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Everything was fine before. Why did something suddenly go wrong in the dish? Although he has deducted a lot of money, he is not good at setting the table with poisonous dishes.

Finally, a doctor came into the house. First, he saw the symptoms of everyone, and then he got the prescription.
"The doctor doesn’t know if this is a symptom?" The second young master was weak and asked, "But is someone poisoned?"
The doctor a Liao eyelid "poison? How is it possible that this is just eating a bad belly? "
They listened to the more surprised.
Tang Dali Temple Shaoqing wedding banquet actually has food that can make everyone eat bad belly.
"I don’t know which dish is wrong." The second young master can bite the bullet and let the doctor identify it.
The doctor tried every dish and finally ordered several fish and scary dishes.
"It’s all stale." The doctor shook his head again and again.
The old duke called the kitchen in front of everyone and asked them to take all the leftovers.
The steward in the house took the leftover fish to the duke, and people smelled the stench of the fish far away.
The old duke was trembling with anger. "How dare you send such things to the table!"
The chef looked like a koo. "The duke bought these from the house, and they did whatever they sent. It’s really not a slave’s business."
The old duke had to go to the house to buy again.
Shopping even cry wronged knelt on the ground and knocked his head Peng Peng ring "small is ordered by Sir Zhong to buy money that … things are the same, or Sir Zhong will punish small can buy some cheap goods back …"
The guests ate the doctor’s soup and their stomachs stopped a lot. What’s wrong with hearing this?
"The second young master is really a housekeeper." I don’t know who satirized a sentence.
"This smelly fish rotten shrimp also dare to table … fortunately, Taidian and Wudian all left before or … hehe …"
They got to hold the belly and got up to leave.
The old duke resisted physical discomfort and accompanied a smiling face to see Fujian one by one.
The second young master turned pale with fear and shrank behind his father.
It never occurred to him that this happened before he got the money and covered it in his pocket.
"Father, are you all right …" Very not easy, such as sending off all the guests. The second young master carefully helped the old duke.
"You idiot!" The old duke kicked him in the past.
Because he was weak, he didn’t kick his son, but he knelt on the ground as if he had really kicked him, shivering all over.
The old duke was full of anger, and suddenly he felt inexplicable sadness after seeing this pair of unintelligent bags.
Qing Hou fu if you really want him to take charge of this height, even if you really want to completely decline.
Chapter 35 Born not to come out Liuyang infanta take the initiative to be a bad COP
A Update the latest chapter of Shao Qing’s pet career in Dali Temple as soon as possible!
The stinking fish and shrimp caused diarrhea in the wedding banquet of Qinghou House, and it was all over the streets in two days.
The old duke just took the second young master around to make amends.
It’s okay for some small doors to say that he ordered the steward to send some gifts, but those important people in the DPRK had to come forward in person
It turned out that he was counting on Qing Mo Yan to come forward, but Qing Mo Yan went to Dali Temple as a COP the next day and didn’t even show up.
Every time the old duke sent someone to look for the green ink, he was pushed away by the other party’s errand. Later, he could try to call RuXiaoNan to solve the matter.
But he waited in the front yard for a long time to see others, but it was Shi Datian.
History as soon as she entered the door, she cried foul for Ru Xiaonan. "Nothing in this house is handled by our monarch. Isn’t it too unfair for you to ask her to make amends? We don’t even want to give up a cup of tea at ordinary times. If she makes her cry, she can’t afford to lose a few heads … "
The old duke listened with pain in his brain and finally resigned himself to take his second son out of the house and go door to door to make amends.
Very not easy to send the gift all over. Before the old duke returned to the house, someone called him to the palace.
The emperor looked at the face and knelt down. The duke’s eyes knew it for a long time before he hummed.
The old duke can kneel when he has a cold sweat on his forehead and the emperor doesn’t tell him to get up.
"It seems that the Qing Hou Fu’s days are too tight." The emperor sarcastically said a sentence.
The old duke kowtowed heavily. "They are all ministers and teachers."
The second young master embezzled the money for the wedding banquet of Qingmo Yan, and it seems that it has reached the emperor’s ears. He can’t escape as a father.
A faint sneer escaped from the emperor’s mouth. "Get up!"
The old duke got up secretly relieved, but the emperor let him kneel again with a word.
"Liuyang County is very ill. After people from the hospital have seen it, she can’t have any more heirs."
The old duke felt "om" in his head.
The owner of Liuyang County is his son’s wife, and she can’t have an heir. Then his son won’t have another child. Can his grandchildren get out of the concubines?
It’s like a big joke
"The emperor …" He knelt down again and looked nervously at the emperor. "The dog was young and didn’t take good care of the chief minister of Liuyang County …"
He also wanted to say that he went to the emperor but impatiently waved his hand. "It’s just that I gave such a thing to their marriage. The queen is also very sad in her heart. It’s the birthday of the queen in a few days. She begged me to let Liuyang County master your son and leave."
The old duke opened his mouth.
Even if the princess of Liuyang can’t have another child, her identity is not that of an ordinary woman. If she is a queen’s family, no good daughter will dare to marry him after she is really scared.
Even the queen’s maiden princess has been cursed. Who dares to marry her daughter?
"It’s all the fault of the emperor. The old minister has warned him that he will treat the monarch well in the future. The ancients said that they would rather tear down ten temples than destroy a marriage and ask the emperor to think twice."
The emperor lowered his eyes. "You don’t want them to be separated?"
The old duke proffering flaming again is obviously cross out a heart.
"It’s not a problem to always drag on like this," the emperor said lightly.
"Please think twice!" The old duke prostrated himself on the ground and bruised his head.
The emperor looked upset and waved to let him go first.
The old duke knew that he had dodged a bullet and hurriedly excused himself.
Only when I got back to Qinghou Mansion did I see Nianfu carriage parked at the entrance of the mansion.
"Nian Fu Ren Men?" The old duke feels bad.
Nian Shi hasn’t shown up since he fled back to Nianfu. Will Nianfu carriage stop at the door today?
The old duke called the house to take charge.
Before the steward was shaking, he reported that "Nianfu Niangong came to visit Yue Princess and said that he wanted to take his sister Nian Shi’s dowry back to the house."
The old duke felt pain in his forehead.
He really doesn’t want to take care of these things anymore. He just pretends not to hear them and runs away.

And it was just when I killed the second Japanese ninja alone that the cross-country was finally white. He made the shadow hand binding technique crush the turtle shells of those Japanese ninjas!

It turns out that the reason why cross-country can crush those ninja turtle shells is because of his spiritual talent!
Can absorb other people’s spiritual energy, terrorist spiritual talent!
Chapter 313 The advantages outweigh the disadvantages
Endure the world holds the science of uniting the spiritual energy hermetic family must be few.
And in these families who hold the spiritual energy to cultivate the occult skills, they can gradually awaken the spiritual talent ninja with the spiritual energy cultivation, which is rare in the forbearance world.
Even if the cross-country holds the whirlpool clan’s secret skills, there is no way to understand the accurate classification of spiritual talents from the inside.
However, in front of those ninjas who split up with each other, they woke up their spiritual talents. To understand their spiritual talents cross-country is to absorb the spiritual energy of others. Don’t worry about whether cross-country is clear about the spiritual talents. Cross-country can be sure that his spiritual talents must be one of the top spiritual talents!
To ask why, the reason is actually very simple.
Others practice spiritual energy by accumulating over time.
Even if cross-country holds the spiritual energy cultivation method and has unique advantages, doesn’t it need to be accumulated slowly?
After awakening the spiritual talent, it is much easier for cross-country to cultivate spiritual energy.
People need to accumulate time to get huge spiritual energy. Cross-country needs to absorb other people’s spiritual energy, and their own spiritual energy can be limited. It’s just a BUG, okay?
If you put it in a martial arts novel, cross-country is like practicing the northern ghost.
People can only succeed after decades of hard work. A few kung fu masters can be worth decades of hard work.
Of course, there is no such thing as getting something for nothing.
Even if cross-country awakens the spiritual talent, I feel that I need to absorb other people’s spiritual energy in accumulating spiritual energy.
However, after the insurance period, cross-country spiritual energy cultivation is still impossible to give up.
And even if you are absorbing other people’s spiritual energy, you need to be very careful to see if your spiritual talent is in some kind of abuse.
However, at this time, cross-country has to face some special situations. Even if the spiritual talent may have disadvantages, cross-country must also have its own spiritual talent to crack the array of ninjas who are splitting up with each other.
Let’s talk about the array methods of Japanese ninjas.
Cross-country spiritual talent just restrains the array methods of Japanese ninjas.
Judging by cross-country, he feels that the real core of Japanese ninja array lies in spiritual energy!
Or these Japanese ninja arrays are actually some kind of Yin dun array!
As I have said before, the way for Japanese ninjas to build arrays these days is to rely on each person’s small hexagram mark to condense into a large hexagram mark. To be in the large hexagram mark, every Japanese ninja with a moderate tolerance level will have the real terror defense ability of the powerful.
And those small hexagram marks at this time, the off-road feeling is either spiritual energy or a kind of yin escape!
Condense spiritual energy into a small hexagram shield by relying on the effect of yin-escaping occultism
Then turn the small hexagram shield into a large hexagram shield by using the mysterious method of Yin dun array!
As a result, every Japanese ninja’s body shield is called "tortoise shell" for short, and there are more than 20 people whose mental energy intensity is several times stronger than that of cross-country mastering shadow shield and shadow armor.
It is also because of this combination of cross-country Kakashi power that a Japanese ninja "turtle shell" can be broken.
But it’s all right now
Cross-country awakens its own spiritual talent and can absorb the spiritual energy of others, so that it can instantly absorb the spiritual energy of ninjas in front of them, making it impossible for them to maintain the array demand.
Then things become very simple.
How many means does it take to cross-country with a ninja with a moderate tolerance level?
It only takes a few punches at most!
With one’s own accomplishments in body art, cross-country can easily solve the problem of ninjas facing the front.
Then watching Kakashi next to him, he saw the secret cross-country that "accelerated" the four generations of Naruto constantly flashing beside each Japanese ninja.
When cross-country appears in front of every Japanese ninja, it is necessary to exert the power of yin dun branding to make the shadow escape secret. The shadow transformed from cross-country casting shadow escape secret can directly disintegrate the "turtle shell" of those Japanese ninjas in combination with cross-country spiritual talent, then kill the name and then transfer it to the face of another Japanese ninja.
It only took more than three minutes to have outstanding spiritual talent in hand.
In front of cross-country, there is no one who stands in the way of ninjas.
And the former construction method trapped cross-country and Kakashi suddenly died in the cross-country iron fist for a group of ninjas!
It’s really scary!

Zhao Wu’s speed is similar to Lin Luo’s speed, so he keeps a constant distance. When he sees Lin Luo’s direction, a smile suddenly appears on his face. He follows the crazy pace of Xing Sheng and says, "Brother Xing is in front of my territory. Do you want me to give you a hand!"

Star crazy coldly caught a glimpse of Zhao Wu way "no, I can tidy up him" say that finish to speed up the recovery.
Zhao Wu looked at the star’s crazy back and smiled coldly, but the whole person fell down. This is an island overlooking here. The whole area is contiguous islands, big and small, dotted around the vast sea and lake, like beads inlaid.
In a short time, Zhao Wu once again flew from the island and soon saw the tandem Lin Luo and the star crazy life. They were far away for a while, but with the roar of the star crazy life, they couldn’t catch the corner of Lin Luo.
Continuous acceleration depends on the star’s madness to cultivate advanced knowledge, and I can’t help but feel that my physical strength is lacking. Lin Luo stopped when he saw it. He reached out and grabbed a handful of lingshi and fed it to the purple blood carving. The purple blood carving has never encountered such a pursuit, and it is like smearing a layer of oil, but the whole carving is showing more and more spirit.
Star crazy saw Zhao Wu coming and said, "Brother Zhao called all of you to clean up this little treasure together. Let’s have half of it!"
Zhao Wu secretly sneers and paralyzes you again! But the face is just right, showing the surprise "Call me right away"
Zhao Wushen and Zhao Guzhang naturally have a set of contact information. In a short time, he ordered to arrive earlier. He arranged the manpower, and the masters of the whole sea area were all ready to go. At this time, when he heard the orders from the heads of families, more than a dozen people flew in. It can be seen that Zhao’s strength is strong and even the stars are crazy. Seeing that these people are all dazzling, Zhao Jiayi has built up a lot of strength by relying on the powerful and rich resources of Tianbao Pavilion.
Lin Luo naturally didn’t know that the two people in the distance had reached some kind of agreement. He was quickly pranayama and restored his spiritual power as soon as possible. When he realized that the star was crazy and Zhao Wumu was surrounded.
Looking at the crazy star walking slowly, Lin Luo took a deep breath and took out a few SPAR jade slips and threw them out.
Star crazy life and Zhao Wu saw the menacing jade Jane knew that it must be a talisman and suddenly retreated repeatedly.
Six fire thunder symbols blew up clouds of black clouds, and the whole day was cloudy.
Star crazy life and Zhao Wu’s heart are horror. This little figure is actually pregnant with so many five charms, but she never expected that this was Lin Luo’s own painting.
Lin Luo didn’t dare to delay throwing out the talisman at all and flew away.
"Where to go!" A Zhao Xiushi suddenly blocked Lin Luo in front of him. He couldn’t figure out that a monk in Yuan infant period actually asked the heads of the fathers to call them all over to block the heart. In the middle of Yuan infant period, it was enough to stab him with this spiritual sword in his hands.
"Look out!" Zhao Wu could not help but exclaim that he had seen Lin Luo swordsmanship when he saw that he belonged to himself.
But before Zhao Jiaxiu could react, he saw Lin Luo and Zhao Jiaxiu’s body crossed instantly. The whole sword seemed to be twisted. When he cut off his neck and flew, Zhao Jiaxiu also looked incredible, and then he flew out of his body the size of a villain’s fist. It was the Zhao Jiaxiu Yuan Ying Yuan Ying who was also surprised.
Several of his monks stopped seeing the scene here, and their hearts were deeply shaken, and Lin Luo took this opportunity to fly out.
Star crazy life saw a few monks in Zhao’s eyes were pale, and his eyes were covered with horror. He immediately hummed "waste" in his mouth and then chased Lin Luo.
Chapter 13 irresistible
Lin Luo’s heart is not as easy as it seems. Although he destroyed a Zhao Xiu Shi with one blow just now, he has already seen that he is still surrounded. But just now, Lin Luo’s strong strength shocked them, and they all became timid, especially some monks in the late Dan period did not dare to wave the flag.
Even so, it has caused obstacles to Lin Luo. The star crazy life is getting closer and closer. When Lin Luo once again repelled a Zhao Xiu Shi, the star crazy life was less than five feet away from Lin Luo. Even Lin Luo saw the star crazy face, the pores, the purple blood carving, and the wings were flapping rapidly to stir the surrounding gas.
Looking at the near star’s crazy life, Lin Luo’s heart sank to the bottom. At this moment, the star gave birth to a sword and stabbed it. The blade is extremely thin, just like cicada’s modeling. At first glance, it is a sword with a long history. Although I can’t guess this sword level, I intuitively feel that the sword is dead. Obviously, the star is crazy about Lin Luo. Whoever is so teased can’t get rid of his face.
The sword pierced the imaginary "hiss" sound and stabbed Lin Luodan field.
He has foreseen that his sword will pierce Lin Luodan field and destroy Lin Luo’s body, which is likely to destroy Lin Luoyuan’s baby.
Lin Luo will hold the Yunxiao sword in his hand and pour it into his body to meet the stars.
Looking at Lin Luo’s dark broken sword, I suddenly felt that I was despised by my own sword. Although it is not the Six Spirit Sword, its power is similar to that of the Six Spirit Sword. More importantly, the sword can cause trauma to people’s spirit, which is just suitable for the Star Crazy Life in the deification period.
Then the two swords collided at this time.
Bang ~
A great force came from Lin Luo’s arm to Lin Luo’s hand. The cloud sword could not be grasped, and it almost shook Lin Luo’s heart. A burst of disorder and blood gas churned, which surprised him even more. His mind seemed to have been taken a blow, which made his head misty and his heart white. There was something strange about this old guy’s sword
The purple blood carving on Lin Luo’s foot received a strong impact, and his body shook quickly, and his black shiny feathers floated in a roll.
"Who the fuck am I? I’m paralyzed. I’m so absorbed in my old practice that I’m fucking broken up again!"
A sharp sound suddenly sounded in Lin Luo’s mind. Lin Luo was taken aback and was struck by the sword of Star Crazy. He had auditory hallucinations until the sound sounded in his mind again.
"Lin Luo you his mama how always seeing ah also partial provoke some powerful people! Yi Xingyue Palace! "
Lin Luo took a deep breath and calmed his mind back and forth. "You still have to wake up. I think you’re going to sleep again. If you don’t wake up, I’ll have to throw you in the toilet as a stirring stick!"
"Hey hey don’t don’t not a absorbed some monster beast flesh essence? Unconsciously, I fell asleep! I’m thousands of years old, so don’t save me some noodles! " Yunxiao this fellow suddenly became good when he heard Lin Luo’s words and then said, "This is the Xingyue Palace! How did you annoy them? "
Lin Luo answered, "Who knew I was so unlucky! It is not peaceful to go anywhere! " In my heart, I know that there will be a battle with Xingyue Palace sooner or later, and it will cause a fierce battle if I get the bow of shooting gods.
Although Lin Luo and Yunxiao communicated a lot, they all flashed in their minds. It seems that crazy life is just a breath.
Star crazy was surprised to see Lin Luo’s broken sword in his hand. It seems that there is no spiritual force that can resist his own sword blow. What surprised the star crazy is that Lin Luo’s just blow will show the state of absence even in the period of deification. Lin Luo blinked, which made the star crazy more excited and more sure that Lin Luo was pregnant with a huge treasure.
"So small, pick me up again!"
Drunk zhongxing crazy life is still a flat stab to be very plain, but Lin Luo’s sword seems to be a flaw

"Mom?" ChuRui looked up at the poem and tried to say something, but Chen Li squeezed his palm hard.

Chenli thinks it’s better for ChuRui not to talk at this time because he saw her hatred for ChuRui from this woman’s eyes …
"Auntie, do you hate her so much that you want to kidnap us to get back at her?"
"You’re a smart child, aren’t you? Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you. When I’m done, I’ll let you go." Poetry has no hatred for Chenli, and she only has reason to tell her that it’s best not to do anything about Chenli, otherwise her home may be ruined.
Personal vendetta. She doesn’t want to implicate the family.
"Yes, yes, aunt, let me talk to you. It’s all because of this idiot Chu Rui that I was brought here." Chen Li’s little face is like a pure angel, and even poetry looks at him and thinks the child is really beautiful.
"No, just stay there and I’ll let you go when I want to."
"The aunt when will you let me go? What are you going to do? "
"What am I going to do? Ha ha ha! Si will definitely regret that she took my man, and I will make her regret a generation! "
be over; be doomed
Chen Li’s heart thumped. It doesn’t look right. Is this crazy woman going to be right?
No, she can’t get what she wants …
"Now I have to wait for them to find me, make them anxious to find me, and make them panic … when they find me, I will be in front of them … ha ha ha ha ha …" Poetic arts don’t know what they think, but they look up and laugh wildly.
Rui Rui is a little scared and dare not speak. He can try his best to get close to Chenli.
Chen Lili’s novel "Don’t be afraid that you will be fine"
Rui Rui nodded his head, and he was not so afraid with Chenli beside him.
This garage is closed on all sides, and the only window is drawn with thick curtains. It is also possible to know the outside situation and judge whether it is day or already late.
Poetry looks very relaxed, sitting in a chair, I don’t know what to think, my eyes are deep, but I’m up to no good
Chenli thinks this woman must be thinking about how to hurt ChuRui.
Yes, as she said, she seems to be waiting to be found.
"Oh, it’s almost time. I can wait for them to find me on my mobile phone." Shiyi smiled and called the mobile phone. In the moment of her phone, the mobile phone rang one after another, and the sound department was full of various indications.
"My mobile phone hasn’t been so busy for a long time. It’s a rare thing for so many people to find me together." Shiyi smiled very much when the voice just fell and a call came.
She looked at Rui Rui before answering the phone. "Would it be your mother or your father? If it weren’t for your thoughts, how could that bitch take Ning Zhao from me? She’s just so arrogant because she gave birth to you? But if I can’t get Ning Zhao, I can’t be happy, and I want her to be unhappy. Then I’ll punish you in front of them. She will remember a generation, right? She might even blame NingZhaoCai for letting you get caught by me … "
Poetic art has said a lot of things, and Rui Rui can’t listen to it, but everything is white in Bai Chen.
It turns out that this kind of thing happened among their adults …
"hello? Thinking or Ning Zhao? You should have been looking for me for a long time. Remember to have a drink of water before you continue. "
Chu Ningzhao sounded as cold as ice. "Let Rui Rui go of poetry and other things can be discussed."
"To discuss what can be discussed? Ning Zhao, I love you so much, but you abandoned me again and again. You all lied to me! " The poetic tone is full of sadness. "In that case, I will let you taste what it is like to be hurt."
"Don’t be impulsive. Everything is negotiable."
"Hum, it’s not negotiable. Don’t worry, I will treat your children well." Then I hung up and said to Rui Rui, "It’s your father. He’s really nervous, but you are. What are you nervous about? I won’t let you go. "
Rui Rui bit his lip and raised a little fear in his blue eyes.
"How to locate successfully?" ChuNingZhao gaze to the side is fuck the robot police.
"Well, we’re no more than five kilometers away, so we can locate it accurately."
After the investigation of all parties, it has almost been found that the poetry art is hiding in this area, but the exact address has not been found yet. Now after the word poetry art, they can find the poetry art.
Shi Yi was still threatening Rui Rui when she suddenly heard the door of the garage ringing. She was shocked and turned around. They had already looked for it.
It can’t be so soon!
After seeing the visitor, the poet was relieved. "It’s you. How did you know I was here?"
Xia Lang slowly walked in and looked at the surrounding environment. "It’s good to find such a place. It will take them a little time even if they want to storm in."
"how did you get in?" Poetry suddenly feels strange.
"How can I come in? Because I have the key here, "Xia Lang waved the key in his hand." You may not know whether you found this place or I gave it to you. I am the boss here. "
Poetry can’t help but frown. "What do you want to do?"
"Of course I’m helping you. It’s silly." Xia Lang shook his head and chuckled. "You’re not helping you in secret. How can you implement all this so smoothly?"
"You help me?" Poetry is ridiculous. She can’t trust people anymore, especially Xia Lang.
"Well, it seems that you don’t understand my kindness. What I did to you in the past was to stimulate you to make such a choice, so that you can really be cruel." Xia Lang said, "Because I know that Chu Ningzhao doesn’t love you, no matter how hard you force him, his lover has thoughts, but you won’t want to believe this. You will always have illusions. I will make up my mind to retaliate against them only after you give up completely. You see, you can’t get them anyway. Wouldn’t it be better to destroy them?"
Poetry suddenly felt a chill from the heart, because she felt as if she had been cheated by Xia Langli all the time, not only to help her do things that were bad for Chenchi and Qingchen, but even now she was kidnapped by Li Xia Lang to borrow her hand and come to Chu Rui and Chenli …
Suddenly, I realized that the face of poetry changed greatly. "Xia Lang, what are you going to do?"
"What I’m going to do is very simple." Xia Lang made a gesture and someone rushed in and held poetry.
"Poetry, don’t worry, I will avenge you and make them regret what they have done to you now …" Xia Lang’s face is twisted like a demon poetry in the depths of hell, and he has never been so afraid.
"I’m surrounded by Chenchi people. If I do something, he will know immediately, but it’s different if you do it. They don’t guard against you like they guard against me." Xia Lang said to those people, "Take them to my place and I’ll come back later."
Those people sneaked away from the back door of the garage, which didn’t even know there was poetry.
Shi Yi watched them take Rui Rui and Chen Li away and finally found himself falling into his trap from the day he joined Xia Lang.

More unexpectedly, Li Chu has soared from now on, which can sour the women who didn’t see him before.

Xiao-hong Yang thinks it’s interesting.
"Qiu Nan, congratulations. Your doctor Li is too busy. You had a good eye at that time."
Ding Qiunan smiled sweetly. She didn’t know what to say. What she seemed to say at the moment would be recognized as showing off by others.
Li Chu quadrangle side room, is pants cleaning the health.
The kang has been cleaned on the second floor. Just lay the bedding.
Everyone in the courtyard knew that he was back and came to greet him one by one.
Even the old lady in the backyard came here specially.
"Small chu cleaning?"
Li Chu just cleaned up the kitchen and went to the living room to see the door of the third uncle
"You three big ye your class"
"I’ll be back after class."
"Third Uncle, third aunt just said that you wanted to see me. What is it?" Li Chubian wiped the table and asked
"Hey, hey, I do have plans to find you. That’s what happened. My family Xiecheng has graduated from school, so I just want to see if I can trouble you to arrange a job for Xiecheng."
Listen to the three big ye Li Chu stopped working and looked up at him.
How dare these three uncles say this?
Regardless of whether he can do it or not, have you ever seen someone ask for help and come here with a head on their shoulders?
"Third uncle, Xie Cheng graduated from high school, right?"
"Ah yes, graduated from high school."
"Isn’t high school graduation for arranging workers?"
"It’s for arranging workers, but don’t you need to queue up? I don’t know when it’s his turn and it doesn’t have to be any work."
Li Chu, I don’t know what to say. You don’t think it’s too long to wait in line. You still want to choose even if it’s to arrange a job for you through the back door!
"Three big ye you this is a bit difficult for me, I am a doctor but it’s not that big to arrange work for others! You have to say, help me see if I can find some work, and I can think of some way to arrange the work. I am really capable. "
"Ha ha" Yan Fugui rubbed his hands and smiled. "Chu, you are a little modest. Who here doesn’t know that your medical skills are good? Besides, isn’t there your sister?"
Li Chu surprised to see three big ye, he didn’t understand the original somebody else is drunk.
"Uncle San is really embarrassed. As for myself, I really don’t have the ability to say that my sister never helps anyone through the back door. You can also inquire."
On whether Li Qin will help or not, you can’t open this mouth.
Whenever he dares to give it back to the back today.
Then the threshold of Yongning Day in his family will definitely be broken.
This thing will definitely spread out immediately, and then those neighbors will come to the door to help you or not.
Help you wait to be reported; If you don’t help, you will be guilty. You are still waiting to be reported.
So today, the third uncle is saying that he can’t be responsible for it.
"Ah this ….." Yan port expensive probably didn’t expect to be rejected so simply.
Li Chu let go of the rag and walked to Yan Fugui. "Uncle San, don’t look at how many people are waiting in line for work now. Don’t say that I have nothing to arrange work. I just don’t dare to do that!"
These words directly made Yan port dumb, and people have made it very clear to him that they can’t and dare not.
It was a long time before he said, "Well, that will keep Xie Cheng waiting."
Then he turned and went home. Li Chu looked at the slightly lonely figure of the third uncle and shook his head to continue cleaning.
When I arrived at the noon express class, I finally cleaned up the room. At least I can live in some dead corners, and then I can clean them after I live in.
When there was no delay, I washed my hands and face, wiped the clothes and dust with a towel, locked the door and went back to the hospital. I was busy all afternoon and my stomach was hungry.
Back in the hospital, Li Chu, how does it feel like everyone else looks at him strangely?
There’s nothing wrong with looking down at your clothes while walking to the clinic
Head-on met their Chinese medicine grandson.
"Dr. Li, you are back. Congratulations!"
Li Chu quickly grabbed Sun Zhu. "What’s the situation, Lord? Congratulations to me?"
"You don’t know?" Sun Zhuqi looked at him.
"Should I know?"
"You have made meritorious deeds and won awards. You don’t know it yourself?"
"Meritorious alumni? Master Sun, where did you hear the news? "
"Hey, look at the sample. You really don’t know. Dean Yang brought it back to your lover for you."
Li Chu stared at Sun Zhu. He could see that people were not joking with him.
"I really don’t know about the Lord. I’ll go and have a look first!"
"Go, go," Sun Zhu waved. "Remember to invite you to eat candy later."
"No problem, Lord"
Come to the outpatient hall, boy, it’s more lively. Anyone who sees him should congratulate him.
Li Chu felt his face stiff with laughter.

Longyou smiled, but he didn’t have the money to repair the German imported machine in the factory two days in advance. He earned one million by himself, which is not a matter of congratulating the boss. Although he is a little petty, he is still good to himself on weekdays.

Seeing that Longyou had no money to congratulate the boss, he was somewhat unable to sit still and tentatively asked, "Do you want to settle your wages for Longyou?"
"Well, don’t. You’re busy first. I think you have a home to repair. It seems that there is no" Longyou sighed and turned to leave.
"Longyou, wait a minute. Two people came to Zhenhua Machine two days ago. It seems that they want to ask you to help repair the machine in the past. They also asked me to tell you to go to Zhenhua Machine when you come. Do you want to see it?" Boss He remembered that Zhenhua had personally come to visit Longyou two days ago.
"oh! I know! " Longyou never looked back, but he changed from walking to running. Yes, Zhenhua Machine! How can I forget this stubble! Zhenhua machinery is a big factory, there must be many problems with it, and the experience in repairing it is quite rich!
Ha ha!
Longyou’s heart is dark and cool. God helps himself! Zhenhua machine is really a lucky star!
Yu Gong at the entrance of Zhenhua Machinery Company received the words from Boss He and ran to the door of the company early to meet this small repair machine called Longyou, which is himself. This young man named Longyou had to be repaired before the top engineers in so many countries, not to mention making the accuracy more accurate than the new machine. This is a miracle. I always appreciate Longyou, but I appreciate it a lot. Recently, I even asked myself to call Longyou to personally adjust some new models to the factory. It can be seen that I always take a fancy to this Longyou.
"Longyou, you can come!" Seeing Longyou appear in front of his eyes, he pulled the Longyou hand affectionately before he hurried to work. I don’t know how familiar he is with the work. Actually Longyou knows that he is at the very most, and he has met this middle-aged man who is called the work for two or three times.
In the same place, the same people are impatient with themselves when they come to work for the first time, but they are diligent like dogs when they come for the second time, which makes the two people sigh. It seems that no matter how many generations they live, the world is adhering to a truth, and strength is king!
"Yu Gong doesn’t know what you want with me?" Although longyou has guessed about it, he still tentatively asked 1.
"It’s not that I’m looking for you, it’s that we’re always looking for you. There are several new foreign machines in our factory, and I want you to help me debug them. You know that the level of engineers in the factory is limited." When I said this, I turned out to be a red heart and didn’t jump as if I were not an engineer in this field
"Longyou, you can come. Your name is Brother, but I’m looking through the autumn water!" Total enthusiasm to meet out.
Longyou couldn’t help secretly condescending, but he didn’t ask me to do something, but he still had a good impression on the general Longyou. After all, the other party took out the million dollars again, but it was clean and tidy. This million dollars was a lifeline for Longyou family.
"I brought it to you. I’ll go out first," Yu Gong said, retreating.
The boss gave Longyou a chair. "Longyou’s little brother must have told you at work that several new machines in our factory need debugging. I hope you can help. Of course, the reward is not a problem!"
"Good talk, good talk" Longyou wishes that all the machines in Zhenhua Machinery Company were broken, so that he would have a lot of experience.
"And I want to talk to Longyou’s little brother. I don’t know if you have any idea to come to our Zhenhua Machinery Company for a monthly salary. I’ll give you this number!" The boss held out two fingers.
"Two thousand?" Longyou asked, 2,000 is a large number in this age. The salary of a small security guard is only 400 yuan, which is five times the gap! Even government clerks don’t have such generous treatment
"No, it’s twenty thousand!" The boss no longer directly threw this blockbuster around.
Twenty thousand dollars! This number is really enough! You know, Longyou Past Life Research Institute gave himself a salary of only 15,000 yuan a month. At the end of the 1990s, this boss actually gave himself 20,000 yuan a month, which is simply a fantasy! Longyou is also slightly swaying.
However, the boss still felt that the bomb was not heavy enough and continued, "Not only that, I will give you 100,000 yuan for repairing a machine! Of course, domestic machines and some simple machines can be done by engineers, but some foreigner machines will depend on you! "
Longyou is also a little thirsty at this time, so it’s not a problem to start with 1 million a year with a salary of more than 200 thousand a year and a bonus for repairing machinery
The boss proudly looked at Longyou, and his bid was really a prehistoric example. It was good for the engineers in the factory to get 2,000 yuan a month, but he gave Longyou ten times the price and a machine repair bonus. He didn’t believe that he couldn’t dig Longyou’s Wolong! The boss has a sharp eye. He naturally knows that the value of Longyou is far from being comparable to that of ten engineers. Although it seems that the boss spent a lot of money to invite Longyou, the actual boss still made a profit.
However, to the boss’s surprise, the young man quickly calmed down and shook his head at himself, although his face changed several times and he was short of breath.
"Longyou is think I give you salary is not high enough? Still negotiable! " The boss is determined to keep Longyou here.
"No, I didn’t mean that, boss. Twenty thousand dollars is already a lot! I am a small person and I am still a student. At present, I want to focus on my studies. "Longyou thought about the wording and explained.
"Now that I say too much, it seems that I have done it." The boss immediately felt relieved. Although his salary is really not low, if people are eager for college, there is nothing they can do. They can’t stop them. "You are always welcome to come to our Zhenhua Machinery Company class when you graduate."
"Well, regardless of this boss, you said that there are several machines in your company that I need to debug. I wonder if you can take me to have a look?" Longyoucha topic way
"Well, no problem." The boss naturally saw that Longyou didn’t want to do too much entanglement on this issue and then finally said,
Longyou followed the boss to check several newly imported machines, only to find that one machine was tampered with one by one, which made the whole machine unable to operate. Longyou told the boss about the situation, and the boss suddenly became furious that he had spent a lot of money to buy the machine and was tampered with. Anyone who let it go would be very angry.
"Brother, can you repair this machine?" The boss asked tentatively.
"That’s no problem, but the problem with the machine is that someone tampered with it. The boss still wants to find out the troublemaker as soon as possible. If I don’t have such a problem again, it will be difficult to solve it." Longyou thought about it and promised to come to this machine for repair. It is not difficult for Longyou to use the possessed hand to control Longyou. Now it is equivalent to a humanoid universal repairer
Not only that, Longyou also overhauled all the machines of Zhenhua Machinery Company, and made a big renovation of the whole machine of Zhenhua Machinery Company. The boss sincerely moved Longyou. As the ancients said, there are always thousands of horses, but Bole is not always the boss who can see that Longyou is superior to Bole. Although Longyou can’t stay in Zhenhua Machinery Company, he is still very grateful to the boss’s newcomer Longyou.
For Longyou, the whole machine company will be renovated. The boss naturally can’t let Longyou refuse in vain and insist on giving Longyou another million dollars, which makes the dragon free.
"This small unusual * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *! I think the whole Nanjiang city will change because of this small day! " The boss stared at Longyou’s back and made such a meaningful remark.
Chapter 2 Tang Lao invited
Longyou breathed a sigh of relief when he came home from Zhenhua Machinery Company. Did you really thank the boss for working so hard to renovate the whole machine of Zhenhua Machinery Company for two days and nights? Of course, it’s not the main reason for Longyou. It’s because I borrowed money and borrowed experience. Longyou had to work so hard. Otherwise, after three days, I would have to deduct several years of life. The new fast web page is refreshing, and there are fewer advertisements. I like this kind of network best. I must praise it.]
The magic hand system loan is like this-1. If you don’t deduct four months’ life loan after three days of experience, you won’t deduct one year’s life loan after three days of experience, and you won’t deduct three years’ life loan after five days of experience, and you won’t deduct nine years’ life loan after three days of experience. The more you borrow, the more you don’t deduct your life. This is nearly ten years’ life! I’ve lived for ten years, and I can’t go anywhere without trying my best.
As soon as I got home, I fell asleep without saying anything to my mother. In my dream, Longyou dreamed of strange things. In the future, I not only defeated Gao Fushuai to counterattack Bai Fumei, but also succeeded in my career and reached the peak of my life. When Longyou laughed wildly, he felt that his feet were falling from the peak of his life. In the process, he saw that his business collapsed a little, and his family suffered misfortune. He was unhappy.
Ah! ! !
Longyou shouted and woke up from a dream with a handful of thick sweat on his head. Longyou couldn’t help patting his chest in shock. Although it was a dream just now, it gave Longyou a very real feeling. Is this dream a warning to yourself not to be too complacent when talking about life?
I’d rather believe in it or not, because he is a reborn person and has such a power as a magic hand system. For this kind of dream, Longyou naturally chose to believe it, but Longyou didn’t know that it was because of this dream that he changed his attitude because of his high vigilance that he saved his life in the near future.
Hearing Longyou shouting, the dragon mother hurried to come over.
"Mom had a nightmare" Longyou comforted her mother.
"Well, get up and have a bite to eat. You came back from yesterday afternoon to sleep. It’s noon the next day. If you don’t wake up, I’m ready to call someone to take you to the hospital." Longyou’s mother’s eyes are full of worry. She put a bowl of egg noodles with gravy in front of Longyou and put it in front of Longyou. At the same time, there is a semi-fragrant and attractive roast chicken.
"Nothing, maybe I was too tired a few days ago." Longyou picked up the noodles with egg noodles and wolfed it down. Maybe he was busy for two days and two nights and slept for one day and one night. Maybe his mother cooked noodles with egg noodles and it was really delicious. Longyou swept away and ate a bowl of noodles.
"Eat slowly, eat slowly! This child has no one to rob you. Don’t worry about eating it. There is also "Mother’s eyes are full of love. She keeps tearing the half-cooked chicken into the Longyou bowl. When she sees Longyou eating the noodles in the bowl, she quickly gets up and rubs her hands to add noodles to Longyou.

Smell speech Zhou Lizhen was silent for a moment before saying, "It should be, Susan. Someone specially recommended it to me. The man and Changle should not deliberately use means to fool me, but I can’t guarantee that I will check it after today."

Warmth never wakes up.
At this time, the screen will be boiling with the appearance of that person, and the whole show will be warm. If you don’t have it in front, you can feel the enthusiasm and excitement and crush all the amazing strength.
That person is Xuan Xuan.
What should I do if I hide my face and don’t write about swelling? Muhe wants to pave the way for perfection so as to set off the warmth and strength, but the girls beat me.
☆ Chapter 4 Warm appearance He is still tempted.
Xuan Xuan is the goddess of shame, radiant and beautiful, forcing her face to be exquisite and perfect to a dead angle of 360 degrees. No matter which side she faces, it is a gorgeous blockbuster exposed to a lens.
Her hair is exquisite and perfect, and her jewelry comes from a top brand. Her dressing atmosphere is more powerful. It is a evening gift. The design of tube top is choppy and magnificent, and the forks on both sides are slender and white. * * A bunch of waist is the most tempting ups and downs, while the white background is full of carefully embroidered peony flowers. It should be gorgeous but a little tacky. On the contrary, it is full of extravagance and elegance
There is still a trace of domineering!
Peony and Hundred Flowers King, she kills all the former women in this elegant way, whether it’s charming roses or beautiful white lotus, peony can be a foil.
When she comes, the flowers turn pale.
This is a sentence that reverberates in everyone’s mind, or a sense of affirmation. Some people are amazed at being absent, some people are infatuated, and some people are obsessed, but all men are killed, surrendered and dedicated their knees before her powerful lethality.
Zhou Hanhan and Fu Yunyi may be the two exceptions.
Zhou Hanhan glanced at it or moved his heart to despise Zhong Hanlin’s eyes. Anyway, he didn’t think Mary was good, and that dress wrapped in sheets dared to set something up!
If those designers hear this, they will vomit blood. It took them months to design the finale baby sheets. Poof, are there such expensive sheets?
Fu Yunyi is a little longer than Zhou Hanhan when staring at the stage, but it is not the fiery eyes of other men, but a cold look at his original Mary. She is a gentle illegitimate daughter and tied up with the interests of Zhinv Pavilion. Now it seems that something has changed, but Zhinv Pavilion is still a Lin family, so that is, the two families have not turned against each other …
An idea flashed through his mind and his face gradually changed.
Section 345
Taiwan Xuan Xuan has finished the show, but everyone’s mind has obviously not been recovered until another Taiwan painting style changes, and they suddenly wake up and give birth to disappointment and disappointment.
A few people in the background looked at the silence just now, and even Qi Nianmei didn’t see Mary, so she couldn’t help ringing Qi Nianbai, and she didn’t have any thoughts at all, but she had to admit that Mary was really strong.
Ji Shuang also sighed, "This Xuan is really worthy of the name, not a model, but better than all famous models."
Zhou Lizhen echoed with a wry smile, "Yes, there are other models who are simply compared to the dust. She didn’t participate in the event, and there are also concerns about this, fearing that others will scare away when they hear her name."
Ji Shuang shook her head and didn’t know what to say.
Zhou Lizhen and complex sighed, "She really helped Changle and I don’t know how Lin Mei thought of holding out a cash cow to cheer for other families …"
Warm at this time light way "maybe there gave her more benefits, or maybe the big tree Lin has not her."
Zhou Lizhen’s face changed and he nodded. "Anything is possible."
Warm didn’t continue this topic. She looked at the screen and casually asked, "Aunt Lizhen, do you know who the mythical media has another finale?"
Zhou Lizhen shook his head. "I don’t know that mythical media has a great influence in the imperial city. It is said that there are big people behind it, and the boss behind it rarely comes forward, but I know it is also a woman."
Warm heart vaguely has the answer, even the mysterious finale. She is a little surprised, but she feels that she should not be surprised to leave the tribe for some time. It is time to show up.
Today, the order of catwalk is to draw lots in advance to decide that the monthly porch row is very backward. Now that more than half of it has passed, it’s the turn of Zhou Lizhen to get nervous and make a conversation. He ordered the models to wait outside for a few words to get ready for the stage, and then personally make a final inspection of the warmth.
Ji Shuang also came over and tidied her clothes again. Although two people surrounded her, they didn’t say anything, but the suffering mood could be concealed and handed to their hands, which made them tremble.
JiNianMei more nervous fists are holding a deep breath.
Warm this leading role is more than calm to see three people, so I can’t help laughing. "Don’t worry, I will perform well, and I can’t guarantee that I will try my best to live up to this dress and your expectations."
Smell speech Zhou Lizhen hold her hand eyes some wet "warm son that’s enough".
Ji Shuang also looked at her emotionally and said, "Yes, sister-in-law, can you wear this dress to Taiwan so that everyone can see me and regret this trip? Is it the top three?"
Qi Nianmei nodded fiercely. "I still think that warmth will be a blockbuster, and even if there is a Mary in front, she will not warm up."
Warm heart "You are blind and confident to me."
Qi Nianmei clenched his fist. "You must wear this wedding dress and I will be your brain powder."
"Fuck you!"
Two people play with a few words to ease the tension. Zhou Lizhen and Ji Shuang smile at each other and feel relieved. Yes, they should believe in warmth more. This wedding dress is unique, warm and unique. It is better than Mary in terms of appearance and temperament. Mary is a big star and a goddess, but warmth is a warm lady, and she is the helm of a Wen-style hospital. It is more expensive and decent.
The demeanor and bearing of a century-old family are far from that of a star who works hard in the entertainment circle. How can Xuanxuan be more beautiful and compelling, and how can it cover the phoenix momentum?
After the appearance of Xuan in front, it was like a dinner party. After that big meal, we can see that others have lost their appetite. Everyone doesn’t look perfunctory. Why do they think these mediocre powders are tempting before the review?
Zhou Hanhan couldn’t bear to see Fu Yunyi sitting still as steady as Mount Tai. He couldn’t help but say, "Does Fu Shao like watching it?"
This is a bit of ridicule.

No, no, if it’s ruined and ugly, who else loves him?

Liu Yuan Bai was blind for half a face, bloody and bloody, and blood and tears flowed from the eye hole.
"I … my face …"
Liu Yuan Bai cried and laughed like crazy, stared at him as if he wanted to eat people’s flesh and roared, "Bitch, I’ll kill you!"
He said, "Hold the sword and cut it."
Lu Changyuan stopped frowning. "What are you making?"
Xiao Jing laughed so hard that tears flowed.
Listen to Brother Feng, and you can rest assured. No one can bully yourself from now on.
"Master, you want me to be the master!" Liu Yuan Bai’s face was covered with blood and she cried her heart out. "Uncle Shi ruined my appearance and I am not alive!"
Lu Changyuan frowned and asked, "What’s going on?"
Liu Yuan Bai cried like a backbone, "I accidentally saw a wisp of ghosts coming as soon as I caught Uncle Shi, but I have ulterior motives."
"I didn’t …"
"Later, the ghost couldn’t carry the daylights out of the sun, so Uncle Shi said it was dry."
"He insulted me and tried to kill me"
Liu Yuan Bai cried pear flower with rain and couldn’t breathe. "I … I really didn’t …"
Xiao Jing’s face was heavy and he took out three black beads.
Suddenly Liu Yuan Bai stopped crying and looked at him in horror. I never thought that he would dare to start work in front of Master.
"Come on, why don’t you say it?" Xiao Jing’s eyes are cruel, and he will not let him go easily if he holds the malicious strength of mutual destruction.
Liu Yuan Bai cried and hid behind Liu Changyuan and trembled and said, "Master, please help Bai Er. Uncle Shi is crazy …"
Lu Changyuan distanced himself and asked, "Brother, do you want to kill yourself?"
"What do you care?" Xiao Jing sneered and said coldly, "If you don’t get out of the way, you will die with him."
Liu Changyuan saw that his face was still covered with tears, and there was no song listening to maple ghosts around him, so he couldn’t help but guess.
Song Tingfeng is really past?
"Brother, calm down." Although I don’t know what’s going on, the black ball is too powerful and I’m afraid I’ll hurt myself if I accidentally take it.
Liu Yuan Bai poked his head out carefully and prayed, "Martial Uncle, don’t make a mistake again. I can let bygones be bygones, but don’t hurt Master."
Xiao Jing’s face did not change and looked straight at Lu Changyuan. "Do you let it or not?"
"You can tell me what happened to your younger brother."
"Tell you?" Xiao Jing sneered and asked, "I want to tell you something?"
He has experienced this scene too many times. If Liu Yuan Bai is here, he can be excused. Don’t talk. You can’t trust him. You have to agree to say more.
When Lu Changyuan’s throat choked, he felt very uncomfortable. He wanted to hold him in his arms, but he was disqualified.
"Do you want it or not?"
Xiao Jing is too lazy to talk nonsense with them. Today he will kill Liu Yuan Bai!
Moment Xiao Jing throws a black bead and is easily shot by Liu Changyuan.
The second and third are still the same.
Liu Yuan Bai hid behind Liu Changyuan and showed a ruined face. He said with a ferocious smile, "Do you dare to fight with me, punk?"
Xiao Jing read his mouth and immediately smiled.
Dare not fight with you? Then try it.
Then Xiao Jing took a handful of black beads and threw them regardless.
In an instant, the wrath of heaven split a thunder and smashed all the black beads, even leaving no fly ash.
The warning of another purple thunder wandering in the clouds is self-evident.

"Very good a ghost! I am a girl! Girls and girls! "

Listen, Itsuka Kotori said that Wu Heshi’s woven face suddenly blushed, and the girl said in such a flurry that she looked at a loss.
"Who says girls and girls can’t do such things? Girls and girls love is the purest."
"Don’t show that expression. This is to make the elves feel good about the world, but also to make the elves shy to seal them. Then the way to make the elves shy is to have love!"
A clear-headed analysis of the benefits of this method made Qin feel very satisfied with the reason why he was ready to deal with Wuhe Weaving temporarily or long ago, but he didn’t say’ I really am the cleverest’.
"I … I know, if it can protect that girl."
I remembered the sad appearance of the purple-haired girl I saw. Wuhe Shizhi couldn’t help but have a slight quiver in his heart.
That ….. is the feeling of love.
Chapter 379 Invitation
"Speaking of which, what happened to Priness and that man over there?"
"Princess Priness?"
Five rivers and weaving slightly leng leng while Itsuka Kotori is gently nodded his head.
"Elf code names are based on their physical characteristics because elves have no names. They take all kinds of nicknames."
Itsuka Kotori said so, Wuhe Shizhi was silent again, but Chin didn’t seem to notice and began to ask questions.
Tracking shows that she still hasn’t returned to the critical point, and she doesn’t know what happened. Now she and that man are staying in a remote shrine.
"Well, let’s observe for the time being and see if there is a possibility of direct communication."
At the same time, on the other side of the shrine, Yu is worried that the eyelids of the girl with ten incense are getting heavier and heavier, and it seems that she will fall asleep at any time.
"What happened suddenly? What happened to Shixiang? Are you okay?"
"No … nothing is sleepy … want to sleep"
"Sleep? Is it critical? "
"Well … it looks like I’m going back. Goodbye again, Ye Yu."
So obsessed with saying this, ten sweet sounds became smaller and smaller, and finally disappeared directly in the arms of Ye Yu.
"Back to … critical?"
Looking at ten incense so disappear in front of your Ye Yu some loss so to speak.
But what on earth did you come to this world for? I haven’t understood it yet. Naisha Naisha hasn’t told herself. Is it the same as the original world?
But where should I go now? Ten Xiang said goodbye once, but when will she go back to the critical sleep this time? How long will she sleep? And she didn’t say where she will appear when she returns to the present world.
Well, there will be earthquakes before the elves appear. At that time, we can know where the ten incense appears by the location of the earthquake.
Just as Ye Yu was thinking about going to town to have a look, there was a sudden noise outside the door.
"That … is anyone there?"
The door of the shrine was suddenly pushed open and came in. Ten incense saw Ye Yu appear in front of her and made a lovely sound with a slight leng.
"Ah how … how the elves disappeared? !”
A face of don’t understand looking at swinging shrine and Ye Yu five rivers and weaving in front of your face, saying this is also saying this to the ear micro communication device.
Before being sent to the shrine, Wu He Shi Zhi was encouraged by her sister Qin to persuade the elves through dialogue, but to her surprise, when she came in, she found that the elves were gone.
Hey, hey, hey, what should I do now? Why is there a man here when the elf is gone and the elf is gone? What should I do now? It’s embarrassing.
Wuhe Shizhi looked embarrassed and didn’t know what to do, while Ye Yu looked at each other curiously and soon found something unusual about the girl.
Interesting … Is this girl with those girls who attacked at the beginning, or is it …
"What should I do now! What elves are missing? What a situation this is! "
"How do I know? It seems that Priness should be back to the critical point?"
"What should I do now? What should I say to this man?"
"Well, this man is also very important. Ask him a little bit about what elves will leave with him when they have elf information."
"But how do you ask this question? Isn’t it exposed? Didn’t you say you couldn’t let the elves know about me and you? "
Wuhe Shizhi asked so inexplicably, while Qinli answered with a face of so-called samples in the headphones.
"So what? Anyway, he’s not an elf. It’s a big deal to absorb him into the organization when the time comes. It’s just easier to match with you."
Jean said that Wu Heshi’s face expression was even more corrected. Looking at the curious man in front of your face, he didn’t know what to say.
"What about … what about this gentleman elf? What are you and elf?"
"Interesting … Are you with those people?"
"What … what people do you mean those who attack elves? I’m not with them."

Xingtian let see Yang day also carry the king not sink a way

Hehe, punishment manager, I let Xing Yu go, which is enough for you. The king of the West is not from your God’s house, and he wants me to let him go again.
Yang day evil laughed red eyes swept in the face.
Hehe, Yang Tian-ren doesn’t talk in secret. The real name of West King Xingtian is our brother, but he still shows leniency.
When Xingtian smiled, he directly said the true identity of the West King. It seems that he also knows that he can’t hide it from Yang Tian.
It’s really strange to come to the heaven. The king of Luo Cha gate is a man from the deep and remote mansion. I still have a question to answer, and I’ll solve it.
Yang day shook his head and sighed when a face of confusion way
If Xing knows, of course, it is true.
Xingtian put cool way
I really want to know what the Luo Cha Gate of your house is, and you came to the Emperor City with great fanfare.
While saying this sentence, Yang Tian’s two bloody eyes were shot directly into Xingtian with two evil swords, and he put his eyes deep to capture every change.
At this moment, Yang Tian clearly felt that Xingtian put a trace of forbearance in the depths of his eyes and passed away in murder.
Hehe, King Menxi of Luo Cha is from Shenyoufu, and the owner of Lei Xiao is a friend of Shenyoufu. When we came to Tianhuangcheng, I think this must be explained, because it’s not unusual for us to come to Shenyoucheng here, but Yang Tian. Are you satisfied?
Xingtian’s answer can be described as watertight without any flaw
Haha, I’m sure I’m satisfied with the answer. I’ll let you go
When Yang Tian suddenly laughed, he threw the West King directly. This time, it was extremely insidious to add a golden light to the West King, and this golden light directly linked the West King by the seal.
Yang Tian fully grasped this golden light, and even if people can save the West King, they have to pay the corresponding price.
In the West King’s life, Yang Tian couldn’t even knit his brow once. When he ambushed himself in Xilingxuan, the West King didn’t show any mercy.
The direction in which the West King was thrown was Xingtian Hao Xingtian, and putting his brothers in position meant holding them.
King Xu, that bastard, was frightened and showed the king together, hiding in Leixiao’s side to join him and bring a helper to stay with him.
But what Yang Tian hates most is that the virtual king Lei Xiao got such a vicious trick to lure him to the Emperor’s City to kill for money, but he still wants to steal the spirit bead altruistically, and he simply doesn’t take Yang Tian seriously.
Clay figurines are still three points hot, and the situation is biting than Yang Tian.
At the same time, Yang Tian threw himself at the virtual king Lei Xiao again.
This time, Yang Tian took precautions against Prajnaparamita’s divine power operation when his figure disappeared, and prevented Lei Xiao from telling the truth and destroying Lei Guang, which was also condensed in the boxing front.
Lei Xiao and others had been on guard against a binge drinking when more than a dozen people attacked at the same time. They were all black Luo Cha, and the targets were all sudden flashes of thunder in the virtual.
When the thunder exploded, Yang Tian was also shocked to retreat sharply, while three of Lei Xiao and others sprayed blood and fell back.
Yang Tian smiled grimly, relying on the divine power of the body to pounce again.
However, at this time, Xingtian Hao brothers Qi roared and took a group of masters to pounce on Yang Tian.
Later, their brothers joined hands to finally catch the king of the West, but as soon as they met that golden light, they felt a strong threat and had to work hard to resolve it.
But just as they were preparing to dissolve the golden light, the West King was suddenly scattered in the body and directly stunned.