirth dress up as pig and eat tiger, urban life, commercial internet
Chapter One Dream for Ten Years
A small shack outside Pengcheng is littered with half-smoked cigarette butts, drinking bottles and men’s unique smell, smelly shoes and rotten socks.
Chen Bo woke up and struggled with his heavy eyelids. He was greeted first by a hangover, headache, excessive alcohol accumulation and muscle fatty acids. The whole body was not so comfortable, and the department still had some dull pain.
It’s like a terminally ill patient trying to reach out and grope for a long time and finally catching the black mobile phone buried in a pile of wrinkled and yellowed clothes.
The sapphire backlight of the brand-new Nokia 331 mobile phone shows 11: 25.
"Well, it’s already noon," Chen Bo muttered. His head hurts. How much did he drink? Chen Bo glanced at the green beer bottles on the ground.
I took the mobile phone again and glanced at it. I suddenly felt wrong.
"Ah, how come it’s Nokia and I iPhne!"

Xie Ji: "I also know that you want to stop him from draining his blood and making a good fortune."

Niu Er bowed his head, and the five big and three rough men were about to shrink into chicks. "It’s wrong to hurt people, but I can’t help it …"
Xie Ji forced Niu Er to face the reality. "Now you have the means. Niu Ku Yin is a longevity person. Others can’t cope with it. You can stop it."
Niu Er "Is he killing people again? !”
Thank you for raising my hand and pointing to Niujiacun’s face.
"To him in the resurrection you kill people.
"At present, four people have been killed, leaving students, women and kind and amiable fat eldest brother …
"In order to protect them, a seriously injured, hand-tied and weak college student who has just grown up is fighting for his life!"
Niu Er was sent by Xie and her eyes were red. "What should I do?"
Xie Ji’s eyes are calm. "You are also a longevity man. You can stop him."
It’s not clever when you are two dozen small, but honesty is the most praised, but at the moment he has learned the meaning of thanking his eyes in an instant.
His body reflexively kicked a sickle that just put Xie on the ground and kicked it into the coffin.
The impact of iron boards on the hunting wind mixed together, which made him another tingle.
Niu Er is teetering on the edge of the burial pit. "But he is my father …"
Thank you for sending "so you have to watch your father make a mistake?" Even if he adopted you for your life? "
Niueryin faded. "After all, he raised me for so many years, and I stopped it …"
Xie sent just visible to the tractor, picked up the shovel and folded it back.
Niu Er watched him climb from the ground with a murder weapon. "Are you going to kill me because I don’t want to hand it to my father?" !”
Thank send ignored going around Niuer to dig Niuda grave.
Niu’s grave is shallow and has just been planed by him and Jiang Zhichu once, so he dug the coffin without much effort.
Xie Ji "Do you know whose grave this is?"
When Niu Er was adopted, Niu Da had been dead for many years. They had no feelings. "It’s my big brother. What are you doing?"
Xie Ji shook his head. "This is not a big cow."
He lifted the coffin lid and stepped back to make room for Niu Er.
Niuer probes to see.
There is no moon tonight, and there is no light in the field. When Niu Er finally saw that it was his girlfriend lying inside, he immediately ignored it and shouted for help.
"Vivian! !”
"Vivian! Wei Wei! "
Niu Wei lay in the coffin for several days. At this time, the body was rotten and stinking, but Niu Er still held people tightly in her arms and cried desperately.
Thank you for sending a message to interrupt Niuer’s call when you look at it.
"Mr. Niu Niu Wei, what will die and what will appear in your eldest brother’s grave? I think you know it.
"NiuKuYin is not a person, no one can live into this kind of body is not the heart is not.
"I understand that you don’t want to stop him after he raised you for many years, but I’m going back to save my friends and avenge my dead companion."
It is the best choice to borrow second-hand cattle to solve the problem of bank silver, but if Niu Er doesn’t want to thank you, there are other options.
But he believes that Niu Er will agree.
After he finished speaking, he left. When he sat back in the tractor driver’s seat and his finger touched the key, Niu Er sounded on his side.
Niu Er "Wait!"
Xie Ji hooked his lip angle in the dark.
"He is no longer a person, right?" Every word of Niu Er is chattering. I can’t see Niu Er’s expression, but I can imagine how stiff and strong the other person is. "Then I … am no longer a person."
Xie Ji "You can’t decide what you are, but you can decide what you do."
Niu Er "I am willing to stop him … but I have read his manuscript. The most important thing is blood. My blood has drained away. Now I am no match for him."
Thank you for sending a message about Niu Er, so we should simply take Niu Er to meet Jiang Ji first and then talk about it.

Huangfujing is no better. He didn’t expect that he was scared into this kind by asking a question lightly. He was almost hit by this reckless girl, and his frown was wrinkled.

Po knows that the master’s temperament has opinions on the master’s words, deeds and movements. When he saw it, he reprimanded the woman in front of him for "how dare you bump into the imperial county so recklessly?"
Before Lin Yue could react, she heard a shrill sound and heard that it was a collision with the sacred heart. It was not slow to move, so she quickly knelt down and confessed. "People don’t know that the sacred drive has collided with the sacred dragon body in a hurry, so please forgive me."
"Get up, I also made a mistake. Suddenly, I scared you. No wonder you are alone." Huang Fujing said that it was generous to care about this little thing, but he came to this woman, his harem concubine, thinking about leisure and luck. It’s also a matter of luck that she wore emerald clothes to his liking at this time.
Listen, the woman who claims to be a peasant woman, Huangfujing, knows that it is a mistake, but this harem is not a place where ordinary people can come in. In this way, the identity will probably come in with the peasant woman brought into the palace by his younger sister, but it is really strange how she can sit here alone, and she looks younger. Chapter 433.
Although Lin Yue feels unlucky in her heart, she is also quite nervous, and she is afraid that Huang Fujing really blames her for colliding with the dragon body. It is not a small crime to really investigate it. At the very least, a peasant woman like her can’t afford to eat sin. I hope the emperor can be generous and not care about a little girl with her.
When I heard that Huang Fujing really didn’t blame her, Yuecai was relieved that "Bitch Xie Huang didn’t blame"
"Are you the Lin Niang that Yongle brought back to the palace?" Although Huangfujing is questioning, his tone is very positive.
Lin Yue was surprised that the emperor guessed her identity directly, but it was only after she figured it out. Don’t say that her identity is not free to enter the palace. Princess Kuang Yongle is still the emperor’s younger sister. It is normal for the emperor to know more about Princess Yongle and the people and things around her.
"Huang Sheng saw at a glance the identity of the folk woman, and the folk woman was indeed brought into the palace by Princess Yongle."
Huang Fujing expected Lin Yue to be surprised. "It’s not surprising that Yongle often reminds me of you, and I allowed you to enter the palace. I think she likes to get along with you very much, and she also said that you are a rare woman, and I am very curious to hear it."
Lin Yue didn’t know that Princess Yongle had such a high opinion of her and praised her in front of the emperor. She didn’t know whether it was good or bad. She could respectfully and modestly answer, "The princess praised the people’s wife, but she was just an ordinary woman. The princess didn’t give up her willingness to meet them. The people’s wife was very grateful and couldn’t afford to be a princess."
"Yongle, although it’s nothing, is still very clever and accurate in judging people. Since she said that, you must be worthy of her appreciation. Don’t be too modest. Don’t lower your head and look up and let me see what a strange girl in Yongle’s mouth looks like."
Although Huang Fujing spoke with a light attitude, there was no doubt that Lin Yue naturally dared not disobey and raised her head calmly. She was actually very curious about what it was like to enter the palace on Sunday. These days, I also heard people in the palace say that the emperor was handsome and learned the rules before entering the palace, knowing that he was not allowed to spy on the dragon’s face at will, or he would be punished if he had the opportunity.
At present, the emperor is younger than Lin Yue imagined, and he is only 27 years old. He is dressed in a silvery white satin brocade, which can’t cover up his innate domineering and nobility. Several bamboo plants are embroidered on cuffs and robes, and the golden jade crowns his dark hair face, and his facial features are carved, angular and long, and his figure is even better than that of a maid-in-waiting mouth.
Huangfujing saw Yuet-yan Lin was stunned for a while, but he didn’t react. Or did he see it by himself? This female part is that * * * * I saw it in the street and then I looked for it several times, but I didn’t find a woman. Although he once fantasized about it.
Looking for many times, the woman suddenly appeared in front of her eyes. In addition to being surprised at first, Huangfujing was delighted, and then her face became cold and her expression softened. She looked at Lin Yue gently. "I called you the moon after listening to it."
"This, this is not very good," Lin Yue was confused by Huang Fujing’s too kind attitude. I don’t know what it is. The ladies-in-waiting don’t say that although the emperor is elegant, he is very cold and strict. Even Princess Yongle has a scared expression. It is obvious that a mother, brother and sister can restrain Princess Yongle. This emperor is very dignified, but now it looks like a gentle and kind emperor.
"What’s wrong? That’s settled." After Huangfujing refused to give Lin Yue a chance, he decided to be overbearing, and Lin Yue was good at taking advice, thinking about where the emperor had always been accustomed to dictatorship. A little peasant woman refused her, so don’t be smart enough to make her angry.
"Moon, aren’t you visiting the imperial garden with Yongle? How can a person appear here but get lost? How does Yongle that girl take care of you? I can’t believe I let you run around like this. What if you are in danger! " Huangfujing dissatisfied and said that it was a bit blaming Princess Yongle. He said that danger is not a general danger, but Lin Yue’s identity. It is impossible to meet a noble person casually. If there is no one to protect it, it will definitely suffer, just like the situation just now. He didn’t blame it. If he meets other owners in the harem, it may not be.
Lin Yue was surprised at Huangfujing’s attitude, which meant protecting her, but she was a little peasant woman and Princess Yongle was the emperor’s younger sister. How could the emperor blame Princess Yongle for showing his generosity and kindness? It seems unnecessary.
Let alone what the emperor is thinking, no matter if Lin Yue is absolutely afraid to blame Princess Yongle for coming, she didn’t mean it. "The emperor doesn’t blame the princess for coming with the people’s wife, but later left in an emergency and sent a close-fitting maid-in-waiting to accompany the people’s wife."
"In that case, are you alone now?" Huangfujing frowned and stared at Lin Yue unconsciously bringing out how much coercion.
"Sister Bilian seems to have encountered an emergency …" Lin Yue said with some hesitation whether to speak out what she had encountered. Of course, she wanted the emperor to make her decision. After all, if she hadn’t run fast, she wouldn’t know what to encounter. Think about it. She is also angry and a little peasant woman. I really can’t worry about it.
Huangfujing looked at Lin Yue with a face of hesitation and knew that there must be something hidden in it. The thought of those dirty and dark means in the palace made his face cold. "You need to worry that no matter what happens, say it in detail. I will make your decision."
"This is a sacred life, and there is no concealment!" Huangfujing appointment is afraid of yue4 because of concerns omitted some what to say that finish and added such a sentence.
"Yes, it’s a commoner’s wife." Lin Yue’s mouth answered faster than her brain. Just now, she looked at the man with a kind look like a neighbor’s big brother. In an instant, her dignity and fickleness scared her. Only then did she see the majesty of the emperor and the little thoughts in her heart immediately don’t know where they went. I honestly described what happened in the imperial garden. Looking at the emperor’s increasingly cold face, Lin Yue’s forehead cold sweat also appeared in Chapter 434.
"What happened to the emperor is so that the people dare not hide anything." Lin Yue didn’t understand the emperor and couldn’t guess. At this time, the emperor didn’t know whether the emperor was unhappy or whether she was angry with the evil in the palace for the first time and provoked many things.
Huangfujing, of course, doesn’t blame Lin Yue for being angry with the privacy of the palace. When Lin Yue goes out into the palace, he will encounter these things. I must have a very bad impression here. Seeing Lin Yue’s trepidation is a soft heart. In the final analysis, it is still a little girl’s family. It is good to be so calm now. I am so afraid of scaring people.
"Moon, don’t be afraid that I am angry. Someone dares to be so rash. It seems that this harem needs to be purged. It won’t happen again. Don’t worry." Huang Fujing also wants to say something with Lin Yue. Princess Yongle over there has already found a way to see Lin Yue. It’s a sigh of relief, but I don’t know what happened. How can Lin Niang be with the emperor? The emperor seems to be in a good mood. Even they rarely see the emperor so kindly at ordinary times.
"Handmaiden, please see the Emperor Hail". When you see the Emperor Yongle Palace, the maid-in-waiting hurriedly salutes and visits.
"Are you looking for the moon?" Huangfujing Qu Yongle Palace maid-in-waiting didn’t bother to ask coldly. I couldn’t hear the emotion in the words. There was a eunuch named Po who served me personally. It was not very happy to see the Lord. He didn’t expect that the woman who had been looking for the Lord for so long actually met in the palace. It was this woman who had married someone else. This idea was even impossible, but it was hard to say.
Things in this family have never been right or wrong. It can be said that the Lord is the biggest Lord in the sky. If you set your mind to pick the stars, you can do it. Don’t say that you like a peasant woman. It depends on what weight the peasant woman has in her heart. To her, I don’t know whether it is good or bad. Po sighed in his heart. These things are not that he, a little slave, can guess at will or honestly treat himself as poor.
"The emperor’s daughter-in-law has been missing for so long, and the princess even has to worry. Since someone has been sent to come over to the daughter-in-law side to go back with her to see the princess, I don’t know if the emperor can still tell the daughter-in-law that there is no command, so she excused herself." Lin Yue looked at Huangfujing carefully and said.
In the face of Huangfujing Lin Yue, I always feel a little uncomfortable. Although Huangfujing has always been kind to her, she is flattered, but Lin Yue is not happy, but worried and afraid. I always feel that the emperor’s mind is elusive and his attitude towards her is too strange. At this time, Princess Yongle sent someone to look for her and used it as an excuse to leave, otherwise she was really overwhelmed.
Huang Fujing didn’t immediately let Lin Yue leave. "It’s not a command, but I’ll be fine. I just want to see Yongle. In that case, you can drop by and take you to Yongle Palace with me. I can feel at ease and have to meet those who are uneasy and kind. People in the harem who have personally sent you there will also weigh what they think of you first."
Yue Yue listened to the emperor’s personal delivery, and she secretly complained that she didn’t know what the emperor was thinking. How could she be so special to her? It won’t really spread the blood of the emperor through the heroine’s aura. Look at her. Mama Mia, this kind of dog blood thing must not happen. She is absolutely dead set on their old man and has absolutely no idea of having an affair.
No matter how fanciful Lin Yue’s mind was, he refused the emperor’s kindness with trepidation. "How dare the emperor’s wife and virtue send each other personally? After this incident, the wife and daughter will be more careful and will not leave Yongle Palace easily. I think those people will stop if they can’t find their mobile phones, and the princess will not get lost. The wife and daughter still dare not go back to Yongle Palace by herself."
In the words of Lin Yue, the meaning of refusal is too obvious. Listen to Lin Yue. I don’t know what’s going on in my mind. I don’t know what’s going on. Look at Lin Yue’s expression. It’s gone. Previously, I looked at Lin Yue in a cold sweat. I secretly scolded the emperor for being fickle in my heart. Now I have some thoughts. This emperor is afraid that he really has any thoughts for her. How is it possible that she and the emperor just met for the first time?
Huang Fujing stared at Lin Yue for a moment, then she smiled lightly, and then she resumed her amiable appearance. "I didn’t mean to have leisure today, but I just wanted to go and see that Yongle sent you there by the way, which led you to say such a big laundry list. Don’t say no, let’s go to Yongle Palace first, otherwise Yongle is afraid that she is really in a hurry, but she is very concerned about your friend. I also happened to know that you have sent a new game. I also want to see if playing mahjong is really that fun?"
Yue4 see Huangfujing so although I can’t figure out the man’s thoughts, I feel relieved. Fortunately, Huangfujing didn’t blame her. She saw the emperor’s anger. Yue4 never dared to disobey Huangfujing again. As the saying goes, if a companion is like a tiger, it will really annoy the emperor, even if she herself will bring trouble to her family. It’s not the first time for her to realize the weight of the word Huang, but she will honestly follow Huangfujing.
Huangfujing didn’t walk all the way to Yongle Palace with Lin Yue, and didn’t say anything more all the way. Lin Yue felt comfortable walking in tandem.
The news that Huangfujing is coming to Yongle Palace has long been reported by the imperial secretary that Princess Yongle took people to meet her at the gate of the palace and saw Huangfujing and Yueyue coming together. First, she invited Ann, and then she took Yueyue to watch it again and saw people in front of her. It seems that she thought much about it, or she didn’t really and Huei-fang disappeared, but where did she go when she saw her brother personally send Yueyue to Yongle? Although she didn’t think much, it was a little strange.
"Moon, how can you come with your brother? Didn’t I tell you to wait in the imperial garden? Where the hell have you been? I’ve been cheated on you, and I’ve sent people everywhere to find you, and I’ve made a scene with Huei-Fang. It’s a waste of worry. It seems that I misjudged Huei-Fang. 435 Chapter 435.
Huang Fujing heard that this matter was even more frowned with Huei-fang. These good days, Wang is also very restless. He has done a lot of small moves behind his back. He doesn’t know it. Now it seems that both the brother and sister are not quiet in the main palace, and they are all making troubles outside the palace. Sooner or later, they have to be disposed of to avoid future trouble forever.
"It’s not necessarily that those people moved their hands, but they were escaped by Yue Er Cong and later I ran into them. This didn’t send people to you." Said Huang Fujing, telling Princess Yongle what had happened and swearing in front of Huang Fujing.
"Hang it all, these people are too rampant. The moon is my guest in the palace. They dare to be so bold that they calculate the queen mother’s physical safety as an excuse to cheat me away. It’s outrageous, brother. You must make decisions for me to catch the villain behind them. After they dare to do such a thing today, they may not be able to do something even more outrageous. It’s really impossible to feel at ease if they don’t find these people out."
Huang Fujing had long expected that Princess Yongle had been transferred to listen to Yongle’s words. Although it was not unexpected, he was also very angry in his heart. Those people actually took the Queen Mother’s physical safety to cheat people, and found out that it was natural to be lenient. Besides, according to the usual clues, who did this thing, Huang Fujing had already counted it in his heart and waited until the time was ripe. However, he would not tell Princess Yongle that this girl was not shrewd enough to show signs in front of people and affect his plan.
Princess Yongle refused to talk when she saw Huang Fujing’s silence. A little peasant woman did not pull Huang Fujing’s sleeve to swing. "Brother, you are talking, Moon, but I invited the guests to the palace. I don’t care if you make decisions for me and Moon this time. You can’t let go of the villain behind it."
"Come on, don’t worry, I will definitely make decisions for you and Moon, but it’s not clear who the person behind it is yet. You should be careful. It’s today’s thing. If you think about it more or do something at that time, you won’t let people get bored. Since Moon is your guest, please take care of him carefully and don’t let people bully her."
"Brother’s lesson is that Yongle remembers it." Yongle’s goal is to smile happily and respond without much thought. Huangfujing’s attitude is that Bilian looked thoughtfully at Lin Yue and felt that the emperor was not too concerned about Lin Yue, but he was not so accommodating. Today is really special for Lin Niang.
Lin Yue also noticed Bilian’s obscure eyes thinking about this girl’s mind is sensitive.
"By the way, Yongle, don’t you say that you have learned a fun game? How about you teach me to play it today?"
"Well, I didn’t expect my brother to be willing to play this game in his usual state of mind. Naturally, his younger sister is willing to play this game, but Moon wants to come out and let her teach you."
Huangfujing played in Yongle Palace for more than half a afternoon, and then left for the administration after lunch. Yue4 was in a state of mind to deal with Huangfujing this afternoon. He was frightened and consumed his physical strength. At this time, he felt exhausted and tired, but he was so tired that he couldn’t sleep. He thought of the emperor’s abnormal attitude. He wanted to go back to see Zhao Erhu early and let the old man at home comfort her. So thinking about Yue4 immediately turned over and went to the main hall of Yongle Princess.
"What? You’re going out of the palace to go back to the moon. Didn’t you promise to stay here for a few more days? Why did you go back? But the people in my palace didn’t serve you well or because of something early? Moon, I know it was my bad work that made people drill, but you also heard that my brother has promised that I will investigate and find out the disorderly person behind my back for revenge. "Princess Yongle’s first reaction when she heard that Yueyue was going back was that Yueyue had been neglected, and she remembered earlier that Yueyue was angry with her.
"The princess misunderstood that everyone is very kind to the people’s wives. There is no thoughtless reason for Fang Shimin’s wives to come to the palace these two days. Some people are homesick. Besides, the people’s wives just moved into their new homes a few days ago, and there are so many things that come out. These two days, the people’s wives are not at ease at home. It is better to go back early and wait for things at home to be handled properly before entering the palace to accompany the princess."
"In this case, well, although I am very reluctant to give up, I can’t let you live in the palace so uneasily, waiting for you to arrange things at home, but you must come to the palace to have a good time with me. This palace is so stuffy that these two * * * are really having fun with me."
With Princess Yongle’s permission, Lin Yue immediately packed up and said goodbye to Princess Yongle, and urged her father-in-law to go home early to see the old man who could reassure her.

"Stop … Tiger!" Zhao-yang Xia got a fright. I didn’t expect this tiger demon to be so powerful and horrible.

However, Baiyun Tower is quite calm because the purple breath in the billowing smoke has changed at all.
"The teacher elder sister … it’s amazing." Xia Chaoyang couldn’t help but exclaim when he saw the shadow of the teacher elder sister in vain.
"Ziyan’s younger sister understands this change of reality and reality, saying that this small world has been in an invincible position." Baiyunlou praised.
"Some micro-micro-micro-micro-micro-micro-micro-micro-micro-micro-micro-micro-micro-micro-micro-micro-micro-micro-micro-micro-micro-micro-micro-micro-micro-micro-micro-micro-micro-micro-micro-micro-micro-micro-micro-micro-micro-micro-micro-micro-micro-micro-micro-micro-
"This may not …" Baiyun Lou read said.
This sentence is induced by the senior brother’s words. He couldn’t help but wonder if he knew something. He nodded secretly and turned away.
Watching Hong Ying disappear, Baiyun Tower turned and said, "Chaoyang, you and I will also set off."
Zhao-yang Xia nodded and jumped into the Baiyun Tower above the tiger demon’s head, and then he also flicker, but his breath was restrained. This tiger demon accidentally slapped his forehead.
After traveling more than two thousand miles, two people and one tiger came to a seaside cliff.
Tiger demon looked up at this vast sea, Baiyun Tower, and some doubts turned to look at Xia pool.
"Brother, according to Dahu, this piece of sea water is the place where it bathes on weekdays. The water temperature is extremely comfortable, but the closer it is to the depths of the sea, the hotter the sea water becomes. Even some monsters can bear it, and some monsters can be cooked."
"Brother, you said this wouldn’t be the place where Elder Martial Sister Qingchi was greedy to cook and eat …" Sister Xia asked curiously.
Baiyun Tower heard the corners of her mouth bend and said with a smile, "So it’s really miraculous here. You can’t see anything unusual in this sea. You have to go into the sea to find out the truth."
"Yes, school sister just wanted to explore the sea, but this tiger demon is too timid to dive too deep."
Upon hearing this, the tiger demon couldn’t help shrinking her neck.
"It’s estimated that there are some special rules hidden in the depths of the sea, so don’t force you and me to find out about this tiger demon." Baiyun Building laughed.
"Ok …" Say, the colorful fairy light will be revealed in the week, and then raise my hand and release the wishful beads to cover yourself up.
Seeing the martial sister’s protective avatar is very gratifying for Zhou and the fairy clothes to protect the Baiyun Tower. It seems that the teaching of Xiaohua Ling is quite effective on weekdays.
Mindful of Baiyun Tower, I raised my hand and called out the Rijinlun, and the younger sister greeted me and fell into the sea together.
A cyan and a golden mask wrapped the two men and fled to the depths of the seabed dozens of miles away.
Both of them are entering the sea for the first time, but the artist is brave enough to face the dark and deep sea without any fear.
As the tiger demon said, the deeper the water sinks, the higher the temperature of the sea. If both of them don’t have Lingbao to protect themselves, they will probably be disturbed by this fiery intention.
Although there is no purple Yan measuring light to help Baiyun Tower run, I still find out a little abnormality. This sea water does contain a strong sense of being away from fire.
It’s interesting that the real fire is hidden in the deep sea …
It is no wonder that even the powerful monster beast can’t go to the depths of the sea. It’s really not a common monster beast to resist.
I’m very familiar with the smell of being away from fire here. I just thought about the Baiyun Tower and I knew the origin of these being away from fire. Isn’t that the sky away from fire?
It seems that many senior sisters from Qingchi have also sealed this tower. It is very likely that the operating base of this small world comes from these outer worlds.
Of course, it is not enough to leave the fire alone, and what essence of his five elements is difficult to detect at the moment
While sinking into the Baiyun Tower, I was absorbed in the induction, and suddenly I detected a unique but familiar breath fluctuation.
I found a smell similar to that one.
The concentration tactic is similar to the avatar skill, and it is really hidden in the depths of the seabed.
I don’t know how deep it sank, but suddenly a fire appeared in the chaotic deep sea water.
"Submarine volcano … no wonder it’s so hot." Looking at the increasingly clear crater at the bottom of the sea, Xia Chaoyang could not help but exclaim.
Chapter four hundred and thirty-six Deep-sea Cancer
"It’s amazing that this volcano can go out in the sea but it doesn’t go out …" Zhao-yang Xia added with some doubts.
After carefully observing a cloud tower around the volcano, he said, "That’s because this fire is not a common fire, and this ordinary sea water can not put it out."
"The real wonder is that the regular force in these waters is so high that it is as safe as usual, so it is difficult for ordinary monsters to detect the secret of the seabed."
Xia Chaoyang suddenly realized, "Brother, the water here is too quiet, but many places in this small world are very strange that a monster beast can grow so big and bake it casually, which is estimated to be enough for the whole hospital to eat for many days …"
The words changed so fast that the Baiyun Tower almost didn’t follow. The corner of his mouth turned and he said, "Will Chaoyang hurt you from the fire?"
"Oh, this is away from the fire. No wonder some people are familiar with it. It seems that they can’t hurt it. Xiaohua Ling forced me to swallow a lot when practicing in Jinghu Cave. It just tastes very bad … spicy voice." Xia Chaoyang replied with a shout.
"All right, spicy voice …" Baiyun Tower nodded and greeted pool and sank to the crater together.
Following the familiar smell, Baiyun Tower has been sinking into the tumbling magma.
The smell of being away from the fire in the magma is stronger and purer, and a small amount of the true meaning of being away from the fire actually seeps in through the golden wheel of the sun, but it is a hindrance to be absorbed by the true fire of Samadhi for a while.
Xia Chaoyang’s platform Ruyi Pearl also infiltrated several rays of fire, and was swept away by colorful fairy lights.
As it sinks deeper and deeper, the real meaning of the golden wheel leaving the fire becomes more and more.
Many of them have directly drilled into the deified form of Baiyun Tower, which has brought intense burning pain, but this pain is nothing to Baiyun Tower.
Xia Chaoyang was impatient when he saw the master elder brother being poured out of the fire. Suddenly, he turned into a little white dragon, and then he put his tail out of the wishful bead.
I feel that these dragons can’t transform themselves from fire. Xia Chaoyang instantly put away the wishful pearl and turned into a small white dragon. He got into the senior brother’s golden wheel and began to devour the true meaning of fire.
After some swallowing, the golden wheel really weakened from the fire.
Knowing my sister’s kindness, Baiyunlou fondly touched the head of Xiaobailong, and continued to make the platform sink and finally sank into a virtual land.
This is a white cloud tower in the depths of a sealed volcano, which can easily escape into those strong fires but are blocked by regular forces.
There is a crystal clear spar floating gently in the middle, and that’s where the familiar smell comes from.
Without hesitation, Baiyun Tower leaned out with an idea that this spar was immediately integrated into Baiyun Tower.
"Exercise tips …!" Baiyun building muttered.
The second time is the concentration tactic, and this time it is the body-refining tactic. This name is really concise, and it is the style of martial sister Qingchi.

This made Tianyang’ speed up’ from time to time and soon saw the’ Desert Rose’ bar.

This bar, run by Rodo, the Gunman, is still in its original place. The bar body has not been transformed, but it has turned into a fairly spacious street.
The sun pushes the heavy door into the hall, where the light is as dim as ever. Light-emitting crystal tubes are embedded in the edges of metal wine cabinets, bars, tables and chairs, and the blue light is emitting, which makes the environment in the bar covered with a layer of cold color and makes everyone who comes in from the outside feel psychologically cool.
Of course, if the bar is air-conditioned, you should sit for a while and even your body will feel cool.
"What can I get you, sir?"
A waiter will come as soon as he sits.
He took off his hood, looked up and smiled, "I’m looking for Rodo."
Since Tianyang handed over old Jones to Rodo after the fall of El Huoin, this "gun man" left the city of scavenging at that time and didn’t receive the news of his return until recently.
After listening to Tianyang’s words, the waiter was dazed and didn’t know, such as putting one hand on the waiter’s shoulder when responding
A mechanical prosthesis
"I’ll take care of this. You take care of its guests."
Then a chair was given to Larodo and he sat down.
He is still the same.
Hair is very long and braided, wearing sunglasses, tough face, beard and black vest.
Slightly different from the former image, he wore a belt around his waist and a holster on the right, which contained a silver-gray rough pistol.
Now he is more in line with the title of "gun man"
Luo Du Su Nan leaned back and looked at Tianyang. "I bet you didn’t come for lunch."
The sun is shining. "Who said I miss your lunch?"
Rodo grinned and snapped his fingers in the direction of the bar. "Give him a signature dish and another cup of’ bloody dusk’."
Tianyang’s mouth twitched slightly. "The bloody dusk sounds terrible."
Rodo picked his eyes to reveal a pair of amber eyes and said, "This is a cocktail I recently made. Everyone said it was my treat."
"thank you"
Tianyang nodded and said sincerely, "It would be better if you do me one more favor."
Rodo simply tunnel "please say"
"You should know that Lin Jianbing is our fortress," Tianyang said openly. "Someone will assassinate him later."
Rodo frowned. "Who wants to assassinate Lin Jianbing so badly?"
"Have you ever heard of shadow organization?" Tianyang saw his one eye and asked
Rodo’s expression froze, and then "It turned out to be them, so I have no doubt."
Tianyang nodded and said, "As far as I know, Shadow has dispatched’ Twelve Teams’ this time, and less than half of them are Lin Jianbing. We can’t turn a blind eye to this matter."
"But the members of the’ Twelve Branches’ are all day order, and I am too busy alone."
Rodo nodded before he finished. "I’ll deal with one."
Oh, my God, masculine came right after dinner, and a glass of wine as red as blood.
Rodo pushed the cocktail named "bloody dusk" forward to show his white teeth "please"
When I came to the place where Casa and the villagers lived, Tianyang still felt dizzy with the cup of’ bloody dusk’. He shook his head and removed alcohol from his body before he recovered.
The day after the renovation of the fortress, Yang arranged them to be the’ Oasis Street’ in this street. Because of the arrival of the Natural Church, many drought-resistant and heat-resistant street trees have been planted, which is quite a desert oasis.
At this time, the street is quite lively, and people are rushing to a temple on the street.
Tianyang kept the villagers’ faith and let them build a temple on the street. Now the villagers have obviously something to celebrate when they rush to the temple.
"Lord Tianyang?"
A bold voice sounded behind Tianyang, and when I turned around, I saw a strong man in the desert wearing a wide leg pants Casa, riding a little boy on his shoulder and laughing. "Why are you here?"
"Just in time. There’s a wedding in the temple today. Let’s take you to the ceremony."
Many people in the temple have bronzed skin, and the villagers in the desert will almost not be crowded with happy children. A couple of new people are getting in and out of the crowd and receiving the blessing of the priest.
The couple are young, male is about twenty-five, female is in their early twenties. In front of their altar, the priest took a handful of dirt from the altar, closed his eyes and prayed for a while, then two fingers stuck some dirt, and then the couple wiped their faces.
Beside Casa, he explained, "This is their custom. The soil is a gift from the earth. After receiving God’s blessing, they are smeared on the faces of new people, which means that the feelings of new people will take root and sprout in the soil like trees, which will become more and more solid and stable."
After being blessed by the priest, the couple always thanked their relatives and friends for attending the ceremony. Wearing a white dress, the bride will distribute some biscuits or sweets to guests, especially children.
When they saw Tianyang, they all cried out in surprise, "Lord Tianyang, why are you here?"
The villagers in the temple realized that Tianyang suddenly flooded in except for the priest. The children caught Tianyang, trouser legs Tianyang picked up the youngest girl, and the little girl giggled happily and held Tianyang’s hair.
The father of the couple shook Tianyang’s hand excitedly, hesitated for a while and then asked carefully, "Lord Tianyang doesn’t know if you can bless the couple?"
Tianyang smiled and nodded, so when the villagers cheered, he learned from the priest to stick some dirt on the couple’s faces and solemnly said, "Congratulations on your marriage today. I hope you can support each other from now on."
"On poverty or wealth; On illness or health, I hope you can all love each other, respect each other, accompany each other and take care of each other until the end of your life. "

Anyway, Lu Zhenyu’s own money can make him squander his life even if he throws it at the company.

After the afternoon class, Lu Ji-nian stopped by and asked Chen Chi to leave together. For Lu Ji-nian, he didn’t appear in school recently and didn’t go out with Chen Chi. A Datong University is very concerned about this matter.
When everyone saw Chenchi reunited with Lu Jinian today, they all paid more attention than usual.
Lu Jinian’s peach-blossom eyes are scattered everywhere, and his vampire-like pale skin is glowing in the sun. He said, "Why are so many people watching us?"
Chenchi walked forward without looking at anything else and was not interested in those staring eyes. "They are probably looking at you, and they are still personally surprised."
"What do you mean I’m still a person?" Lu Jinian squinted, "I think your Chinese teacher will probably regret teaching you such a student."
"Really? What does she regret having with me?"
Lu Jinian timely changed the topic "How did things go last night?"
"It is agreed to deliver the goods next week."
"I’m in a hurry this time?"
"He will give more money if he is in a hurry."
Lu Ji-nian tutted that "giving more money is the most important thing"
"Make enough money to rest for a few years this time" Chen Chi smiled.
Although they all know that root can’t have a rest to talk about.
Men are very ambitious in their careers, and the growing money is a sense of security and a symbol of ability.
Section 26
Especially for a man like Chen Chi, his environment is either a dude who eats and drinks with money at home and can’t do anything serious, so he just needs to spend money at home.
The other is Chen Chi Chu Ning Zhao, so their achievements far exceed their parents’ achievements, which is a new height for the whole family.
"If you can rest, you will be a ghost." Lu Jinian took out sunglasses from his clothes and wore pointed jaws, which made people feel palpitation and apathy. "Just earning this money can also enrich my coffers."
"Your coffers are not small at all."
"Who will dislike more money?" Lu Ji-nian sneered and then said, "Hey!" "Did you change trains again?"
"This is only a few days, you have changed three cars. It’s enough. The same car was used year after year. Now you know something or what? But it’s not right-your car is all in the past, isn’t it? It’s not a new car. What’s there to change? "
Facing Lu Jinian’s doubts, Chen Chileng replied, "I was rear-ended this morning."
"Rear-end collision?" Lu Jinian’s eyes condensed a few minutes after sunglasses and then swept back and forth in Chen Chi’s body. "So you won’t be dragging a broken body and insisting on post education at this time, will you?" Really touched me. Hey … "
Chenchi really wants to sew Lu Jinian’s mouth for him. "Can’t you see how healthy I am now?"
"I can’t see that I think you’ve probably been a little kidney is not good lately-you’ve gone too far."
Chenchi snorted, "It’s better than you have no place."
Lu Jinian "…" He was insulted again!
"It’s just an ordinary rear-end collision. The car was sent to be repaired." Chen Chi simply explained that a dozen doors were taken by car and Lu Ji-nian no longer stepped on the gas pedal and galloped away.
In fact, Lu Jinian was really worried about whether the early accident had any bad influence on Chenchi, but now he can be sure that he is all right.
Rest assured, Lu Jinian made a message before leaving.
Lengli’s cold sound is particularly spiritual in the words, which seems to soften Lu Jinian from some mystery.
However, no one can see Lu Jinian’s expression at the moment because of the dark glasses cover.
"Where is it?" Lu Jinian usually doesn’t like to ask Lengli what she’s doing. Just ask her where she is, and she won’t care what she’s doing anyway … in the end, it’s always with Lu Jinian.
The cold chestnut sound suddenly became smaller, in which shyness meant "home" which passed by.
"Go back so early?"
"I have a holiday today."
"Why didn’t I know?" Lu Ji-nian asked naturally as if Lengli should know everything.
Lengli said, "You didn’t ask me either."
"What are you going to do later?" Lu Ji-nian’s voice is very pleasant, not mature man’s magnetism, and occasionally a little makes people feel sweet and clear.


Seeing the stranger smile, Qiao Yun became more angry and simply moved one meter away from the side, not getting stranger.
Mo Ran raised his hand and dragged it to him. The corners of his mouth were engraved with "Hey, you … won’t be jealous?"
Qiao Yun shocked and slowly raised his head "is there something wrong with your brain? Am I jealous? I’m a straight man jealous of your boyfriend? I-"
Strange but blink "that you blush with shame what matter, I have told you that the necklace is for my boyfriend? I wanted to give it to you that night, a birthday present. "
"Which have a birthday present to send second-hand! But you bury people! " Qiao Yun blushed and smiled angrily.
Strangely grabbed his arm and said, "Just you, I will give it to someone else for your birthday, and I will definitely buy a new one."
"…" Qiao Yunyu
"Forget it," he said. "Look at you being so protective of me at the venue. I won’t care about the gift. I’ll wear it later, but you must bring your boyfriend to see me before the semester is over!"
This matter is uncertain. Qiao Yun always feels that his heart is floating.
The pronoun "stranger boyfriend" is like eating cowpea, which has been hanging in his heart.
Mo Ran didn’t answer immediately, but smiled at the wall with his hands in his pocket and replied in a low voice, "I’ll try my best."
The results of the computer competition came out at the end of the term.
Mo Ran took the first place and Xiao Nan took the second.
As Qiao Yun expected, his brother was happy.
On the day he came home, he asked 54 roommates and Mo Ran to celebrate together in the 85-style cafe near the school.
Liu Xing asked Mo Ran, "Do you want to treat me if you win the first prize?"
Qiao Yun heard, "Come on, are you short of food at home?"
"Hey you," sobbed Liu Xing at the corner of his mouth. "Isn’t this the semester? Everyone has to stay away from dinner for a month."
Qiao Yun said that Mo Ran’s money wasn’t blown by the wind, and he was going to break his leg in Qiao Yun because of the twists and turns in the game.
If Mo Ran hadn’t lent him his shoulder, his leg would have been broken.
But when it comes to stealing Xiaonan, I know the reason behind it.
He said, "Stealing is my brother’s name is Gu Tian, and the game is my brother’s name is Gu Di. They are orphans."
Qiao Yun shock motioned xiaonan went on to say
Xiao Nan adjusted the glasses frame and continued, "When I was a child, my parents had an accident and were adopted by the welfare home. Later, when the benefits were not good, I planned to transfer all the children in the courtyard. The two brothers refused to leave their hometown and finally followed a lonely grandmother."
"For more than ten years, the three of them have been dependent on each other. Grandma supported the two brothers by collecting waste. Later, when Grandma was old, Gu Tian dropped out of school to work at the construction site."
"But two months ago, grandma fell ill and didn’t have the money to go to the hospital. Gu Tian couldn’t advance her salary to the manager, so she was driven out. Gu Gu heard that the first prize in the computer contest had 20 thousand yuan to steal the seniors to participate."
"Xiao Nan, how do you know so clearly?" Chen Feng asked
Xiao Nan looked at the stranger’s eyes, but "Gu Di was ordered to drop out of school because of this matter. Gu Tian interceded in President Ai’s office. My seniors and I went to get the results of the competition. When we met the seniors, we also interceded for Gu Tian."
"Watt? Put in a good word? The principal agreed? " Liu Xing is unbelievable.
Xiao Nan nodded. "The senior said that he didn’t pursue this matter and hoped that President Ai wouldn’t pursue it. When he left, the senior gave Gu Tian the prize money."
Xiaonan say that finish a few people line of sight all sweep to stranger.
Chen Feng’s eyes widened. "Even if you don’t pursue it, do you still give them money?"
Liu Xingba was shocked. "Are you a virgin?"
Qiao Yunwei squinted. "Boss, what do you think?"
Mo Ran smiled indifferently. "Have you finished your coffee? I’ll pay for it."
Qiao Yun pulls Mo Ran’s wrist. "Don’t let Liu Xing go."
Mo Ran looked at Qiao Yun’s right hand on his wrist. "Don’t you want me to treat you?"
"What do you please, please don’t have your bonus, please? Let Liu Xing go! " Qiao Yun pressed the stranger’s hand and motioned for him to sit down.
It is also said that Liu Xing pays attention to his head. "Okay, okay, I’ll go to the account. You all sit tight and this meal is on me."
After Liu Xing said that Qiao Yuncai took it back and sat up straight with his right hand.
Aside Xiao Nan put this scene in his eyes, and he saw the light in his eyes.
"Senior going back to Yangcheng? Let’s together, "asked Xiao Nan with a smile.
Mo Ran was just about to drink coffee. Smell speech: Zheng stopped in the middle with his coffee hand, and put "I won’t go back until I drink it".
Xiaonan wait for a while looked at the stranger but slightly opened his mouth to say what was interrupted by Qiao Yun.
"Mo Ran, don’t you go home during the winter vacation?"
"Well," Mo Ran’s tone is so calm that his face has no expression to capture "I’m going to the Internet cafe to be on duty"
"Well, then I went to the Internet cafe to find you."
"Good" stranger looked at Qiao Yun and smiled.
Xiao Nan has never seen this kind of smile alone.
At this time, Liu Xing exclaimed and ran over. "Qiao Yun, do you know who owns this cafe?"
Qiao Yun calmly glanced at "Your mother drives?"
Liu Xing screamed, "Your mother drives!"

"But studying the resurrection of Poké mon is that Poké mon …" May asked.

"That is to say, the earth Poké mon Gulado was created," Diane replied.
"That’s right, Poké mon!" May was surprised.
"At the very least, it has to be something of this level, otherwise the Fire Rock Team wouldn’t pursue it so much." Aaron echoed the sentence.
"But in the end he found Jirachi in Faos," Diane continued.
"Looking for Jirachi? Do you want Jirachi to help realize your wish? " Xiaosheng immediately got up and asked May to press Xiaosheng again and again. Now he is in the car, and the ground is uneven and he is uneasy.
"No, he wants Jirachi to manipulate the huge energy of the Millennium Comet. The resurrection of Gulado needs a lot of energy. According to Butler, a failure is due to lack of energy." Diane said, "And in order to wake Jirachi up, there must be a Jirachi partner juvenile hall. We will perform magic shows everywhere to find this teenager."
"And this boy is a small victory," said May, looking at a small victory.
"By the way, where is Faos?" Small wins and looked at lying in the chair Jirachi then asked.
"It takes four days to drive," Diane replied.
"It’s my partner’s mission to leave Jirachi for a while," Xiaosheng said. It should be said that it is rare to see Xiaosheng speak so seriously
"My words are not the original plan. I didn’t finish working directly for seven days. At most, I didn’t add another two or three days when I came back." Aaron looked at Xiaosheng and said Xiaoshengyi smiled happily. May naturally went and nodded at Xiaosheng
"It’s been so long, let’s go to Faos." Diane said that she didn’t want Diane to act together with Aaron.
"There are two days left." Three nights after departure, May closed the "Seven Nights wishing star" as usual, and one of the small victories suddenly shouted "Don’t be like this, sister!" And ran away.
"Small victory …" May muttered should say don’t know what to say.
"He doesn’t want to be separated from Jirachi, right? Because of May, you are counting down the victory." Aaron said next to May that May looked at the wishing sunflower in his hand and didn’t say anything about silence.
"Don’t worry, everyone knows that May is very clear about your heart, but you really want to be with Jirachi. That’s the mood. Forget it, May. You go to sleep quickly. Leave it to me. It is estimated that you will arrive in Faola one day or the day after tomorrow." Aaron said and then wanted to walk to Xiaosheng.
"Aaron" May suddenly called Aaron Aaron and turned around.
"What’s the matter now?" Aaron asked with a smile
"No … thank you," said May, and Aaron laughed. "Well, thank me, then go to bed quickly. Keeping up the spirit is the best reward for me." Aaron laughed and laughed, and May nodded and got into the car.
"It’s almost time for Xiaosheng. You should go to bed quickly." Aaron went to Xiaosheng and sat down.
"But the horse won’t see Jirachi," replied Xiaosheng.
"But even if you are so depressed, there is no way to delay the time longer. If you sleep late today and get up early, you will have no spirit to play. 1+1 is the same as 1+5+5. The answer is the same. Your happiness may eventually be equated, but now you are depressed when you lose and create happiness." Aaron said, "A thousand years is really a long time for people, but for Jirachi, it is just a moment in sleep, but now Jirachi and Xiaosheng are together. It is definitely not a moment. For it, Xiaosheng, these seven days with you must be longer than the Millennium. "Aaron continued to say that Xiaosheng is incredible. He looked at Aaron and then at Jirachi.
"If you know each other, there must be separation, which is inevitable. Whether it’s people and Poké mon or people, you and Jirachi are good friends. Since they are good friends, Jirachi certainly doesn’t want to see you so unhappy. It’s a day to be able to play. I’m more happy that you and Jirachi can go to bed now, otherwise you will have to worry about you when you go to May like this." Aaron finally said that it is actually difficult to win a small victory, but it is also very simple like these times.
"There are still two days to go. We have to find a Poké mon Center on the road and find another guy to come over. I’m afraid the words of Three Gods Birds alone can’t deal with that guy." And Aaron has his own abacus
Thirty-seven real eyes! To "draw"?
From the sixth day, we will move forward in the forest. There is no way to drive in the forest, so four people will walk instead.
Finally, it was the last day of the seventh day. Four people were walking along the road when Absuolu suddenly appeared in front of Aaron and them.
Absuolu gave a cry and walked forward.
"Tell us to follow," Aaron said, and then followed.
Walking behind Absuolu, many Poké mon appeared on both sides.
After walking into a cave for a while, Absuolu suddenly ran away. What happened?
"The stars are calling me," Jirachi suddenly said. It seems that it should be the destination.
Jirachi wanted to fly away, and then Xiaosheng suddenly hugged Jirachi.
"I really don’t want to be separated. It’s hard to be friends. I really don’t want to be separated." Xiaosheng cried
"The stars … are calling me." Jirachi once again said that Xiaosheng should be said to be transfixed, and then let go of Jirachi and flew.
"Xiaosheng, don’t cry. Jirachi thinks the same as you. Jirachi certainly doesn’t want to be separated from you, but it’s something that has to be done." Aaron patted Xiaosheng on the shoulder and then sank his head. "Yes, it has to be done or something that has to be done consciously …" Aaron muttered May, but he looked at Aaron’s slightly sad expression. May didn’t see much.
"Aaron, you’re all right …" "But it’s precisely because of this that you can’t be sad if you don’t let your leaving friends worry and Jirachi worry, right?" May just wanted to say that Aaron continued to look at Xiaosheng and said that May should say that the horse smiled and worried that it might be a bit redundant. "Aaron can cheer up." Almost May thought so.
"Jirachi is going to open his eyes," Diane said.
"Real eyes?" May naturally puzzled.
"The real eye will only open when Jirachi summons the energy of the Millennium comet," Diane explained. "In the Millennium sleep, Jirachi will inject part of the comet energy into the earth, which is why the Faos environment is so good." Diane said that Xiaosheng also nodded. "It turns out that the earth here was bred by Jirachi." It seems that there is some understanding.
Suddenly there was a sound coming from the surrounding rock wall, and then four purple rays hit, and Jirachi became a ball and wrapped Jirachi to catch Jirachi.
"What is it?" Xiaosheng shouted in a hurry
"I think this road is going too smoothly," Aaron shouted. He immediately took out Poké Ball from his waist and pressed it to enlarge it. No response?
"Here really also put that kind of magnetic wave? I don’t know if that person can catch up, "Aaron said."
As soon as Jirachi was caught, he was alone in a high platform.
"welcome to the real butler magic show," said the man. "it’s butler!"
"Butler, what are you here!" Diane seems puzzled?
"In order to open Jirachi’s real eye, although illusion can only get it, your friendship is the best. You are the biggest and last trick I prepared." Butler looked at Diane’s question and said, "You will understand me after Diane’s experiment is successful." Butler said, and then four purple lights hit Aron’s side. Aron May defeated Diane, and the action of four people was blocked.
"Everyone * * is about to start now. Please enjoy this great magic!" Butler said and then disappeared from Aaron and others’ field of vision.
"If I could call out Poké mon, I wouldn’t make you so crazy. Haven’t you arrived yet?" Aaron said
"Aaron, what are you talking about?" It’s strange that May noticed.
"Well, a friend of mine, if he arrives, I’m sure I can release Poké mon." Aaron replied to May. It should be said that he didn’t understand it very well, but he knew that a very powerful person was coming …
Then a light came out of the huge platform where Butler was located. Aaron knew it was from Jirachi, and then there seemed to be an explosion in the comet. Then a light immediately hit the platform, and then he saw a ball at the lower end of the platform protruding from three angles, and then light appeared from these three angles respectively, and then converged and emitted at one point, hitting the ground. Aaron couldn’t see it here, but it seemed that the light was constantly changing angles, and what patterns were being drawn.
This is ABSOLU’s arrival. He used a test knife and fired it in the form of a wave blade. A dozen hit the wall and emitted this purple light. The machine exploded, and then another one exploded, and one of them also flew in the desert. Dragonflies were Aaron. They saw that one trampled on the way here, and then hit a dead light and exploded another one. All four mechanical things were killed.
Then the desert dragonfly landed next to Aaron and his party.
"Do desert dragonflies want to help us?" Aaron said that the desert dragonfly nodded, and Aaron nodded, and then climbed to the back of the desert dragonfly.
"I’ll go, too," Xiao Sheng told me.
"No, it’s too dangerous. You stay here." Aaron refused.
"But … I also want to save Jirachi …" Xiaosheng bowed his head and said.
"Forget it, hurry up if you want to come." Aaron finally couldn’t refuse Xiaoshengyi for the second time and smiled and climbed the back of the desert dragonfly.
"Caught Xiaosheng" Aaron said to Xiaosheng, "Desert Dragonfly, please." Then Aaron said to Desert Dragonfly, the desert dragonfly nodded and flew.
"Be careful, Aaron Xiaosheng" May said that Aaron answered "Yes" with a smile and flew with his thumb up. Suddenly, a Poké mon stood in front of Aaron and Xiaosheng.
"It’s violent!" Xiaosheng said
"Did you release Poké mon before you released the magnetic wave on your side?" Aron said, "What skills can desert dragonflies have?" Aron took out an illustration of his side. Although it can be seen from the situation that desert dragonflies destroyed the dead light just now, this desert dragonfly is very excellent. First, it is very strong. Second, it has been many times. After destroying the dead light, there are very few deputy.
"Bite, bite, break, dig a hole, earthquake feint, ground crack, plot against sonic wave, quicksand, hell throwing sand, ultrasonic dragon breath noise, dragon claw dust storm destroying the dead light … Are you really a wild poké mon? Can desert dragonflies learn skills?" Kojiro’s first plug-in can check skills, but when he saw the wild, he didn’t need to look at skills. If he was interested, he could just grab it and watch it at any time, and those poké mon were able to learn those skills in the wild. I memorized it, because I didn’t look at those English grammar classes at this time, Aaron used those hours to study illustrations. To tell the truth, there is no need. This time, Aaron is going to prepare a messenger to fight wild Poké mon, which is attached to this desert dragonfly. Aaron himself has a small victory. If he can’t lose, he should prepare as much as possible to win.
As soon as the salamander let out the jet flame, the desert dragonfly fluttered its wings and rose to avoid Aaron. There was no small victory. It seemed that there was no way for the horse to adapt to this situation and clung to Aaron’s clothes.
"Use ultrasonic desert dragonfly!" Aaron said that the desert dragonfly was stupefied and then shouted. Aaron didn’t bring earplugs for a while.
"Although you can’t hear the sound, the frequency of desert dragonfly is just as uncomfortable. Holding back the ultrasound has a greater impact on human beings than on Poké mon," Aaron said, but you can’t respond when you don’t hear the response.
"Good dragon breath!" Along ling

JiZhao direction just greeted with step Ye Cheng positive step Ye Cheng tall and straight figure came up when she saw him at a glance.

Four eyes look at each other, one is cold and the other is lax.
Step Ye Cheng walked over and the cold iron handcuffs seemed to hurt his eyes. He shrank his eyes and looked at one side coming towards him. A face of flattering police officers was as cold as if they had been soaked in ice water. "Officer Mo, what crime did my wife commit?"
Officer Mo hasn’t spoken yet, and his soft voice has come up. "I tried to kill people in Buye City, and I committed murder."
He turned his eyes back to Ji Zhao’s face when Bu Yecheng heard that his body gave a good shock. "Don’t deceive me," he said with a gentle voice and a slow smile. "Tell me what happened?"
Ji Zhao looked at him with a smile, and his tone was normal and natural. "Well, I ran over to find Ge Shu on purpose, but I didn’t have the strength to hurt her leg. She was just pushed into the operating room. Don’t you go and see her?"
Step Ye City closed its eyes and muted the line "I don’t believe it". He insisted on saying that the side head was facing the police officer’s mouth just now and "beat the handcuffs"
Mo police officer one leng eye dew difficult "this ….."
Buyecheng’s veins stood out violently. He seemed to be trying to keep back his words and almost spilled out of his teeth. "I told you to beat the handcuffs!"
"You don’t want to be a difficult police officer in Buyecheng. I made a mistake. You asked Officer Mo to handcuff me in front of so many people?"
Jizhao gently curled up his smile and stimulated his nerves endlessly.
Officer Mo is a genius at first sight. In this case, his brain still reacts and quickly calls Mrs. Ji Zhaoyi.
Jizhao looked aside. When Officer Mo saw that Officer Mo was winking at her constantly, it was business and asked, "Mrs. Step, let me ask you again what happened at the scene? Are you sure you are not hurting people in self-defense? "
"No," Ji Zhao smiled and didn’t want to answer, "I killed someone intentionally. I had this idea for a long time, but it’s a pity that I didn’t kill her with a knife."
Panic flashed from the bottom of the man’s eyes. He didn’t want to hug Ji Zhao in his arms. It took him a long time to calm down and his black eyes were unusually scarlet. "Ji Zhao, do you know that attempted murder is punishable?"
Ji Zhao echoed "Yes" with his eyes open.
"Ji Zhao, don’t be silly, don’t try to punish me by yourself." He gritted his teeth and spoke with a little bit of pleading for comfort. "Ji Yang has been released from prison. If you don’t believe me, call Ji Yang now and let him come over. I beg you not to hurt yourself to punish me."
"Well, I called Chen Yanting on my way. I thanked Chen Yanting." Ji Zhao quietly leaned back in the man’s arms and laughed. "I’m a success in Buyecheng, and I congratulate you. You did protect Ge Shu, but at the same time, you have lost me."
Step Ye Cheng felt as if his taut string had been broken until Ji Zhao was taken away by the police, and he felt as if his heart had been dug out.
Do you want to protect Ge Shuzhou in Buye City? I’m not as good as you … "
In the early morning, her heart-rending words rang clearly in her ears as if something had just happened.
She told him about Jiyang in this way, and he chose to stay out of it and oppose her.
He’s also in jail, punishing him, telling him that Jiyang was in jail, and he stayed out of it. Now she’s in jail, and he wants to control her and let him control it!
This woman, how hard is she to be so cruel to herself …
He couldn’t step quietly for a long time until Ge Shu was pushed into the ward from the outside.
Ge Shu’s pale face once got out of control and choked several times after seeing him "Ye Cheng …"
Step Ye City looked down at her bandages wrapped around her thighs for a short silence. He whispered, "Did Ge Shu say something to stimulate Ji Zhao?"
Ge Shu stared at the handsome face of the man. "What did you say?"
"I said, did you say something to stimulate her when Ji Zhao ran to you just now?"
Ge Shu didn’t expect Bu Ye City to question her anger after seeing her leg wound for a long time before she stabilized her mood and turned her face away. "Are you saying that I deliberately said something to stimulate her to let her cut me with a knife? Do I look so stupid in Buyecheng? "
Step Ye Cheng Adam’s apple rolled "Ge Shu" and he called her voice without ups and downs and without much emotion "Jiyang came out"
GeShuWen body gave a shock suddenly lift eyes looked at him "what did you say? Is Jiyang out of prison? "
He nodded, "Yes, Jiyang came out."
GeShu good-looking eyes suddenly tightened "step Ye city is you? Are you looking for it? "
Section 171
"It’s not me but Ge Shu" Step Ye Cheng calmly said "Chen Yanting is just a little faster than me"
Ge Shu suddenly widened her eyes and could hardly believe "Step Ye City, you-!"
Step Ye City slightly pulled the lip. "Well, I can’t raise a wild cat at home. I have to do what I should or shouldn’t do. I’m afraid she will scratch me with a careless heart."
But this time he was scratched by her, and his heart was almost suffocated by her biting and scratching bloody breathing …
After he finished this sentence, his face turned and walked outside the ward, which seemed to remind him. He suddenly paused and turned to look at it. I don’t know whether it was because of anger or illness. Ge Shu’s face turned white.
"By the way, the police will come and take a message later. I hope you can see that I have taken care of you for so many years and try to say as little as possible that is not good for my wife."
Ge Shu stabbed herself in Jizhao, and she almost won the game.
But what did you mean by what Ye Cheng said just now?
She didn’t react until step Ye City was away from her ward. What just happened?
Step Ye city should not run to her heart and then be disappointed with Jizhao after seeing her wound instantly?
I don’t know how many times I came to see Ji Zhao in the prison before going to court. No matter what Step Ye said to her, she turned a blind eye to him.
Step Ye Cheng felt that he had never been so desperate about one thing.
Two people, one outside and the other inside, communicate almost all the time.
He thought this woman must be blind. He loved her so much that he couldn’t see how much he loved her.
Now he understands that she is actually the clearest person. She knows that he cares about her, and she will punish him by herself. His attitude of staying out of Jiyang makes him feel guilty and regret to death!
The day before the court, Yecheng went to see Jizhao at the same time as usual.
He looked in his eyes and barely looked at her. Ji Zhao later called the prison guard. He went in and looked at Ji Zhao’s Adam’s apple rolling and dumb. He called, "Ji Zhao will be in court tomorrow. Can you talk to me now?"
Jizhao light lift eyes saw his one eye, and then dropped his eyes.
Step Ye City sighed, raised her arms and held her in her arms. I haven’t held her like this for a long time and hugged her for a while. It’s hard to tell.
"Jizhao, you have lost weight again."
Jizhao motionless, he held a word.
"Ji Zhao, if you want to get back at me, you don’t have to hurt yourself." He hugged her tightly as if she could feel her presence. "You said I would do whatever you want me to do."
"Step Ye City, your male chauvinism is too serious." Ji Zhaoba leans on the man’s shoulder and his eyes are slightly distracted. "You always decide for me that I want to do it according to your own ideas, and you never care about my ideas. You think that I want you to think that you have imposed your ideas on Jiyang and Ge Shu where I am."
He paused to adjust his tone and continued, "You think it’s Jiyang’s fault, and you realize that I should think so, too. I never put myself in the shoes. I think you think Jiyang should be punished for making a mistake? You hold me by the handle and do what you want and feel at ease that I dare not resist you, right? "
"JiZhao …"
As if listening to the man’s voice, she felt a headache and closed her eyes as if nothing had happened. "Do you want to persuade me not to admit that I killed someone intentionally when I was in heaven?"

Speaking of Yu Weiyang, she will think of the excuse of leaving at that time to see if she will miss him without him. Now it seems that she often misses him, but it always seems that something is missing.

I was busy saving people and saving souls all the way.
Natural disasters, especially now, the temple doesn’t face the butler, and many victims are destroyed by these disaster-stricken places. They are far from home, lack of clothes, food, medicine and medicine. Sick people are always more than healthy, and people will die every day, and it is by no means one or two lovesickness. Li Chunsheng, who is hired to save Lao Zhang while walking, is convinced that saving one lovesickness is the busiest one, even though she has to intercept those chores. He Yi Li Chunsheng is still the busiest in her temple. When she decides to do something, she will lead those souls all the way. She will intercept those unconscious souls, restore their consciousness, and send them to the shadows again and again. There are too many dead people, and she is getting more and more busy and tired.
However, she was happy because after all, she did not say that the refugees who were rescued by her revered her because of the ghosts who were sent to the underworld. This was a big gain for her. Carefully speaking, Yan Luowang saw that she had sent many people in the past recently. When she was happy, she went to the king of Tibet to call the king of wine and choke her fingers, and then she listened carefully. So she solved the temporary suffering of lovesickness. When Yan Luowang saw the distressed disciple of the king of Tibet, he decided to send two ghosts to help, and lovesickness was of course the boss.
When the two kids came over, they were startled by Acacia. After all, in this world, two awake kids are still very strange. After seeing the two kids come to her for a rest and take a piece of underground information, she asked a lot of questions. Immediately, she was happy and didn’t say anything. She just ordered the two kids to work hard, but the level of restraint was as good as Acacia’s, so Acacia moved directly.
Half a month later, Yu Weiyang sent Wei Shi to come over and Wei Shi also brought nearly 100 people and a large amount of food.
Wei Shi sent a letter saying that now the temple department seems to have a problem. Yu Weiyang said that it should be the small village in Fengchengguo because Yu Weiyang suddenly joined in to stimulate several kings to speed up their hands and feet, regardless of the old emperor’s idea. However, it was unsuccessful. Several kings actually joined forces with the old emperor, but the last layer of separation has not been torn. Yu Weiyang has taken some troops from Qingcheng to the imperial city and said that she should not worry about the future situation.
Of course, she is not worried that in this world, she can trust Yu Weiyang now, and he is really enough to convince her.
Wei Shi said that wars in various countries are now raging, but this chaos just happened to let Feng Cheng not participate in the war for the time being, but he must be able to hold up a situation quickly by himself.
The temple will suddenly return to the imperial city without informing the young lady beforehand.
Acacia gave a hand and didn’t care much about how the war suddenly broke out.
I don’t know if it seems to be a temple, because the temple seems to be very nervous now. Wei Shi doesn’t know much, but he knows nothing.
Later, Acacia pushed the rescue of the living to Wei Shi, the person in charge of Chicheng. She also entrusted Wei Shi to give him a good training, whether it is Wushu or other things. Li Chunsheng needs something heavy to do for him at this time, otherwise he is expected to collapse.
Acacia once again took Silver Heyi to the south, but this time it was no longer a slow ride in a carriage. The scenery was not to be seen all the way. At the sight of the white ghost full of refugees or bodies, the good mood was gone. The old man hired was put back by Acacia, and Lanniang’s coffin was directly taken to Sumeru’s ring by her. Silver flew all the way south, ten times faster than the carriage, and more than half of the way was less than a month.
It’s a pity that the village is no longer in the heart of acacia. She should have thought that the village is very close to the seaside. The tsunami came here, but it was the first place to be affected. At this time, the old site of the village could not even find a dilapidated house.
Blue Niang, would you like to come back here and ask yourself, thinking that she is blue Niang and wondering if she wants to come back here, she is willing to say nothing about deciduous roots. She is thinking that after death, people will always return to the original place, so will their husbands and daughters. It’s a pity that blue Niang, when you come back, it’s a bone soul, but you can’t come back. Isn’t it even more sad to think that one day blue Niang’s husband and daughter will come back but can’t find her soul? Just think that maybe they will meet in a temple of god one day and just don’t know each other.
After feeling it, it was a wish. Acacia found a high place to bury Blue Niang. She didn’t know feng shui and thought about going back to the tsunami. Don’t flush Blue Niang’s grave and found a highest place.
Silver, get ready. We’re leaving. We shed some tears in front of Lanniang’s grave, and our eyes are still red.
Miss is going to the imperial city because Yu Weiyang is there, so Silver asks.
Acacia shook her head lightly. No, I still want to go to a place first. Acacia turned to look at the beach. She vaguely remembered that it was a small village where she was born. She didn’t want to trace back anything or have any special feelings for it. She thought that since she was here, she wouldn’t go and see it. She just looked at it by the way.
Chapter 46 hidden dangers fifteen years ago
There is nothing special about lovesickness in this place. The landing point is from yin to yang, and she was forced to possess a baby here. She stayed in the body for less than a day, and then she didn’t open her eyes at that time. It is convenient for her to look at this place. Now she has also found a secluded small depression closest to the sea to commemorate it. In fact, she is not sure that this must be the former site of the small fishing village.
It’s beautiful. Acacia sucks in a mouthful of salty smell, but it’s more comfortable. Maybe it’s because the sea is vast, it surges, it makes a person feel shocked and love it.
Silver in He Yi two people behind Acacia across the distance watching Acacia at the top of the mountain facing the sea for nearly half an hour. What do you mean, they didn’t quietly look at the sea in vain?
Silver acacia suddenly cried
Miss Silver walked behind Acacia in the first two steps less than one meter away.
Let’s go. Acacia sighs.
Acacia finally took one look at the surging sea and the roaring seagull, and finally sighed deeply and turned to step here. She will never come again.
Miss, we’re leaving like this. It’s silver’s uncertain. We’ve been watching the sea for a while, listening to the tsunami for a while, smelling the salty smell for a while, and we’re leaving. Is it miss? Look at the sea.
Well, when he left, Acacia smiled and left without looking back at the leader.
Who suddenly yelled at Silver coldly? At the same time, her body had shot away. At the same time, the novel He Yi had swept to the front of Acacia, keeping Acacia tightly behind her and looking in the direction of Silver.
Acacia wondered if there would be people here. Think about it and feel that it is impossible. They have come all the way, but they have never seen anyone who can be a monster beast if they are afraid.
Listen, a little silver is flying back soon, and there’s another one in his hand, er, it’s not a fish, that’s right, it’s a fish that stands taller than acacia, or it’s a strange fish monster, because it’s different from ordinary fish, and it’s standing upright and holding a wooden fork in its hand, and its head will be replaced by a beautiful woman’s head, so acacia will definitely be. Unfortunately, this fish head is really ugly.
What is this? Acacia frowns and asks fish monster beast?
Humans, you’d better let me go quickly, or our king will kill you. You’re still arrogant.
Acacia asked who you are.
I’m a sea patrol general, and I’m also a fish demon, and I replied proudly, at the same time, I grunted, put the general back into the sea quickly, or the king will definitely make waves and flood your world.
Acacia was shocked but puzzled, and then asked you what you were doing when you were a general patrolling the sea and eavesdropping on our conversation.
Hum salmon four hum a head up and refuse to answer.
Acacia turned to Silver with annoyance and smiled. Silver, you come.
Silver nodded and turned the fish head directly to her. When her eyes looked at each other, she saw a gray light flashing in her eyes. The fish head was confused and delirious. Silver turned to Miss Acacia’s way. Well, she turned to look at He Yi’s eyes and worried about something meaningful. But it also passed and she stopped looking at him. He Yi seized the moment and gave her a sincere smile. Acacia’s eyes immediately settled down and stole a little bit.
Acacia didn’t notice that their interaction was to look at the fish and ask Silver what it was called.
Silver, what’s your name?
The fish, the demon and the salmon look stunned.
What is the identity of acacia?
What is silver’s identity?
Pioneer officer of the general department of salmon six patrol sea.