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Zhang Yi went on to say, "And this drug research and development has successfully held a huge press conference. We want to help this press conference to sell our products as soon as possible!"

Tang Shaoyi whispered, "Jian, since Xiaolin is willing to hand over the shares to the country, you can see the shares of German and American experts …" Zhang Yishen said, "We must give them to others. Since Xiaolin is unwilling to hold them, we will directly buy out all the patent departments and pay them enough at one time to remember that it is not easy to treat these people badly." Tang Shaoyi replied, "I will arrange this, and I will directly take out five hundred thousand silver dollars to buy this technology, which will definitely satisfy them."
Chapter six hundred and ten Mysterious gift
It’s been a few days since Zhang Yi was mad at Liu Buchan. This guy knew earlier that Zhang Yi gave him a gift, and he rushed to the presidential palace early every morning to pester Zhang Yi to see his gift early.
Zhang Yishi couldn’t stand it, and he regretted putting the words out.
Finally, Zhang Yi said, "Brother Xiang, you can really grind a tiger in front of you. They are all pediatricians. Well, we are going to call Huai Jin, Yu and Mo Qi and invite several brothers and Lin to go out with us to satisfy your curiosity!"
Liu Buchan exultation shouted, "okay, I’ll call them immediately. You mustn’t go back on your word. I’ll go at once …"
Liu Buchan had run out when he spoke.
At noon, a few people have finished processing, and they have arrived at the presidential palace.
Zhang Yi looked at everyone and got up and said, "Well, since you are up, let’s go."
They took a big truck and set off for the city.
Liu Buchan asked, "Where are we going?" Crossing the Jiawu Special Forces King 61
Zhang Yi laughed. "Brother Xiang, don’t worry. We will arrive in a moment. Didn’t you see that this time Zhenhai is driving himself? This matter is still in the top secret stage. I won’t let outsiders know about his information until they are born. This is our peerless killer. If it is leaked, our future battlefield enemies may be reduced by at least half. Brother Xiang and you guys must never let this news leak out!"
Liu Buchan and several others looked at Zhang Yi and nodded unconsciously.
The car soon drove out of Shengjing and moved on to the northwest.
Xu Huaijin asked, "The instructor hasn’t arrived yet? But we’ve already traveled 50 kilometers, and it’s far from Shengjing. "
Zhang Yi smiled and said, "Well, it should be 30 miles away soon. Don’t be surprised when you get in!"
Soon I arrived at a valley, which is a circular valley. I’m afraid the whole valley must be about ten miles away and four or five miles wide. In front of the valley, there is a huge iron gate with dozens of soldiers on duty.
When I saw the car approaching the first soldier, I immediately lifted the submachine gun in my hand and shouted, "People in front immediately stop here. This is a military restricted area and dare to go forward again!"
The people behind have also pointed their guns at the car.
Zhang Zhenhai quickly heard that the car opened the door and jumped out of the car and shouted, "Li Qiang is me!"
The first soldier saluted at once. "It turned out to be Staff Zhang. Why did you suddenly come here today?"
Zhang Zhenhai replied, "Well, you have all worked hard. Today, President Xu’s Chief of Staff, Commander Liu of the Admiralty and others came to inspect you and immediately went to report to your head to meet you!"
Li Qiang was shocked and quickly said, "Staff Zhang, please wait a moment. I’ll go in and report!"
Li Qiang turned and ran towards the valley.
After a while, the gate roared open and a group of soldiers rushed out of it. An officer rushed out of it and shouted, "President, President! I can count on you to come. You are boring me here alone! "
Xu Huaijin, isn’t this Ji Yubo? How did he get here? Crossing the Jiawu Special Forces King 61
Zhang Yi smiled and said, "Why can’t badminton stand it? Hehe, this time I brought jade. If you want to go out, go back with jade."
Ji Yubo scratched his head and hey smiled. "Forget it. I haven’t finished what the President gave me yet. I dare not quit halfway."
Aside Wu Peifu suddenly realized that it’s no wonder that more than a year ago, the instructor took away a guard battalion of Ji Yubo’s hand and said it was a secret. As a result, it was like a meat bag beating a dog and never looking back. It turned out to be a nest here!
Zhang Yi asked, "How is Yubo progressing now?"
Ji Yubo whispered, "The president is progressing smoothly. Now the test flight has been carried out for several rounds. Although there are some minor faults, they have been ruled out by engineers. It will be finalized in these two days."
Zhang Yi nodded and said, "Well, all the officers I brought here today are the most senior officers in the Republic of China. Don’t hold back. Let’s go in and have a look. Keep the perimeter alert. No one is allowed to go near the valley!"
Ji Yubo quickly established the right path "is the president!"
The crowd looked curious, and the car drove into the valley. When it reached a large open space, the car just stopped.
Zhang Yi shouted, "Well, here we are!"
Zhang Zhenhai took the lead in jumping out of the car to open the door and everyone came in succession.
At this time, I saw two Americans running towards here, laughing in poor Chinese. "Dear Mr. President, you haven’t been here for a while."
Zhang Yixiao walked over and said, "Hello, Wright, it’s been very kind of you."
Orwell? Wright smiled and said, "President’s Pavilion, we should thank you for your help. Without you, we have such a superior environment. If we don’t have you, give me a key opinion. If we talk about it, we won’t advance so soon. We will finish the research and development earlier and be tired. It’s worth it!"
Zhang Yi nodded and said, "Well, if you two want him to complete this duel for me, I will personally award us the highest honorary medal of the Republic of China. The Republic of China will definitely let you honor others!"
Orwell? Wright laughed. "Mr. President, we want to finish our project. If you can support us, we will be satisfied. Let’s please go inside."
Liu Buchan and others really can’t stand two people playing charades and walked straight into the proving ground to see six huge machines like big birds staying in the central position of the proving ground.
Liu Buchan and others were stunned. What is this? I have never seen such a thing!
Zhang Yixiao said, "How shocked are you? Haven’t you seen it? Haha …" Liu Buchan turned hard and said, "Jianjian, what is this? Are you developing a new car again? It’s not like, "Zhang Yi laughed." Cars are much more expensive than cars, even ten or a hundred cars don’t change. I tell you this is called airplanes! It is our real killer that makes us the key weapon in the war! "
Chapter six hundred and nineteen Shock
Liu Buchan wondered, "Is Jian really that powerful?"
Zhang Yi laughed. "I’ll show you this weapon in a moment!"
Zhang Yi paused and said, "Let’s go to a side office and listen to two Mr. Wright introduce a special feature of this weapon!" "
When they came to the office, Zhang Yi laughed. "Mr. Wilbur also invited you to introduce the specific performance of an airplane to us.
Wilbur Wright smiled and said, "Mr. President, according to your request, we have made many experimental improvements, and now our speed is stable at 130 kilometers per hour, and the maximum range can reach 250 kilometers!"
Zhang Yi nodded and said, "So you mean that our extreme war radius is 120 kilometers?"
Everyone around you was shocked at 130 kilometers per hour! Even the fastest car is only 10 kilometers per hour, and he can reach 130 kilometers, which is too fast!
Liu Buchan looked shocked and asked, "Mr. Wilbur, are you sure you can reach 130 kilometers per hour?"
Wilbur nodded and said, "dear general, I’m sure our plane can fly at a speed of 130 kilometers per hour, and it will be faster in the future!" And this time won’t be long! "
It really is a big killer! It really is a gift!
Wilbur Wright replied, "Yes, Mr. President, this is our present limit. Because the design and development of aircraft is a very comprehensive issue, we must consider its engine power, its heavy problems and its weapon configuration to ensure that the aircraft has combat effectiveness. We can guarantee the theoretical war radius of 120 kilometers, and only consider the war and other issues theoretically. I think it is best to limit our war radius to 10 kilometers."
Zhang Yi frowned, but the radius of the war was still a little small. Soon Zhang Yi laughed that his requirements were too advanced for a century, but it would take two years to build the plane. Even if it reached the current level, it was already very difficult. It was still his Wright brothers, and his support was very huge. He directly transferred 20 students with excellent grades from Fengtian Engineering University to be his assistants. Only now did he have the current achievements as experts in other countries. This matter is very important. He dare not come here in case he spread the technology, but he has no place to buy regret medicine!
Zhang Yi laughed. "Well, that’s right. What is the weapon configuration of the current aircraft, Mr. Wilbur?"
Wilbur Wright replied, "Mr. President, our plane is equipped with two improved Maxim heavy machine guns, and their firing rate remains unchanged. However, in order to maintain the stability in the plane, we have greatly improved the recoil problem of the heavy machine guns, which helps to maintain the tactical service life of the plane. At the same time, we have reserved a certain amount of bombs for the plane according to your requirements. Our customized bombs have been handed over to the arsenal for production. They have successfully developed our 20 coach bombs for training."
Zhang Yi nodded and then asked, "How much ammunition can we carry?"
Wilbur Wright laughed. "In order to ensure that the aircraft can attack us, he has reserved a capacity of 100 kilograms of ammunition. I just said that the maximum voyage is that the full situation can reach the level."
Liu Buchan asked, "Mr. Wilbur, President, I want to know what’s so powerful about this weapon? I still don’t know where their combat effectiveness is reflected? "
Zhang Yi laughed. "Brother Xiang, can you imagine how far the local ship is if you can see the farthest sea?"
Liu Buchan replied, "Now relying on our horizontal cruiser watchtower, we can find local warships at the farthest distance of 10 kilometers!"
Zhang Yi then asked, "What is the longest range of our cruiser cannon?"
Liu Buchan then replied, "The longest range of our cruiser Krupp heavy artillery is five kilometers. Of course, when we are fighting, the range will definitely not reach four kilometers!"
Zhang yi laughed. "It’s not married? If we suddenly find a local fleet ten kilometers away, our warships and planes can fly to enemy warships in an instant, approach them and throw bombs at them. If one bomb doesn’t sink them, two bombs won’t sink them. What about five or six? When the plane flies over them, there will be no room for artillery, and it is difficult for warships to shoot guns that high. Even if they are willing to give up that high, what do you think are the chances that they will hit the plane, even if they hit them, the bullets will penetrate the fuselage of our plane? These are all iron guys! "
Liu Buchan is instantly white, not to mention that the plane is 130 kilometers per hour, but the war horse is tens of kilometers per hour. Our pistols and rifles are also difficult to shoot, and it is a problem to aim in the air!
Those warships are living targets for these planes!
Liu Buchan laughed and patted Zhang Yi’s shoulder and shouted, "Ok! Brother, brother, with these planes, why don’t we destroy the imp fleet in an instant? I’ll see if these foreign ghosts dare to be so arrogant! "
Xu Huaijin and others are also surprised. This is a real treasure. Although cars are also very important, cars are transportation tools and do not have direct lethality. This thing is really deadly! The first time anyone saw a few big iron birds flying in, they could still attack, and they were scared silly at that time!
Liu Buchan’s face was full of excitement and shouted, "When will these weapons be equipped with our warships? I demand that they be installed as soon as possible. By then, I will always leave a warship for myself. I will have fun in person!"
There are some crazy demons in Liu Buchan.
Zhang Yi turned to ask, "Mr. Wilbur, I wonder if there are any hidden dangers in the current plane?" Wilbur? Wright laughed. "Mr. President, I know your mood. You want to put these planes into actual combat as soon as possible. Your country is often faced with the threat of war. These planes are all designed conservatively. If it is our experimental model, the speed of the aircraft is close to 200 kilometers per hour, but their performance is too unstable. We will definitely not put them into mass production. In that case, it will bring huge losses to China!"
Chapter six hundred and twenty Prepare to build an aircraft factory

[Template One Piece Sauron (95%)]

[Racial Potential Platinum (Diamond)]
"potential theory"
【 Ability to command the sword, something congenial, one knife flow and ghost breathing 】
Ghost sword grass? !
Seeing the racial change of Xiaojian, Liu Yuan couldn’t stand it completely.
In five sentences, I not only let the pet animal’s swordsmanship connect with god, but also let its race evolve!
I dare not write like this!
It is the first time for Lu Yuan to see a pet animal complete the racial evolution without saving enough spiritual power and reaching a sufficient level.
Maybe this world … also has the so-called once an epiphany day soar? !
What’s so special about Liu Yuan’s operation and domineering began to analyze and evolve into a ghost sword grass sword?
Before long, Liu Yuan found a small sword with no energy before it-something congenial.
Before Liu Yuan, I was curious about the iconic ability of something congenial Sauron.
I have been able to master something congenial, but Xiaoguang still didn’t even touch the ghost valve.
Arguably, I’ve seen myself perform so many purgatory breaths. Xiaojian should have realized something congenial long ago.
It seems that Xiaojian failed to understand something congenial. First, it is not as important as the "potential".
Second, because its body has not yet given birth to something congenial.
And after listening to his five swords theory, Xiaojian immediately whitened his kendo.
The spiritual strength of the idealistic world like the transcendental world … can shine into reality!
Although there is a word difference between fencing and kendo, the difference between them is very different.
A’ skill’ and a’ Tao’
It can be said that I realized my own kendo sword.
At the moment, it’s like the first defeat to Hawkeye Thrawn.
I didn’t meet the eagle’s eyes. Sauron aimed at the world’s first swordsman from his superior fencing.
But after encountering Hawkeye, Sauron’s goal is still the world’s number one swordsman, but his mentality has changed.
He understood the gap between himself and the world’s number one swordsman and asked himself to constantly hone his kendo.
It can be said that it was only after that that Sauron really took the road of his own sword.
Now Xiaojian is just like Sauron at that time.
Although Xiaojian was defeated by Liu Yuan many times today,
But it was defeated not because of its own talent, but because Lu Yuan practiced a lot earlier than it.
If you want it to practice hard, you will soon be able to chase Lu Yuan.
But after listening to Liu Yuan’s words, Xiaojian began to think seriously.
The gap between yourself and Liu Yuan … Is there a difference when practicing?
Obviously not.
The real gap between it and Lu Yuan is the understanding of the sword!
After these, Xiaojian began to straighten up and seriously think about what his kendo is.
And now it’s found it, and that’s Xiuluo Road!
Avatar shura sword!
He was fascinated by this kind of fencing when he saw Lu Yuan’s purgatory breathing.
Now it has finally mastered this power.
Feel the body change, Xiaojian slowly takes the hair from the top of his head.
It looked up at Liu Yuan and its eyes were very calm.
At the moment, although it doesn’t have the sharp-edged feeling before.
But it is this look that makes Tam and Xiaoguang next to Liu Yuannai feel the danger.
If Qian Xiaojian is a master of fencing.
Now it gives people the feeling that it is the kind of fencing master who has formed its own school.
This has changed a lot. Who would have thought?
And this is actually because Liu Yuan said five sentences! ! !
In the venue, I watched the sword pointed at my ghost sword grass and small sword. Liu Yuan’s face could not help but smile.
This smile is not ridicule but relief.
Xiaojian … Now that you finally have a little bit of a great swordsman, it’s time to look good!
In that case, master, I should get serious.
Now you … are qualified to be my opponent.

Two hundred and twenty … Where can I get this sum of money now? She gambled in a gambling house once before, and he ate a meal with Feng Jiang’s clothes left. Is it time for her to go to the casino again?

Thought of here, she raised her hand and stretched out her palm toward "borrow two hundred and twenty first!" I’ll pay you back when I see you later! "
"I didn’t expect … you are so poor!" Feng Jiang Yi seems to be in a good mood. He took out a few silver tickets from his pocket, counted two and handed them over.
At this time, the two young girls who were tied were brought out because the girls walked slowly, and the other party’s whip was about to swing. I often raised my hand and shook the other party’s whip angrily. "I have already bought it. If your whip is broken, I will have a whip of one hundred and twenty!"
The other party was so scared that the whip fell to the ground, but seeing Chang Xiangsi’s face was handsome and elegant, and the man around him was even more noble and knew that he could not be provoked and picked up the whip and retreated a few steps.
Now that you have paid for their indenture, you often miss them directly and take them away. You are obviously unhappy with the strange smell of those two people, frowning.
After crossing the report, it was renamed "Crossing the report, get out of here!" Welcome to read! Good friend Li Yan’s new article "The General Confuses Your Princess" is very good. Chapter 3, Woman, are you stupid again?
Lu often misses you. "Since I bought you, I won’t hide my identity. I am Miss Xiang Fu, and I always miss you. From now on, I need your loyalty. If you betray me, you will not be easily spared!" I, you are displaced by my side, and you are not slaves. I will pay you silver every month. If you are dissatisfied with staying with me one day, you can leave at any time, but you must tell me before you leave. This is what I asked. "And she tore the two indentures to pieces.
Aside from Feng Jiang Yi, listening to her say this several times, I want to scold her if she is stupid again.
Slavery status is lowly and can be taken away by lovesickness. It’s a blessing for them. From today on, they even went back to their slave status, and they have silver to pay every month. They want to leave at any time, but at this time, they impulsively tore up the two indentures.
The boy in rags looked up at her silently for a long time before saying, "Thank you, Huei-fang. It belongs to her sister. My brother and sister are willing to serve the Lord from today!"
With that, he pulled his hand through the snow and knelt down to her.
"It’s a cloud through the snow. May my brother serve the Lord." Cloud through the snow also nodded.
They call themselves slaves, not slaves, and they are still very satisfied. At least what she sees in them is not servility.
At this time, Feng Jiang’s clothes were a little shocked, and he seemed to see the longing for love. He smiled, "It’s your luck to be seen by Huei-fang. Let’s go, Wang is hungry for a long time."
Today, this woman has made him sit up and take notice, and simply gathered these two hearts.
In the restaurant, I often miss the moon and snow, but when I see the face of Feng Jiang’s clothes, I have to let the clouds step on the moon and snow.
The food just walked through the snow and looked at the clouds clearly for a long time before asking, "Can brother eat?"
Yun Tanyue lovingly raised her hand to caress her messy hair, and her eyes were a little moist. "Let you suffer. Eat well. bar owners should be an easy-going person. We will serve her well in the future."
Cloud through the snow nodded and looked at the table full of delicious food. How long has it been since she had such a delicious meal?
There is no woman who should be reserved. She picked up chopsticks and quickly put the food on the moon. She also smiled and picked up chopsticks and put the food on the table, but she didn’t eat it herself. Instead, she was caught in the bowl.
"Brother, you also eat delicious!" Seeing the cloud stepping on the moon and giving her food all the time, the cloud stepped on the snow and opened its mouth.
I often miss this scene in my eyes, smiled and raised my glass to Feng Jiang’s clothes. "I propose a toast to you. Thank you today!"
Feng Jiangyi raised his glass and laughed. "You need to be so polite!" Then he raised his glass and drank it off.
I often miss him so much, and I also raise my glass to drink sake, which is slightly spicy and has a fragrant smell of bamboo. This ancient wine is more mellow than modern wine, and many things may not be added. Everything is original. Chapter 4, Begging for marriage
Feng Jiang Yi put the glass on the opposite side and looked at Qing Jun beautiful and elegant as a woman disguised as a man. "There will be a banquet in the palace on the 16th of this month, when the time comes, unmarried men and women will attend. First, the emperor wants to choose a show girl from it, and second, unmarried men and women can also take this opportunity to choose a pleasing look from it. If two suitable ones are available, the emperor may even give marriage."
Chang Xiangsi asked, "Do I have this?"
She’s a crazy, stupid woman who needs to participate?
When you think about it carefully, she remembered the usual lovesickness from the memory of lovesickness, and she also attended such a banquet. At that time, lovesickness was a joke for everyone, and several people bullied and mocked the object. Every time she arrived at that daily lovesickness, she was thrown out in the middle of a palace banquet.
"You also belong to an unmarried woman, who will be sixteen in a few months. It is the right time to get married and naturally you need to participate."
"Crazy, silly, often lovesick and divorced. Do you think anyone will want to marry?" I am very confident that Bei Xuanyu’s engagement broke out before the emperor. This news went out on the same day. Now I am just a joke after dinner. She can still hear many people talking about it along the way.
Crazy, silly, often homesick, maybe no one wants to marry, but now the woman is smart and beautiful, and she is afraid of asking for relatives.
At this moment, Feng Jiang’s clothes frowned and felt that there seemed something strange in his heart.
"Anyway, the king just gave you a wake-up call to prepare, but … do you really want to play the fool?"
Chang Xiangsi smiled, "Let it be!" Said the bow silently eating.
She is not worried that someone will come and ask for marriage. Even though she is the first daughter of Xiangfu, she has been crazy for ten years and everyone knows it.
If she wants to marry her husband, she has two older sisters. Although they are concubines, they are much better than lovesickness.
Feng Jiang Yi chuckled for the first time and gave the other person a dish. He often looked at the extra food in the bowl with lovesickness. His eyes were obviously disgusted and there was a little coldness. This scene also made Feng Jiang Yi feel annoyed and thought that the first time he gave a person a dish, he actually got an expression of disgust from the other party.
"Eat!" He spoke coldly.
Often acacia frowned and put chopsticks "I’m full! You eat slowly! " She hasn’t eaten anything by others. In her world, anyone who dares to give her food is simply dying!
It’s the first time to encounter such a direct refusal. For the average woman, it’s a great gift. It’s even rejected when she is often lovesick!
When Feng Jiang Yi was about to get angry, he often said, "I’m sorry that I never eat what others gave me. If I have offended eleven princes, I hope eleven princes will calm down."
Then she got up and said, "Thank you for the eleven princes today. Later, I will have someone take 220 silver and send it to the eleven palaces. Thank you for your hospitality today!" She looked at the table where the clouds stepped on the moon. "Let’s go!"
After crossing the report, it was renamed "Crossing the report, get out of here!" Welcome to read! Just opened a new article, begging for coffee, asking for flowers, asking for a purse, asking for comments. Chapter 5, Suspicion is not doubtful.
Although it didn’t take long for them to eat, they ate quickly because of hunger. They ate half the food. When they saw Acacia, they got up and immediately put chopsticks. Clouds and snow were reluctant to look at the remaining delicacies and licked their lips. They didn’t eat enough.
Yun stepped on the moon and immediately took her hand and followed Chang Acacia.
Looking at the departure direction of their master and servant, Feng Jiang’s clothes slightly evoke a smile. This lovesickness is somewhat interesting.
But I still feel a little uncomfortable at the thought that I was abandoned by her. This woman actually abandoned him for chopsticks.
He’s pink and not sick, and he’s clean on weekdays. What is she really disgusted with?
He didn’t even dislike her, and he lowered his status. She ate together. Is that her attitude?
The road often misses the clouds and steps on the moon. The two brothers and sisters talked about their own things in the palace, and then let them wait outside when they passed the gambling house. In a short time, she came out with more pockets in her hands.
As soon as she came out, she took out two hundred and twenty silver tickets from her pocket and handed them to Yun Tanyue. "You will now return these two hundred and twenty silver tickets to the eleven princes, who just dined together. I will go back to Xiangfu first, and when you go back to Xiangfu for a while, you will say that it is eleven princes who asked you to come and protect me."
Yun Tanyue frowned slightly with a silver ticket in his hand and asked, "Is the Lord afraid that we will take the money and run away?" After all, this money is enough for their brother and sister to get out of their present predicament for a while.
Acacia often reminds me of a smile, "I don’t doubt people! Go back quickly! "
Then she turned to leave.
Yun Tanyue looked at the silver ticket in his hand and then evoked a smile. He pulled Yun Tanxue’s hand. "I’ve heard about Tanxue Xiangfu’s first daughter. I’ve been crazy for ten years now … but what we know is different. But I think following her is our best choice at present. Since she got rid of our slave fate, we should repay her!"
The cloud walks through the snow and smiles and nods, "Brother, I am white, and I am not an ungrateful person. I feel that the host is quite good."
I raised my hand and rubbed her messy hair and clouds, and my eyes felt remorse. "I’m sorry I didn’t let you live a good life."
In an instant, the eyes were red when the clouds stepped through the snow. "Brother, don’t blame yourself. Cher never complained about her brother. The luckiest thing is that although our family is gone, my brother is still with Cher."
"Come on, since the Lord believes in us, let’s not let her down."
"It’s good to feel free, brother."
Yun Tanyue also laughed and squeezed her soft little hand. "Yeah, it feels good to be free."
It’s been a dark time for them, but fortunately they haven’t separated.
Chang Xiangsi quietly returned to his own small courtyard, hid his silver first, and then changed his clothes. Soon, he was dressed like a crazy fool, and she put the men’s suit in a bag and hid it directly under the bed. Chapter 6, Did Dad come to play with Xiangsi?
The only one who served her quietly in the small courtyard, Mei Er, didn’t know where she had gone. She often frowned and began to think about herself. Naturally, she couldn’t go crazy all the time.

Zhou Hanhan couldn’t speak any more, so he hung up. It turned out that everyone had already planned it. Funny, he was still nervous for her. He was so stupid that he made a fool of himself.

Sacred really didn’t care about jokes. After thinking for a while, he sent a message to Fu Yunyi and asked, "Why did you suddenly confess to that Uber? What is the stimulus? "
Fu Yunyi swept the warmth. When she saw that she was watching the game, she bowed her head and quickly replied a few words, "He made people stare at me and hit him if he was not comfortable. Anyway, he had already seen it."
Section 424
"Aren’t you afraid of him spreading it around?"
"He won’t!"
Holy pie-pie. Well, just rush at the excitement of Uber. I also know that people won’t betray others, but I am more angry and nervous than him.
☆, Chapter 49 Fan you don’t want to?
"By the way, what about that flower?" Speaking of Zhou Hanhan, you have to have a garden full of spring scenery. It is simply a common pain in several people’s hearts. The more they show off in an ostentatious manner, the more they look at their eyes.
Sacred and relaxed, "Don’t worry, everything is under my control."
Fu Yunyi didn’t believe it when he looked after him, but he couldn’t let his guard down for 24 hours. "Are you sure? If you neglect to let him steal flowers, you are a sinner. "
Sacred or sneered, "How could I do that stupid thing? Come on, I put him on Wuzhishan and put a spell on him. He won’t think of it for 500 years. "
Fu Yunyi corners of the mouth smoke "… that’s good. I won’t talk to you after watching the game."
"Wait!" Divine eager to type the past two words and then sent a crying expression "It’s so cruel. It’s unfair that you watch the game with Wener and I have to be alone and work hard in the hospital."
"I want compensation?"
"… tell your second brother and third brother that they are really enjoying themselves. I just arrived in Beicheng last night, and I was even more miserable than you. You can’t complain with me."
"Coco, after all, you are one step ahead of me. It is reasonable for me to be jealous."
"I didn’t do anything with my arms around Warm Son last night."
"ah? You can’t? Oh yeah! "
Fu Yunyi couldn’t help sneering when he saw the screen exploding with fireworks. "If you think too much, even if you can’t do it, I won’t be unable to do it. My physical strength is several times better than yours, especially if my waist muscles can explode you."
Divine immediately sent an angry expression, and then a series of show-offs.
"Hum, I have medicine."
"I still have technology."
"I know sensitive acupoint stimulation and massage."
"I’ll wait afterwards."
"Oh, my foreplay is great, too."
Fu Yunyi waited for him to finish and send a sentence, "When you are warm in bed, you will call my brother. Every time you listen to it, it’s like taking an aphrodisiac. Don’t you think it’s so irritating?"
"I’ve been hurt by crying blind for 10 thousand points, and I’m begging for a cure tonight."
"I’ll keep warm tonight!"
"Didn’t you accompany me last night?"
"I didn’t do anything last night."
"That’s your problem. Who told you not to do it?"
"It’s your third brother who is a demon. If you want to blame him, blame him."
"eh? He still has the heart and means? "
"Hum, he’s good at practicing double major with Warm Son. He’s been squeezed dry and we’re not allowed to sleep with Warm Son."
"ah? He and Nuaner double-repaired? Oh, this is a good thing. You can bear it even if you are jealous. "
"Hey, hey, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, you know"
After the chat, Fu Yunyi turned to look at the magic. Is it true that after the double repair, Wener is not only strong in martial arts, but also strong in some ways? If so, well, I can bear it
But the dharma can’t be lost
The magic was seen by Fu Yunyi with a sad face. Is this calculating yourself again?
When he saw this, he smiled in a straight way. Alas, I pity the three fair people. This is to be sacrificed to the young lady by my big cousin. Hahahaha, the most painful thing is that this yang mining is still so pure and there is no one.
Hearing the magic of laughter is even more uncomfortable for Fu Yunyi. He is a little afraid of being out of his mind, but he is bold and gives it a bad look. "What are you laughing at?"
God shrank his neck "? I’m in the middle of a game. Hehehe, it’s wonderful! "
I can’t wait to choke it when I hear the magic. "Wonderful?"
I was dumbfounded when I looked intently, huh? It was the match between the Knights and the brother of Shenshi martial arts school that Fu Feng won. The audience cheered and thanked Fu Feng coldly. The media cameras aimed at him, scratching and flashing.
It’s a tragedy when God comes out. I have to laugh and say, "Winning or losing is a common occurrence in military affairs, isn’t it, big cousin?"
The winner is Fu Fengchang, and of course it’s this guy.
Fu Yunyi doesn’t cooperate with it leisurely, saying that "strength determines everything"
God pouted, "Cousin, you will really lose me."
Fu Yunyi sneered at "I can’t ask for it"
God turned to warmth for help. "Young lady, you see that they are not gentle and considerate to ladies at all. You have to take care of it. Isn’t this a heart planted in your face?"
Warm, angry and funny, but I can’t help it. "Come on, watch the game and it’s Zheng Nan. Is it true this time?" After all, Shenshi martial arts school brother is not a vegetarian.
This topic change was successful, and several people focused on the game. One game was that the Knights and the Shenshi Martial Arts School lost two games in a row, which is very rare.
Because Shenshi Martial Arts School has never lost from the first day of the competition, it has been praised by the media that the general always wins or the team wins, which is amazing. Finally, the record was broken in the final, although everyone could have expected it and witnessed it with their own eyes, they were still excited.
It’s ugly to have a magical face. He taught my brother to lose. Isn’t that cutting his face?
But it’s too short. Even if he is gifted, he can’t turn them into peerless masters in an instant. Now the situation is actually very bad, but it’s still too unpleasant to watch his brother play.

Save lives!

Healing the wounded and rescuing the dying can restore the qi and blood limits of many people.
And because urk, Linger’s side is the strongest team in the country, this wave of corpse rot and detoxification is also particularly eye-catching
Of course, the most eye-catching is not saving lives, but the most eye-catching is the skill of saving lives … data!
Heal the wounded and rescue the dying by 7 units, and restore qi and blood with high qi and blood limit.
And the data.
Is …
The lowest unit …
Add …
“? ? ?”
"Lying trough? ?”
"This …"
At this moment, the strongest team in the country exploded directly.
Including the ending and Han Xuanxuan and others, they all stare big eyes and want to stay in situ directly.
And across from the old urk, Suk also smiled.
"Look at the sample and think it’s finally white."
"This can not white? Push 23 HP in a group, which is much more powerful than what three gold coins per second. Even if it is calculated according to 21 units, it also increases the overall HP value by 14 HP. The former urk of Beijing Ba was cultivated by Brother Suk in the later period, just to be our secret weapon. I didn’t expect it to be cheap, but I thought it was small. "
The big black cow couldn’t help but vomit a sentence.
And Suk also smiled. He said what is cheap or not. After all, it seems to him that even the old urk everyone went to the strongest team in the country, which is the same, because he had already realized a lot when he came to Magic Capital earlier.
After all, after the dream, the dream of the country still needs to be guarded by these people.
It was also at this time that Fang Xiang suddenly shook his head.
If saving lives is the lowest in pushing 7 units and 23, wouldn’t pushing blood work add more blood?
At this moment, I want to see the light coming out of Beijing’s eyes.
And this time he is white.
What a gift the old urk gave him!
Such a metaplasia temple can definitely be called the first metaplasia temple. Even if the foreign countries want to believe it, there will be no one who can be more powerful than Beijing. According to the calculation, even if all the things that can be calculated are calculated, the blood volume that the Zen metaplasia temple can increase should not exceed 2.
Although the difference between 23 and 2 is 3, it is a second-class drug gap, but it is a far step away.
And this step is not so insurmountable.
In this 15th round, the strongest team in China lost to the old urk.
But this time, Fang Xiang’s face is not depressed at all.
"Sucker, do it again!"
He said excitedly to Suk
And Suk also tried to find a way to fight again.
Although the old urk won in the end, compared with the first three rounds, the style of play of the strongest team in China has changed since Beijing Ba joined the team. At the beginning, lk, Xu Yun and Big Black Bull were still treated.
But in the sixth game, when the three men were in command, they couldn’t help but burst into fine cold sweat on their foreheads.
At this moment, the three of them have done their best.
This will end the twenty-three rounds of fighting.
And this time, before the party wants to speak again over there, Xu Yun three people just hurriedly said.

Yu Xin, "I said no"

Xu Ling "…"
Yu Xin said quietly, "I may have spent that night with you except for the company. Are you boyfriend and girlfriend?"
Xu Ling "What do you think is boyfriend and girlfriend?"
Yu Xin "less like each other"
Xu Ling froze.
Yu Xin, "Mr. Xu, I still formally resign from you. I will hand it to you face to face when I come to work the day after tomorrow."
Xu Ling "Do you want to leave Xu Shi so much?" Leave me
Yu Xin: "I don’t think I can continue to work around you well, and I want to do something more suitable for my major. I am about to graduate and just want to prepare my thesis and defense after I resign."
Xu Ling "Resignation will be discussed when you go back to the company … Shen Chu asked if you were my girlfriend, but you can tell him yes."
Yu Xin, "Manager Xu, what do you mean?"
Xu Ling "as you heard, it means literally"
Yu Xin was silent for a moment. "Xu Zong, if you don’t do this, I won’t be responsible for the matter that day. It was an accident."
Xu Ling: "So you and I claimed that you were my girlfriend because we were responsible for that day?"
"Isn’t it? Otherwise, what else could it be? Don’t worry, I won’t tell you anything. I’ll rot in my stomach, and when I leave Xu Shi, I might leave S city, so Mr. Xu won’t worry about others knowing. "
Xu Ling really vomited an old blood. He was going to be angry with Yu Xin.
What, Yu Xin, is he just afraid that she will go out and talk nonsense and block her mouth to lure her?
Who does Yu Xin take him for?
Xu Ling took a deep breath. "What on earth are you thinking?"
Yu Xin, "am I wrong? If it’s not for this reason, then why did you do it? "
Yu Xin is trying to force him to say he likes her.
She knew that Xu Ling should grow so big and never said she liked it to others.
It should be difficult for him to say it himself.
But she’s going to be forced.
Xu Ling awkward words to the mouth how all didn’t say it.
Yu Xin, "I know Xu Zong, you don’t explain that I’m a little busy hanging up in advance."
Then she hung up quickly.
Xu Ling holding a mobile phone expression "…"
Yu Xin has put on her makeup and talked for fifteen minutes, just pinching it just right when she finished her makeup.
At this time, Shen Yutang has sent a message that he has set off.
Yu Xin replied, "I’m going out, too. See you later."
Shen Yutang [Well, see you later]
When Yu Xin was sitting in the car, Xu Ling’s words came again.
But Yu Xin didn’t pick her up. She was in the car.
Today is to brush Shen Yutang’s goodwill value on Xu Ling. Everything is planned. It is estimated that he will deliver the door himself soon.
Yu Xin and Shen Yutang only said a few words after meeting, and Shen Yutang confessed.
He took out a diamond bracelet as a present to buy today.
Shen Yutang’s voice is shy, but his tone is firm. He asks Yu Xin if he wants to be his girlfriend. He will treat her well, even though he hasn’t graduated yet and is a student, he will make great efforts to make her live a good life later.
This kind of commitment is the most for Yu Xin.
Who can tell what will happen after that?
She already knows Shen Yutang’s situation very well. Teenagers are full of sincerity and can represent him. If you listen to his words and believe in him, you are likely to end up disappointed.
Maybe Shen Yutang likes her now, but … What can he do for her?
Yu Xin wants to know clearly that although Shen Yutang is pure and serious in her eyes, the more it is, the more impossible it is for her to leave Shenyang.
Yu Xin is already ready to talk to him.
She was moved to see Shen Yutang’s eyes filled with tears.
Shen Yutang was still very nervous to see her cry. I don’t know if I scared Yu Xin.
"Why are you crying? Did I scare you by talking? "
Yu Xin shook his head. "No, I didn’t expect you to like me so seriously. I’m very touched."
"You are so kind that many people should like you and me … I know my brother Shen Chuyan likes you, too."
Yu Xin, "That’s different. You are different from them."
Shen Yutang looked at her with delight. "Don’t you like my brother?"
Yu Xin shook his head. "I don’t like that he likes to look like me with Xu Susu rather than the real me."
Shen Chuyan is estimated to grieve when he hears this sentence.
The dog ate my affectionate confession yesterday.
"So … would you like to be my girlfriend?"
Shen Yutang looked at Yu Xin expectantly.
I didn’t expect Yu Xin’s tears to flow more fiercely
"I can’t promise you."
Yu Xin’s teary-eyed appearance has a different kind of beauty. Delicate and beautiful, with pure feelings, Shen Yutang looks at her and wants to hold her in the palm of her hand to stop crying.
"What? You … don’t you like me? "
Yu Xin shook her head again, but she didn’t talk, but she bowed her head. Shen Yutang was in a hurry.
"Will you tell me?"
"Actually … actually, the man said yesterday that I was with Xu Xinghan before."
Shen Yutang said in surprise, "But …"

But from Mrs. Min’s mouth, she also smelled something.

Min Jing has been treated unfairly in the detention center, just as she was treated herself at the beginning. The purpose of her second uncle’s doing this is naturally to treat her humanely. She dealt with herself at the beginning and tried to deal with her.
She doesn’t know exactly how much Min’s family knows about the back and forth of this matter, but according to her guess, Min’s family should not know that this matter is rooted in Lengxiao’s deliberate setup.
The living room was silent for a long time in Mrs. Min’s sob.
Finally, the old man Min sighed for a long time and looked imploringly at the cold owl. "I know my daughter is wishful thinking because she is wrong about what kind of legal sanctions she should suffer for what she has committed now, and because Uncle Min hopes you will not neglect the law."
Ignoring the law? !
If he means something, the meaning of his words is obvious.
Treasure and pure heart sobbed a little annoying and worried about juwan.
However, Xiao Ye is always calm.
Whether it’s the old man’s mandarin or Mrs. Min’s cheating and whining, he sits there quietly like an outsider watching the play, with a cold, serious face and no sympathy or other emotions.
Hearing this, he frowned slightly and refuted the cold feeling with expression.
"Min Lao Law Tells Evidence"
"Owl can do whatever you want …" I didn’t expect him to say anything. He still didn’t want to do anything. The old man bit his teeth and nodded his head and looked at the cold old man. "What do you say about the old cold thing?"
Cold old man was silent.
As Mrs. Min said just now, his friendship with this old Min really came out during the war years. I think they were trapped in the enemy sniper line during the self-defense counterattack against Vietnam. If it weren’t for the old Min, maybe he would have died in the battlefield. Where would there be today?
But what should he do?
Cold old man is feudal and stubborn, paying special attention to his comrades’ friendship, but he is also a man who is very particular about principles and laws.
There was a long silence before he looked up at Min Lao. "Old Min, if Xiao Jing really committed something, no one can protect her. Everyone should bear the responsibility for what you said … I think our second child is right. The law emphasizes evidence …"
"Old cold you!"
The eyes are heavy and heavy. The old man’s face suddenly swelled red.
Then his eyes swept coldly at Leng Xiao, and a word was inscrutable: "Xiao Xiao, don’t be aggressive, I just want her life!" I asked someone to ask her. She was not treated fairly as an ordinary suspect in the detention center. This is extremely unfair to her. Think about it. It’s nothing for you to lose a father. I don’t think I can ask too much! ….. but it’s not good for you if she dies! "
Don’t say he’s threatening
With a cold finish, he got up bitterly. He grabbed and cried, and Mrs. Qi Min was leaving.
"Min Lao Walk Slowly" gave him a cold wind, and his faint words were polite and rude.
However, sen’s cooling oozing from the bone made the people who listened to it a little tremble.
Leng Xiao is getting more and more cruel!
On the spot, there was no place to put the old man’s face.
Looking at him, he blushed for a while and muttered his lips for a long time as if to say something.
But in the end, he turned away without saying anything.
"old man!" A deep call was made to the cold old man, frowning, and he got up. A word was very eloquent, and he was quite sincere. "Old Min is home today, and after dinner, we have been in love for decades. I don’t want these little misunderstandings to affect our friendship."
His back was stiff, and the old man’s words to him seemed to have touched a little and his face eased a lot.
Thoughtfully touching his eyes, he hummed and sat down again.
People who are in their early decades all attach great importance to this kind of comrade-in-arms feelings, but their daughters are equally important, but the friendship between comrades-in-arms is even more important. What’s more, they can’t solve anything on impulse, and there may be room for manoeuvre if they stay.
I sat down again and added new tea. The topic dominated by the cold old man was revealed from the embarrassment just now.
Others are so-called, and the Min couple have to follow the steps in this embarrassing situation.
After climbing the steps, your mind will gradually clear up.
He knows that no matter whether he is old or young, his father is a hard nut to crack, not just a few threatening words.
Once he calmed down, he remembered another thing, so while everyone was chatting, he officially recommended the young man who came with them.
"Old cold, this nephew of mine is the only child in my eldest brother’s family. Well, you know what I have learned from a daughter of Xiaojing. He is the only male in our old min’s family."
Daughter’s marriage can’t be changed.
This old man Min’s abacus has made him want to have feelings with the cold old man on the one hand, and his daughter on the other hand. On the other hand, the influence of the cold family has been in full swing over the years, and the officialdom situation has forced him to curry favor.
No matter for what reasons, the Min family will make a profit and not lose money.
Dazed dazed cold old man looked at the treasure and pure.
What happened just now has made Lao Min embarrassed. Now he can’t brush his face and sip his lips. He seriously said, "Xiaoqi, this is the brother I told you about. He is a brilliant student in the field of biology. You two should be able to have a common topic. Young people should know more about it."
Treasure and pure froze.
What do you mean! ? The second time, the old man hinted that it was even more cruel this time. It was too much to say it in front of everyone in the hall, wasn’t it? Her generation to become their comrades-in-arms friendship?
Glancing coldly at a man who looks quite gentle with glasses, she picked her eyebrows and laughed.
"Grandpa, I’m really sorry. I’m not interested in mosquito blood!"
With that, her eyes glanced at Lengxiao, who was impartial and cold, and looked at her with a cold thorn in her eyes.
Touch each other for a second and move each other.
She wanted to laugh but didn’t dare to. To be honest, she had a hard time suppressing it.
There are two people who know about this mosquito blood allusion.
Min Xue mosquito blood …
The guy’s surname is Min. She took a radical and renamed him mosquito blood.
But also so lose face directly refused.
At that time, the atmosphere was deadlocked.
The cold old man coughed gently, fearing that the Min couple couldn’t stand the stage, and then he laughed and prepared to ease the atmosphere. "Our little seven is so direct in speaking. Don’t mind if you have this heart. Can’t you thaw the ice?"
"That’s that’s … that’s that’s that’s …"
Repeating these two words, Min Xue wore thick glasses at the bottom of a beer bottle, and his face was a little red with anger at the bottom of his eyes.
Also from a noble family, he played with women, and everywhere he went, his daughter came looking for him. Where did he receive such a direct refusal without face?

The prince of integrity frowned. This is a family matter. What did he say?

Even looked at him with a sincere look. "Let me tell you this, no matter how family is like a male and female servant, it is impossible for my grandfather to make up. Even if my grandfather finds that male and female servants don’t hate male and female servants so much, he will cross the rubicon …"
When this was said, Qi Mu was slightly stunned. What did she say in front of the prince of clean government? Declare war? If it’s not a declaration of war, it’s gone too far
The prince of incorruptible government frowned, and even if he suddenly said such a firm word, he would not cross-examine a piece of wood, whether he wanted to punish him face to face or whether he was to blame someone, but he still kept the royal blood and even made trouble with his family. Will you help Qi Mu? Impossible, but how much loyalty will the royal family fight with loyal ministers?
"What’s the reason?"
"There are not many reasons to really say reasons. There is a saying that I haven’t even been home once in ten years." Even the strength of Jian Jian is unexpected, and even Ru Yan Qi Mu can’t pick up this sentence. He has been watching from beginning to end, but if he doesn’t talk now, he may really be enemies with the prince of clean government.
"Uncle Huang has a good temper because even the old general framed her for letting people bully her half-brother, mother and brother, and chose to buy off her grandnephew, an official’s child and grandnephew. She rebelled against each other twice in a row. First, her mother and brothers and sisters. Second, her husband was just trying to maintain the family’s face. It is impossible for people to hold back."
You Yan Qimu, the prince of maintaining a clean government, is even more sullen. "Even the old general is your grandfather. Even if you wronged you, how can you make a second mistake? Even the old general was once a pillar of the imperial court. You said you would cross the rubicon with him? How to break the law? If you can’t tell me clearly today, I’m afraid I’ll tell you something about you. "
"Naturally, he exposed his lies. He is a celebrity, but he has made such a self-destructive thing. Uncle Huang, I have now found clues through these two officials and bought off other people’s servants, found the source and traced it out."
"Then you won’t go after you get the evidence?"
"The male and female servants dare not report that the report is about the family and the Wangfu. They can wait until they are expelled from the family with me. The worst thing is that the younger brother comes back, but it will make people think that two people who have been expelled from the house are taking revenge."
The prince of incorruptible government looked at Lian Jianji and felt that he was dressed as a pig to eat a tiger. This feeling was too strong, but I have to say that Lian Jianji was very cautious in doing so. In the case that he knew little about her, maybe he could ask more, "I’d like to see your evidence."
"I hope that the male and female servants can still take it out ~" Lian Jian shook his head and continued, "But the male and female servants feel that it is already late. She should be because the prince of integrity has evaporated, which will be a trap, and all clues will be broken. But if she is still alive, the male and female servants must do things first and then prove themselves like the emperor and uncle."
"How dare you? I can’t help but believe that your grandfather said that you are not a simple person and did not do simple things."
"So-called but I still hope that my uncle can help my mother say a word, even if it’s such a great sentence. My parents can’t afford to beat Yuanyang, and my four own children can’t afford it. I beg my uncle to help me." It’s a gift to kneel directly without hesitation.
You Yan Qimu and the honest prince frowned and couldn’t understand …
Chapter 234 Kindness goes before a fall
The prince of clean government can’t help talking when he is away from you. Is it good to confront the prince of clean government head on? Although at last when he left, the prince of integrity agreed to the request of Lian Jian, it made you more worried.
"Do you think Wang’s situation is not critical enough now?" Although you have no strength, the pressure on Qi Mu’s shoulder is particularly high.
"Report in angry what? Didn’t the prince of integrity help me? If I want him to help me, even the old people in my family will not dare to move Aunt Sunny. If the prince of integrity is smart enough, Aunt Sunny will die. That is to cover up the truth and let him step on his own trap. "
You Yan Qimu shook his head. "I don’t think the prince of clean government will believe you. He won’t take the lead. At that time, he won’t be less brave than him. Are you making up for it? I let it go because of Yuheng’s affair before, but I’m trying to determine whether she’s alive by the honest prince. If she’s alive, do you want to make sure she’s alive? "
"The report guessed right. After all, the three people were bought by Aunt Sunny, who happened to be from three different courtyards. It can be seen that even the old people in the family are smeared, but it is also possible to make them look like we are smeared in the eyes of others and do the details. Now we have to let the mother go back first to make the people in the mother’s courtyard become someone."
You Yan Qimu frowned and was not prepared to agree, but suddenly thought of sending someone to say one thing yesterday. "You stuffed a woman for your brother? Or are you alone in my house? "
"Well, Frost, to be honest, I can’t fathom him. It’s best to find someone to look after him, and I don’t want to know what happened in this house before I entered the palace. How many lovers did the sovereign have? But Yuheng may have a big place in my hand now, and I want to keep her."
"What do you mean by suddenly saying that?"
"Nothing, it’s the woman I gave to Frost. I didn’t ask her about the past in this house, but Yang wouldn’t think so. It’s not necessary to bear a life because I asked a word. After that, it’s hard for me to find someone to ask questions in this house, even a small question."
"Yang wants Yu Heng to die?"
"I don’t want me to leave her in the house."
"Suspected the king touched the two sisters? Wang Yuheng admitted that she was sold in a closed brothel when she made a false identity, but Wang never touched Yang. What did she not want? " You Yan Qimu looked at the door position, and he could hear what he said, and this is not just for Lian Jian.
"It’s not because of this, but because the maid said one thing. I agree that loyalty is needed in this palace, not family. This is the reason why my prince is married. Even now he is a real husband and wife, but I think I have proved to the prince what I call this kind of thing. I really don’t want to bear any feelings."
You Yan Qimu’s face is a little worse. He held out his hand and rubbed his hair. "The king wants this throne, but now he has a little concern for you. The king wants to try whether you will bear the debt of love. After all, you have to have it in your hand. This time, we passed the Prince of Integrity. After the draft at the end of this year, the king and your base can wait for the death of you Yan Qimu."
"This kind of thing report or wait to sit tight after the throne"
"The king is not afraid of beauty, but he is afraid that one thousand kings can’t get through it, and the beauty doesn’t even have a mouth," said Ruyan Qimu, stirring up her hair and smiling lightly. As a result, she looked at him quietly like a seven-year-old girl, and she was a little at a loss.
"Report want to go with me to see the jade scale? I don’t know if she woke up. "
You Yan Qimu shook his head. "Wait until she wakes up before you go to see her. Someone is bound to inform you that what you have to do now is not to find a way to find evidence for the prince of integrity?"
"One-hundred-day husband and wife, even if she is an identity report, you shouldn’t be so cool thin to her, but it’s also good because she has a triple or even quadruple identity now. The emperor once loved the descendants of the royal family of Chikage Shunguo and saved her by accident."
"It is because of this last article that Wang Cai doesn’t want to see her. You have checked some news about Shun Kingdom, right? They are very dangerous. Wang told Yu Heng that my goal is that this day is not limited to this small Geng Kingdom. Here is"
Even a light smile feels like hearing something to laugh at. "Male and female servants don’t have such great ability, but let’s just hear your great ideal, but if there’s nothing else, I’ll go to see Yuheng. I’ll find a day in the afternoon …"
Even when I saw you in Qi Mu’s eyes, I was dissatisfied with her. These days, she was busy looking for Shun Guo’s things. She had forgotten what she had done before and realized her gaffes, but she couldn’t make a pair of "forget it, report. You can find him for me. Let him go to Lianjia Xiuniang Village the night after tomorrow to catch Aunt Sunny. I went to beginning of spring today to get Aunt Sunny’s family to Bieyuan first."
You Yan Qimu still looked at her with great dissatisfaction, but even Zhanjian bowed directly and went out. You Yan Qimu shrugged his shoulders and looked at the door for a long time without thinking about talking. Well, it seems that smoking is to find a way to make this company change a little, or when it is necessary to win over the control minister through marriage, only loyalty can’t make Lianjian work so hard.
At night, beginning of spring took people to Aunt Sunny’s Daliang’s home. It was dark in the house. beginning of spring picked up the stone and hit this inferior wooden door. It was very dry and made a noise much louder than beginning of spring thought.
"In the middle of the night … is it Brother Liang?"
The door came out and a comely woman in an official coat walked out. She looked around. It was dark. beginning of spring narrowed her eyes slightly. They came to catch this company Daliang, but they could hear that it seemed to be this company Daliang on duty tonight. beginning of spring hesitated slightly.
Beginning of spring looked at the woman for a while. How could she be wearing this man’s coat? Although catching her will startle her, if you catch her and stay in the house the next morning, the train will be full of firewood, but when it is carried away in front of people, beginning of spring will shake a little, but if you return home …
Beginning of spring thought for a long time, but with a wave of his hand, the four men in black appeared at once. The young woman didn’t react, and even the sound didn’t come out. She was already under control. beginning of spring rushed into the room. There should be another person, but not necessarily even Daliang went in and saw a man wearing clothes in a panic.
"Take it away together!"
Chapter 235 Threats
Even sitting in Ruyan Qimu’s room, rubbing her temples and reposing, she didn’t dare to sleep well until beginning of spring came back. It has long been a habit to stay up late the next morning, and she also gave this matter to Ruyan Qimu.
Beginning of spring came in carrying two people in one hand. "The princess caught Lian Daliang’s wife … but …"
"Didn’t catch even Daliang caught his wife and brought it back. If you say so, get punished." I didn’t even open my eyes for a long time and didn’t hear beginning of spring speak. When I opened my eyes, I was a little bit stunned. What are two people? And unexpectedly, this man is wearing a woman’s coat, and even a good wife is wearing an official’s coat?
"Ah, it’s so clever to help this fine aunt catch a rape? Hey, did you stay? "
"I wish I had left two people behind to find a scooter and smuggled it to Bieyuan."
Even nodded beginning of spring took the cloth that was stuffed in these two people’s mouths and looked at this even Daliang’s wife’s clothes. "You are also a chief? If so, do you know which street Lian Daliang should change shifts on duty now? "
"Princess?" This was conveniently caught chief was livid, if not tied hands, it is estimated that "Wang … Princess Empress! Daliang Daliang is that even the family members are directly in the government until the shift is changed? "
"beginning of spring sent this woman directly to Bieyuan. There’s no need to be polite to her …" Even Jia Jian hesitated slightly to get rid of him, but she wanted to think about whether this person was anywhere else.
Silence is scarier than anything, and this intention is frightened by being involved in it.
"Are you even good?"

He is very regretful and sighs. He didn’t split his body in two. How could he be countered by people in this realm?

Moreover, it will take hundreds of thousands of years for the other half to recover because of the lack of soul, so it is very likely that Leitian will advance to the Emperor of Heaven, and it will be difficult for him to do so then.
Bai Yujing’s black hole is still devouring this energy crazily. Jade Ding Tiandi suddenly jumped at the black hole, and Leitian reacted without being trampled by Jade Ding Tiandi directly from his body. Jade Ding’s huge body was crushed by the black hole and disappeared in an instant.
Leitian was startled. This jade tripod killed him.
The only way to kill him like this is to make Leitian lose the battle profit, and this black hole is still devouring all the materials in Yuding crazily, which is a growing trend.
Leitian in consternation suddenly Li Bihu knife light arrival will be the holy king body cut into pieces.
Li Bihu’s body immediately became illusory, and Leitian saw several thunder strikes in this depth. The holy king’s body fragments were sucked into the black hole, and the third eye took a vicious look at Li Bihu again.
Li Bihu didn’t know that the holy king Leitian was easy. He knew that Leitian must have given the holy king some benefits before the holy king promised to help Leitian.
You killed the holy king before you left, so you don’t have to pay for the benefits of the holy king, which barely makes up for the losses caused by Yu Ding’s killing.
Chapter six hundred and fourteen Trapped through three walls
Leitian didn’t stop the holy king from being sucked into a black hole and following the footsteps of Jade Ding Tiandi.
Li Bihu’s body was repeatedly bombed by virtual robbery, and gradually it turned into a virtual leitian, but I knew that Li Bihu was away from this and I didn’t know where to go. It was impossible to make Li Bihu.
He backhand shot one hundred Wan Xianjian. The sharp firm but gentle in Wan Xianjian’s figure temporarily blocked the black hole from devouring this speed.
Yuding Tiandi calculated that he would let this destruction in a black hole and let Leitian get Leitian. There were more than a hundred pictures of Wan Xian Jian in his hand, which just stopped a while and his seven-star magic gun was taken away by Yuding Tiandi, which was the biggest loss.
Although the Jade Ding Emperor will die, his seven-star magic gun will not be damaged, but he can’t find where the other side of the black hole leads, so he can summon the seven-star magic gun.
In fact, Jade Ding Tiandi’s skill in this game is definitely enough. He took the strongest weapon from Leitian.
It is this congenital fetus that was revenged by the Jade Ding Emperor who was leitian.
Leitian wings vibrate, and one of the two wings bursts with the breath of killing Yang Ji and the breath of folding eyebrows and swords. The flying speed of these two wings can be leveled with the lightning technique, and the flexibility is still in the lightning technique. The most important thing is that the lightning technique body has no attack power, and Luo Xiu’s light rain converging attack can break out at any time when these wings are waved.
The holy king died, brandished his wings, waved the crack in the earth, and rushed straight to Yuding congenital fetus.
This crack in the earth came to the front of the congenital fetus when Yuding Tiandi stepped on it and reached the place where the fetus lived every day.
The shape of the congenital fetus is a dragon-like dragon. Dragon Leitian met a very strong dragon that evolved to the extreme and was not lost to the beginning of creation.
For the sake of white, I know that Jade Ding made a ghost when he left. After the birth, the fighting capacity is equivalent to a powerful celestial emperor. If he grows up, he will be the same creature as the Jade Emperor.
This congenital fetus is so tough that it is left in front of me. It seems to Yuding Tiandi that Li Bihu’s holy king disappeared and Bai Qigen could not cope with this congenital fetus.
Leitian Twelve Star Warriors didn’t follow, but he was also a Yamaraja in the underworld. Leitian simply summoned me to drink, "Hurry up!" This thing is going to collapse.
Leitian said that he didn’t join the attack, but took the key of the Three Walls and threw it into the demon fire. This key of the Three Walls is the only unique hallows left by the Chinese Emperor, and its body is almost the size of a star.
Leitian throws the key into the demon fire. In a blink of an eye, the key changes shape into a pike. This pike looks like a seven-star magic gun. The combination of the lamella gun and the lamella gun body generates nine pieces after the gun tip.
This pike was tempered by demon fire, and then it was quickly shaped by last-day robbery. After that, it took off from the sky and shouted to the congenital fetus, "Are you going to die or become my spirit?"
The congenital fetus has just formed, and the spiritual wisdom has long panicked before seeing a powerful enemy. So he immediately replied, I am willing to surrender.
Leitian drink a way too fast.
The congenital fetal body immediately crashed into the leitian pike, and the leitian pike immediately spawned 120,000 acupuncture points. The dragon spirit in the pike was afraid that Leitian would go back on his word and send him to Yan Luowang.
Leitian this pike is in a hurry to finalize the design, and it will not be refined in detail. The end of his pike is covered with stars, and a starlight condenses in the stars. Leitian with a demon gourd, the Yamaraja Nian beast came to the three walls together.
At the beginning of leitian panic, he was also quite adventurous in refining the key, and he was not 100% sure that he could still come to the Three Walls. His idea was that the Three Walls would disappear sooner or later, so would the key, and the degree of toughness of the congenital fetus was hard to bear.
The only thing that can be accepted should be the essence of meteorite sea, which needs to be refined and shaped repeatedly. He doesn’t know that his seven-volt magic gun will be lost. How can he forge a spare pike?
If you don’t refine a pike to accept the congenital fetus, the congenital fetus will be reduced a lot
Leitian refined the Sanyuan key, fused the congenital tire and got a pike that had never been seen before.
A dragon sinking star gun
This pike department has 120,000 cave orifices, which can be directly sucked into these cave orifices for refining. This is almost a millstone of heaven and earth, but the millstone of heaven and earth will refine what level of materials, and the dragon will sink the star gun. Not all materials are swallowed up by it and transformed into Chengdu, which is a dragon gas.
A dragon’s breath can simulate all things in the world. This pike is a poor weapon of change.
Although Leitian has refined a pike prototype, the power of this dragon-sinking star gun is catching up with the seven-star magic gun. From the material, it is said that the level of dragon-sinking star gun is not lower than that of Leitian seven-star magic gun
Leitian recovered from the mysterious turtle shield Luo Xiu Xiaoyu is now in shape. That Yamaraja flew back to the demon gourd and left Nian beast beside Leitian.

That soft armor’s attack on Xianfu actually damaged the breeze to protect targeting top leitian and sacrificed his magic gun.

He cut off all the world after taking the six-yang corpse-cutting Dan, because no one knows what he did. It is also an hour since the six-yang corpse-cutting Dan ying.
Leitian simply sucked then ying into the body, and the strength broke through again, and suddenly it was a false fairy realm.
The seven-star magic gun has also changed, and the starlight at the tip of the gun flashes, releasing power from the star stone to the star market in the depths of the universe.
The breeze counter-offers around the body around the mother yin Yang Lock. This time, the mother yin Yang Lock avoids the magic gun of the Seven Stars. The most afraid of Leitian equipment is the magic gas erosion.
If three people besiege the breeze, it will die soon, but suddenly, a dragon leitian can temporarily delay the fierce wearing of Yang Luoxiu with the strength of gold, but two people are in the wind.
For the sake of objectiveness, the immortal symbol disappeared and shouted
Ghosts and gods are unruly, but Zhu hands leitian to send the demon gourd. The plan is to let Zhu hide from the well with the body.
He gave a cry, but suddenly he split a sword in his heart, so that he could hit the female yin Yang Lock, which was hit by a soldier’s sword and fell high.
The breeze face S is pale, and the strength of these three people is not inferior to that of their own mother, yin Yangsuo. If she can still escape, now the mother yin Yangsuo is hit by a horrible sword and directly dissipates the spirit.
The big sword swept across the breeze to escape and found that the vitality in the body had dried up.
Chapter one hundred and sixty-nine Grandpa in the ring
Chapter one hundred and sixty-nine Grandpa in the ring
His vertical mother yin Yang lock consumes a lot. There is no vitality near Longjing. He was attacked by that fairy symbol. He can live and be secretive about soft armor.
Stop it. Let me go. I’ll tell you my secret. I’ll make you an advanced fairy for ten years. The breeze talks.
Let you go, and I’ll die in Leitian, offering a sacrifice to the Dragon Sword Wheel, a magic gun with seven stars and a solution to the giant sword, and besieging the exhausted breeze and swallowing Dan Y continuously, but I know that if you go to Dan Y like this, you will run out of roots sooner or later, and you can’t be an opponent in front of you.
This man’s swordsmanship seems to be ever-changing, but he is not afraid of it on weekdays, but now he is exhausted. It takes ten times more to cope with such an attack.
Leitian, who may believe this cool breeze, murdered his elder brother before, and let him turn over for Yongning Day. Besides, the secret of this person’s fast cultivation must be amazing. Knowing it may not be a good thing.
Leitian stepped up its attack on the cool breeze body. soft armor suddenly burst, but it was Leitian Liuyang who beheaded the corpse. Dan, another member of ing, took effect and abruptly deprived the cool breeze soft armor of its destruction.
The breeze hand has a ring that shines brilliantly, and suddenly there is a set of closed metal armor. This metal armor is grotesque and beautiful, and the runes are hundreds of layers.
Leitian fit jumped to his own gun and fencing, and jing Miao couldn’t stand the endless equipment in the breeze layer, and everything in this breeze equipment was well known, but it wasn’t bad at all. Leitian didn’t know what else he had, so many powerful equipment, and what magic tricks did he repair?
Hate that longed for dragon city to destroy itself. Lei Zhu has also been restored in recent months. It is necessary to dispel the magic breath of Lei Zhu to re-activate this skill of yin Yang Lei Jie.
Yin Yang Lei Zhu has already taken this cool breeze.
When the breeze saw Leitian fit, he rushed to his face and smiled mysteriously. His metal armor suddenly explored hundreds of sharp metal thorns, each of which shone with purple S light.
These spikes are as penetrating as the metal bullet, and I’m afraid it’s amazing.
Leitian is now hiding in the Purple Mansion Yuan panacea, and he is not afraid of these spikes. Don’t say that this spike is a fairy sword, and heaven didn’t destroy him.
From the time of Leitian to now, Jin has never seen a wound.
The two men hugged each other and heard the metal rubbing sound. In the eyes of the breeze, they were stunned. Leitian held them in his body. None of the metal thorns broke off and could pierce each other’s bodies.
Even the dragon shouldn’t be so strong ru body.
The light of the breeze hand ring flashed again, and a fox pounced on it.
Don’t hurt him. The fox bites the white dragon sword wheel behind his back and rotates to cut the fox to pieces.