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"Almost almost just bit by bit." Gong Sunqi gritted his teeth and almost broke through the S-class, and he was able to get a unified gift package by relying on that bug. With that gift package, good things will come out, so Gong Sunqi will have one more life-saving card.

Chapter 24 Pit Dad Gift Package
Ding Tong shows congratulations to Gongsun Qicheng on the strength of the dark sector, and a mysterious gift package is specially awarded.’
Ding Tong shows that Gong Sunqi was promoted from Ren Rong to the Dark Department for a short time. Please check 6 ninja coins.’
"Finally, finally! !”
Gong Sunqi dispersed his strength, his eyes fell black, and his spirit entered the system.
* * It’s the spirit of pain but the excitement. In front of Shukaku, it’s called a dancing "mysterious gift package, mysterious gift package, ahahahaha".
Take out the mysterious gift package and look at the font color of the mysterious gift package. Haha, laughing, "This is the top gift package. I don’t know what can happen."
With excitement, Gong Sunqi played a mysterious gift package, and whatever it was had a great impact on Gong Sunqi at this stage.
Ding Congratulate GongSunQi for giving a fusion potion and a small partner from Li Luoke from the mysterious gift package. Please check it.’
"Fusion potion?" Gong Sunqi didn’t know what it was. When he took it out, he almost threw the fusion potion to the ground.
Fusion medicine can fuse two kinds of blood boundary into one kind of disposable fusion medicine, which is a shame.
If you see the last sentence,’ This bottle of waves is shameful’, Gong Sunqi really wants to dump this broken bottle. What does he want now? He gets both sharingan. If you say that a sharingan has a dirty look or its blood is limited, then this bottle is very promising.
"Look at one."
Take out Li Luoke’s small partner glass beads and look at the glass beads Li Luoke. "This is this! !”
Li Luoke, the glass ball, was not Li Luoke when he was a child, but Li Luoke looked at the dress when he grew up, especially the symbol of the Ninja Alliance Army. "This is the finale, when Li Luoke said this, then Li Luoke must be very strong."
"I’ll try."
Gong Sunqi’s attempt to activate Li Luoke glass beads was unified.
It is shown that activating Li Luoke requires 30 million soft sister coins, and the first hour and the second hour require 1 million yuan per hour.
"Thirty million! ! ! It’s a pothole. Thirty million Kimimaro dishes are ten million. You want thirty million. It’s also purple. Can it be less pothole? And it takes one million Kimimaro to get five hundred thousand potholes? "
Gong Sunqi cursed, "Do you dare not be so pitted? Is it interesting to turn around and get money?"
Gong Sunqi can’t return to * * * * for a while, and he has to bear the burden. If the mental body returns at this time, the mental body will also bear the burden from * * vice, which is the most painful time at that time. When Gong Sunqi can stay for a while, it is estimated that this period will be very long.
"Alas, it is estimated that the six ninja coins are more attractive."
With six ninja coins, Gong Sunqi came to the roulette wheel "and I don’t know what ninja will give me this time."
It hurts to think of those who have appeared before, and to look at those who have fallen in love with it. It’s sad to see the stars shining in front of Sun Qi.
(ps, some people spit out the dust and fog, saying that it’s all unified and unified, and you have to learn to exercise. Didn’t you learn it at once? Then the dust and fog here wants to say that you can take the driver’s license and practice the owner. The coach tells you the way and method of driving. You don’t have a car to practice and do it yourself. Dare you say that you will? Even if you get a driver’s license and have no driving experience, do you dare to say that you can drive on the road without an accident? In the same way, telling GongSunQi how to perform Ninjutsu is directly connected to GongSunQi’s mind, and it depends on GongSunQi to master it.
"Come and send, come and send."
GongSunQi eyes riveted on the roulette exit, hoping to appear that he didn’t master the ability to transport water or escape from the wind.
Curse a word. Looking at the starlight, Gong Sunqi continued to turn the roulette wheel. This second time, Gong Sunqi still didn’t add it. He doubted whether there was any water escape or wind escape in this roulette wheel. There were always fire escape and thunder shield endurance.
It’s like when you play a game and equip it with attributes, you play as a mage. If the intelligence can be unified, it will give you strength or its attributes, and you want to hit the keyboard and mouse and delete the game.
GongSunQi crazy scratching hair "by dare to give the old one has a good or not" GongSunQi now will endure the most attributes, there are four water dun, there are three wind dun, it is all attribute endure.
Generally speaking, GongSunQi has less than fifteen ninja skills so far, and if we add body skills, it will exceed fifteen.
"On the other hand, I remember that Naruto has vitality, endurance and illusion. It seems that I haven’t smoked illusion in this roulette." Gong Sunqi felt very strange. "Does illusion need to be redeemed by myself? Is it a rb player special? "
Gong Sunqi shook the lever with his hand and thought about the problem. Just now, a sound that shocked Gong Sunqi broke out.
Congratulations to GongSunQi for winning the S-class Ninjutsu hard vortex water blade’
"Hard vortex water blade? ! ! !”
GongSunQi stare big eyes, it’s a cloud and a moon. It hasn’t appeared for so long. Ninjutsu, its sudden appearance, is still the most powerful.
It’s like the game of Yin and Yang Master keeps giving you rsr or R, which makes you wonder if there is ssr in this game. Will you be excited if you suddenly pop up an ssr with a random blue symbol or a random stroke?
"nis, I have to master this hard vortex blade first. With this hard vortex blade, I have an extra card. And Li Luoke called Li Luoke for money, so I can ask them for it."
Gong Sunqi also thought about who to look for and counted the remaining ninja coins. "Don’t smoke, don’t smoke, save the last six, don’t smoke, and then there is definitely no good thing. It is better to have more or wait until I master the hard vortex blade."
With the method of handing over the hard vortex water blade to the unified simulation battlefield, Sun Qi went to master the hard vortex water blade.
Of course, the second generation of fire shadow is the strongest, so the second generation of fire shadow was selected in the battle field by Gong Sunqi. The abused spirit was abused by the second generation of fire shadow for thousands of times, but the second generation of fire shadow was not hard.
Chapter 25 table disorderly bite spicy chicken
After many experiments, Gong Sunqi found that chakra is not enough to release the hard vortex blade. If you want to cast the hard vortex blade, you must use the power of Shukaku and Men Dunjia to forcibly raise it to the top of the class, so that you can barely make it.
"Not the kui is an S-class ninja. Even if you know how many chakra you need to cast, it’s hard to really display it."
After many times of continuous experiments, Sun Qi still can’t find out how to make the hard vortex blade know how to make it, just as the driving coach has already said how to learn how to learn how to learn how long it will take, which is the student’s business.
"Deputy is over. It seems it’s time to go to Taoling Mountain again, but before that, go and get some money." Gong Sunqi narrowed his eyes.
After returning to the body, Gong Sunqi looked at it for a while and roughly calculated that it was six hours. I arrived early in the morning at noon, which is six hours.
"GongSunQi bad shadow mink bite" and from outside anxiously shouted.
Erha, bite? Someone must be blind.
Gong Sunqi pushed the door and asked, "What’s the specific situation? You say one."
Li Lu looked anxious and didn’t explain much. He took up Gong Sunqi’s hand and ran out. "You come with me first and explain it to you slowly."
Li Lu took GongSunQi to the building and saw Shadow Sable playing hide-and-seek with a group of people.
About the situation, Gong Sunqi has learned. Isn’t it a rich second generation who wants to be frivolous when he looks at Li Lu as beautiful as a flower? As a result, Gong Sunqi ordered Erha to protect Li Lu, so it’s good that the rich second generation field was bitten by a shadow mink and didn’t kill him.
"All right, whatever. Erha will leave when he is tired of playing."
Gongsunqi took Li Lu’s hand and turned around to get away from that group of middle-aged people who were playing hide-and-seek with Erha. One of them noticed Li Lu shouting.
GongSunQi ignored him and took Li Lu a few steps. Those middle-aged people were bodyguards hired by the rich second generation’s father, and all of them were excellent.
They gave up playing hide-and-seek with shadow mink and quickly surrounded GongSunQi and Li Lu. "It’s not that easy to run."
The rich second generation came over clutching their bitten hands and glared at GongSunQi "losing money".
Gong Sunqi saw the same tone of the rich second generation, and said, "Erha, you can’t tell if you bite spicy chicken indiscriminately. Why are you so light when you bite? You didn’t eat, so start again."
I have been playing for a long time. When I heard Sun Qi’s words, I whizzed past the rich second generation and appeared in front of Sun Qi with a strange bloody thing.
Gong Sunqi looked at the arm in Erha’s hand and squatted down to touch Erha’s head. "Good boy, go back and reward you."
"Ah ~ ~ ~"

Just then the boy with the ghost mask appeared beside orochimaru and said to Naruto, "This can’t be done, orochimaru. He can’t die here yet, so you won’t mind if I take him away."

Naruto looked at the boy and felt very strange that he seemed to have something to do with himself, but now Naruto has no time to pay attention to this.
Naruto said coldly, "Can you save him?"
The boy laughed. "Of course I can’t save him if you are reckless, but you will."
From the sudden appearance of Naruto, I knew that this young man has patience and really wants to run. Naruto may destroy Konoha if he can’t help it and really wants to pursue it recklessly.
Because Kyubi no Youko’s power is too great, if he is not careful, he will cause legal damage to Konoha.
Naruto said faintly, "Okay, you can take orochimaru away, but you have to tell me what Sasuke is going on."
The boy laughed. "Hehe, no problem. Sasuke, he just won the orochimaru mantra. I’m sure you can handle it. Then I’ll go."
Naruto watched the teenager leave with orochimaru Ninjutsu. "Guo Sasuke is still cursed. Is there really no way to change it?" Naruto seems very lonely at this time.
Chapter 44 Emotional amplifier
Then Kyubi no Youko said, "What’s the matter with you? You are very strange today. You have never been so grumpy. Look around and see what you look like now."
Naruto felt the surrounding situation and was immediately shocked by his own behavior. When he felt and saw his friends’ fear and fear of him, he immediately felt panic when he recalled the first world war with orochimaru.
Naruto muttered in fear, "I seem to have lost control of my emotions. What’s going on? I almost hurt Ueda and Lumaru. What’s wrong with me?"
Kyubi no Youko snorted, "Hum, now you know what you just did. What an idiot."
At this time, the good Naruto voice sounded in Naruto’s heart and said, "I’m finally awake."
Naruto immediately went into his mind and asked, "You know what makes me lose my temper, right?"
Good Naruto said to Naruto, "Yes, I know what you should know."
Naruto seems to have thought of something and said, "Do I have anything to do with losing my temper?"
Good Naruto nodded. "That’s right, because your lust is complete now, and your judgment will be affected by your temporary emotions."
Naruto replied, "Then why didn’t this happen before me?"
Shan Naruto looked at the idiot and said, "Are you stupid? Before, you sealed me off from this guy, so your worldly desires is incomplete. Now that we are out, you can’t worldly desires, of course it will be different. "
Dark Naruto simply said "idiot". Naruto was suddenly hurt by the two of them looking at idiots, but he couldn’t do anything about them. On the contrary, Naruto had to rely on them to solve the problem of losing control of his emotions.
Can you swallow it and say, "Is there any way to solve it?"
Dark Naruto said, "Why do you want to solve the problem of being yourself? Why do you want to suppress your emotions?"
Naruto automatically ignored the dark Naruto’s words and thought, "This guy wishes I was out of control and looked at him."
Looking at the good naruto and laughing, "There is no way to solve the problem. Can we try our best to control your emotional key or rely on yourself?"
Naruto wondered, "What can I do by myself?"
Good Naruto replied: "It’s just that you control your emotions and try not to be influenced by them, just like in your previous life, Zhouyi said that Tian Xingjian is constantly striving for self-improvement;" The terrain is rich and virtuous, and everything depends on yourself. "Naruto also knows that all this depends on himself."
Naruto said to Shannaruto, "I know. I will try hard and please try my best to help me."
Shannaruto laughed. "We’ll let you go. I think your friends are already worried about you." Naruto nodded and withdrew from his heart.
At this moment, Dark Naruto said to Good Naruto, "If he wants to evolve sharingan, he has to be influenced by emotions to evolve to round eyes more quickly. But why do you tell him to control his emotions? Don’t you want him to have a round eye? "
Shannaruto laughed. "Of course, I hope he can have a round eye as soon as possible, but I can’t let him fall into a demon."
Dark Naruto doesn’t understand, "Fallen devil, what is this?"
Shanming Naruto replied, "Although we are the embodiment of his personality and emotions, we can’t control his thoughts. Once he loses control, even you and I may be swallowed up by his darkness."
Dark Naruto exclaimed, "How is it possible to devour us?"
Shan Naruto replied faintly, "Don’t you forget that he was reincarnated only by devouring the soul of the big barrel of wood and Asura?"
Dark Naruto surprised, "Is it him?"
Naruto replied, "Yes, that’s what you think. He just doesn’t know it, so you can’t drag him into your hatred."
Dark Naruto also said at this time, "But what can I do if he wants to come in himself?"
Shan Naruto replied, "So we should try our best to help him control his emotions."
Naruto said impatiently, "Forget it. It’s up to you. Forget it. I’ll go first."

Two hundred and twenty … Where can I get this sum of money now? She gambled in a gambling house once before, and he ate a meal with Feng Jiang’s clothes left. Is it time for her to go to the casino again?

Thought of here, she raised her hand and stretched out her palm toward "borrow two hundred and twenty first!" I’ll pay you back when I see you later! "
"I didn’t expect … you are so poor!" Feng Jiang Yi seems to be in a good mood. He took out a few silver tickets from his pocket, counted two and handed them over.
At this time, the two young girls who were tied were brought out because the girls walked slowly, and the other party’s whip was about to swing. I often raised my hand and shook the other party’s whip angrily. "I have already bought it. If your whip is broken, I will have a whip of one hundred and twenty!"
The other party was so scared that the whip fell to the ground, but seeing Chang Xiangsi’s face was handsome and elegant, and the man around him was even more noble and knew that he could not be provoked and picked up the whip and retreated a few steps.
Now that you have paid for their indenture, you often miss them directly and take them away. You are obviously unhappy with the strange smell of those two people, frowning.
After crossing the report, it was renamed "Crossing the report, get out of here!" Welcome to read! Good friend Li Yan’s new article "The General Confuses Your Princess" is very good. Chapter 3, Woman, are you stupid again?
Lu often misses you. "Since I bought you, I won’t hide my identity. I am Miss Xiang Fu, and I always miss you. From now on, I need your loyalty. If you betray me, you will not be easily spared!" I, you are displaced by my side, and you are not slaves. I will pay you silver every month. If you are dissatisfied with staying with me one day, you can leave at any time, but you must tell me before you leave. This is what I asked. "And she tore the two indentures to pieces.
Aside from Feng Jiang Yi, listening to her say this several times, I want to scold her if she is stupid again.
Slavery status is lowly and can be taken away by lovesickness. It’s a blessing for them. From today on, they even went back to their slave status, and they have silver to pay every month. They want to leave at any time, but at this time, they impulsively tore up the two indentures.
The boy in rags looked up at her silently for a long time before saying, "Thank you, Huei-fang. It belongs to her sister. My brother and sister are willing to serve the Lord from today!"
With that, he pulled his hand through the snow and knelt down to her.
"It’s a cloud through the snow. May my brother serve the Lord." Cloud through the snow also nodded.
They call themselves slaves, not slaves, and they are still very satisfied. At least what she sees in them is not servility.
At this time, Feng Jiang’s clothes were a little shocked, and he seemed to see the longing for love. He smiled, "It’s your luck to be seen by Huei-fang. Let’s go, Wang is hungry for a long time."
Today, this woman has made him sit up and take notice, and simply gathered these two hearts.
In the restaurant, I often miss the moon and snow, but when I see the face of Feng Jiang’s clothes, I have to let the clouds step on the moon and snow.
The food just walked through the snow and looked at the clouds clearly for a long time before asking, "Can brother eat?"
Yun Tanyue lovingly raised her hand to caress her messy hair, and her eyes were a little moist. "Let you suffer. Eat well. bar owners should be an easy-going person. We will serve her well in the future."
Cloud through the snow nodded and looked at the table full of delicious food. How long has it been since she had such a delicious meal?
There is no woman who should be reserved. She picked up chopsticks and quickly put the food on the moon. She also smiled and picked up chopsticks and put the food on the table, but she didn’t eat it herself. Instead, she was caught in the bowl.
"Brother, you also eat delicious!" Seeing the cloud stepping on the moon and giving her food all the time, the cloud stepped on the snow and opened its mouth.
I often miss this scene in my eyes, smiled and raised my glass to Feng Jiang’s clothes. "I propose a toast to you. Thank you today!"
Feng Jiangyi raised his glass and laughed. "You need to be so polite!" Then he raised his glass and drank it off.
I often miss him so much, and I also raise my glass to drink sake, which is slightly spicy and has a fragrant smell of bamboo. This ancient wine is more mellow than modern wine, and many things may not be added. Everything is original. Chapter 4, Begging for marriage
Feng Jiang Yi put the glass on the opposite side and looked at Qing Jun beautiful and elegant as a woman disguised as a man. "There will be a banquet in the palace on the 16th of this month, when the time comes, unmarried men and women will attend. First, the emperor wants to choose a show girl from it, and second, unmarried men and women can also take this opportunity to choose a pleasing look from it. If two suitable ones are available, the emperor may even give marriage."
Chang Xiangsi asked, "Do I have this?"
She’s a crazy, stupid woman who needs to participate?
When you think about it carefully, she remembered the usual lovesickness from the memory of lovesickness, and she also attended such a banquet. At that time, lovesickness was a joke for everyone, and several people bullied and mocked the object. Every time she arrived at that daily lovesickness, she was thrown out in the middle of a palace banquet.
"You also belong to an unmarried woman, who will be sixteen in a few months. It is the right time to get married and naturally you need to participate."
"Crazy, silly, often lovesick and divorced. Do you think anyone will want to marry?" I am very confident that Bei Xuanyu’s engagement broke out before the emperor. This news went out on the same day. Now I am just a joke after dinner. She can still hear many people talking about it along the way.
Crazy, silly, often homesick, maybe no one wants to marry, but now the woman is smart and beautiful, and she is afraid of asking for relatives.
At this moment, Feng Jiang’s clothes frowned and felt that there seemed something strange in his heart.
"Anyway, the king just gave you a wake-up call to prepare, but … do you really want to play the fool?"
Chang Xiangsi smiled, "Let it be!" Said the bow silently eating.
She is not worried that someone will come and ask for marriage. Even though she is the first daughter of Xiangfu, she has been crazy for ten years and everyone knows it.
If she wants to marry her husband, she has two older sisters. Although they are concubines, they are much better than lovesickness.
Feng Jiang Yi chuckled for the first time and gave the other person a dish. He often looked at the extra food in the bowl with lovesickness. His eyes were obviously disgusted and there was a little coldness. This scene also made Feng Jiang Yi feel annoyed and thought that the first time he gave a person a dish, he actually got an expression of disgust from the other party.
"Eat!" He spoke coldly.
Often acacia frowned and put chopsticks "I’m full! You eat slowly! " She hasn’t eaten anything by others. In her world, anyone who dares to give her food is simply dying!
It’s the first time to encounter such a direct refusal. For the average woman, it’s a great gift. It’s even rejected when she is often lovesick!
When Feng Jiang Yi was about to get angry, he often said, "I’m sorry that I never eat what others gave me. If I have offended eleven princes, I hope eleven princes will calm down."
Then she got up and said, "Thank you for the eleven princes today. Later, I will have someone take 220 silver and send it to the eleven palaces. Thank you for your hospitality today!" She looked at the table where the clouds stepped on the moon. "Let’s go!"
After crossing the report, it was renamed "Crossing the report, get out of here!" Welcome to read! Just opened a new article, begging for coffee, asking for flowers, asking for a purse, asking for comments. Chapter 5, Suspicion is not doubtful.
Although it didn’t take long for them to eat, they ate quickly because of hunger. They ate half the food. When they saw Acacia, they got up and immediately put chopsticks. Clouds and snow were reluctant to look at the remaining delicacies and licked their lips. They didn’t eat enough.
Yun stepped on the moon and immediately took her hand and followed Chang Acacia.
Looking at the departure direction of their master and servant, Feng Jiang’s clothes slightly evoke a smile. This lovesickness is somewhat interesting.
But I still feel a little uncomfortable at the thought that I was abandoned by her. This woman actually abandoned him for chopsticks.
He’s pink and not sick, and he’s clean on weekdays. What is she really disgusted with?
He didn’t even dislike her, and he lowered his status. She ate together. Is that her attitude?
The road often misses the clouds and steps on the moon. The two brothers and sisters talked about their own things in the palace, and then let them wait outside when they passed the gambling house. In a short time, she came out with more pockets in her hands.
As soon as she came out, she took out two hundred and twenty silver tickets from her pocket and handed them to Yun Tanyue. "You will now return these two hundred and twenty silver tickets to the eleven princes, who just dined together. I will go back to Xiangfu first, and when you go back to Xiangfu for a while, you will say that it is eleven princes who asked you to come and protect me."
Yun Tanyue frowned slightly with a silver ticket in his hand and asked, "Is the Lord afraid that we will take the money and run away?" After all, this money is enough for their brother and sister to get out of their present predicament for a while.
Acacia often reminds me of a smile, "I don’t doubt people! Go back quickly! "
Then she turned to leave.
Yun Tanyue looked at the silver ticket in his hand and then evoked a smile. He pulled Yun Tanxue’s hand. "I’ve heard about Tanxue Xiangfu’s first daughter. I’ve been crazy for ten years now … but what we know is different. But I think following her is our best choice at present. Since she got rid of our slave fate, we should repay her!"
The cloud walks through the snow and smiles and nods, "Brother, I am white, and I am not an ungrateful person. I feel that the host is quite good."
I raised my hand and rubbed her messy hair and clouds, and my eyes felt remorse. "I’m sorry I didn’t let you live a good life."
In an instant, the eyes were red when the clouds stepped through the snow. "Brother, don’t blame yourself. Cher never complained about her brother. The luckiest thing is that although our family is gone, my brother is still with Cher."
"Come on, since the Lord believes in us, let’s not let her down."
"It’s good to feel free, brother."
Yun Tanyue also laughed and squeezed her soft little hand. "Yeah, it feels good to be free."
It’s been a dark time for them, but fortunately they haven’t separated.
Chang Xiangsi quietly returned to his own small courtyard, hid his silver first, and then changed his clothes. Soon, he was dressed like a crazy fool, and she put the men’s suit in a bag and hid it directly under the bed. Chapter 6, Did Dad come to play with Xiangsi?
The only one who served her quietly in the small courtyard, Mei Er, didn’t know where she had gone. She often frowned and began to think about herself. Naturally, she couldn’t go crazy all the time.

"Machamp’s positive challenge makes Machamp!" Aaron shouted and showed a momentum of not being afraid of Ah Jun.

"Then we will also use Machamp!" Jun is very cooperative and seems to be infected by Aaron and Machamp!
Aaron Machamp rushed to Slaking quickly. From here, we can see that Aaron Machamp didn’t train strength and speed, and so on. This is the most fundamental difference between Aaron Machamp and Ah Jun Slaking. Machamp stretched out his hands from his back and held Slaking’s hands together in an instant. However, it seems that because both sides made Machamp, Aaron’s disadvantage here was not manifested by a horse. In an instant, it was a stalemate!
"It’s melee boxing now!" Aaron immediately ordered
Although Machamp’s back hands can’t make it, Machamp’s front hands have not yet acted! Hands quickly alternate began to attack the Slaking! Punch the abdomen! Without a punch in and out of Slaking, his expression trembled. Aaron didn’t think that after strengthening his strength, Slaking could endure Machamp’s fist attack. Now he is relying on abdominal muscles to resist the attack, but it is definitely not going to last long!
"Throw Machamp out!" Jun said immediately shouted.
Suddenly Machamp’s feet were off the ground, and then Machamp flew sideways! It was thrown out by Slaking, and the height gap and disadvantage appeared as soon as it was thrown out, but the strength gap was also very obvious. However, Machamp got up at once, and it seemed that it was no problem to continue playing, while Slaking frowned and then shouted and began to beat his chest with his hands. It seemed very angry.
"It’s very uncomfortable to be attacked by the fists of opponents who are smaller than themselves." Xiaoyong looked at Slaking and said.
"Slaking attacked the ground with broken rocks!"
Slaking heard this command, the horse shouted again, then extended his left fist and slammed it on the ground, and the horse cracked and the ground around the center of Slaking collapsed! I have to say that it is quite horrible and destructive! It gives people the feeling that whoever got this trick was either killed or maimed … After hitting the ground, Slaking raised his left hand to Machamp and then confessed to his side, which was a provocation against Machamp.
"Machamp, don’t be provoked to make a jet flame!" Aaron knows very well that breaking the surrounding ground across the street must have a purpose, but it is certainly impossible to attack rashly.
Machamp immediately erupted in flames and then hit Slaking. Slaking horse grabbed a big ice stone from the ground and lifted it to stop the flames.
Slaking thumped on the ground again, but this time he beat all the rocks up, and then Slaking grabbed a few bigger rocks and threw them directly into it! It feels as simple as a child throwing a basketball in the middle … The rock directly fell to Machamp, and Machamp immediately opened the green protective cover to carry the rock falling attack! However, Wang kept throwing rocks, and there was a backlog to slowly bury Machamp inside …
"One move and one move will decide the outcome!" Xiaoyong said Xiaoyong and Ah Jun have been companions for many years. Naturally, his words are very credible, and Ah Kang is also very careful to watch the game, but his face is still confused.
"See how you block this Slaking air boxing!" Jun-ling really made a cruel move!
Slaking jumped in front of the pile of broken rocks and waited for a while. It seems that he had to "wait" because of his laziness, and then asked Wang to retract his left fist to do Xu Li.
"Dig a hole!" Aaron immediately made it clear that confrontation was better than confrontation, but at this time Aaron suddenly had a question-he knew that he was better than strength, but Machamp had strength, so why did he send Machamp?
"Unconsciously, it seems to have deviated." Aaron’s heart told Machamp to fight and not win. That seems to be what Aaron should pursue in this battle … it is indeed a contradictory fruit
"Forget it, we’ve already dug a hole. Let’s start with one move." Aaron said that repeating the order would confuse Poké mon.
At this time, the rock was suddenly shaken open! Inside, Machamp exudes a faint red light … or it can be said to be red gas.
"It’s bodybuilding." Aaron immediately recognized that skill. "How come my Poké mon are all disobedient guys?" Aaron said with a smile that it’s so-called to be a little naive.
Slaking’s Aiko Boxing didn’t make a horse, as if waiting for Machamp’s bodybuilding to be completed? And Ah Jun didn’t make an order to ask Slaking to attack quickly, so he waited.
"All right, let’s do it together!" After Machamp’s bodybuilding, Jun won’t wait any longer.
Suddenly something cracked. And it was not until this time that Aaron discovered that Machamp was still wearing the Machoke belt! Just fighting with Slaking has been tied! Aaron didn’t even look at it carefully, and he never found it. He had already unloaded it!
"Actually, you have won the attack just now, Jun, but since you chose not to attack, the result of this game will be changed." Aaron said, "Machamp should live up to Nidoking’s legacy to stop this blow! "
Confrontation! Wang’s left fist goes straight to Machamp Machamp’s right hands and catches it! But it was still shaken out! This gas-boxing blow is really extraordinary! But this time it didn’t fly, but it was beaten back several steps. It seems that the strength is no longer so different?
"So that’s it. I’m white!" Kang suddenly got up. "Xiaoyong Ajun Slaking is really right-handed, isn’t it?" Kang asked Xiaoyong Xiaoyong to do a sudden awakening immediately.
"By the way, I also white! Slaking’s right hand was wounded by the last blow of the double-edged hammer before fighting Nidoking! Only then will it look a little twisted, and most of the attacks in Slaking will be left-handed to make right-handed remarks. The strength of the left hand is much worse than that of the right hand, and it is impossible to be as perfect as the right hand because the right hand and the left hand have always used their skills! And Slaking’s left-handed strength, Machamp, is barely able to rely on both hands after bodybuilding! " Xiaoyong also immediately said, "But even the left hand is superior and strong enough to block the left hand attack. The strength of Machamp is also unpredictable. At first, it should not be so strong."
"If you untie your belt, you will naturally become stronger." Xiaojing muttered at a side and didn’t join in the dialogue, but continued to watch the game.
232 Machamp’s last trump card?
"So that’s it!" Jun seems to be a white bitten to grind.
"But it’s really very unwilling to come to me. I, Machamp, have already untied my belt, but it’s a big blow to me when I was crushed and killed by you in Slaking. But I just found out that Machamp wore a belt or Machoke’s belt, and I suddenly felt a little confident and had a fight for hope, but I didn’t expect to calculate how strong Machamp was when he untied his belt. I can’t even imagine that the situation here is still the enemy of you, Slaking," Aaron said. "If I changed my right fist, I wouldn’t be able to stop Machamp by stepping back a few steps, but even if Machamp, it’s our turn to attack the burst fist! " I don’t know what gives people the feeling that Aaron is beginning to return to normal.
"Avoid coming to Slaking to make an arm strike!"
Machamp let out a yell, jumped high and punched Slaking! Aaron asked for leave and Wang couldn’t move because of his laziness, but Slaking still moved away from a physical position, and Machamp also hit the right fist at that position and fell into the ground! Then the ground cracked …
Slaking hit Machamp with his arm. He opened the protective arm by himself. He hit the green shield and bounced off!
"Cross cross scissors!"
"Broken rock!"
Machamp didn’t pull his fist out and attack it as Jun thought, but directly hit the whole body! Then his left hand hugged Slaking’s waist, and his hands were raised, all in the shape of a knife. Then a split was all in Slaking’s neck. Slaking cried out in pain, but the horse’s left hand was ready to use broken rock, but the original fourth hand was also stretched out in the ground. Before Slaking attacked, he pushed Slaking’s right arm and pushed it in a very bad place! Machamp’s 4-handed advantage has actually limited Slaking, who is taller and stronger than himself!
"Don’t look down on me! Slaking hit the arm with his left hand! " Jun shouted
"Make a shoulder fall!" Holding your opponent is part of an over-the-shoulder fall!
Machamp to split in Slaking neck hands turned to embrace Slaking neck and then the younger generation jerked Slaking up! Slaking wanted to make an attack, but I don’t know whether it was because his right hand was seriously injured or because he was out of balance at the moment. Machamp tried to loosen his right hand and hugged Slaking’s waist with his left hand, followed by a perfect back fall! Slaking was planted in the whole fragile field!

Thunder resounded with great anger, which made Li Xuandao tremble.

Tianwei is unpredictable, but anyone who violates the laws of Tianwei’s world will practice heaven and earth.
But Li Xuandao looked at the deep whirlpool in his mind, and suddenly a very uneven emotion rose from his heart. This emotion was extremely abrupt and very strong, like a flame bursting out of his chest.
Is it always violating Tianwei or breaking the laws of the world that will cause such punishment from Heaven?
What is it?
The moment Li Xuandao eyes violent.
He looked at the slowly rotating cloud, and if he met an enemy who killed his father, his heart was full of murder.
"I know that you can never let me go. Once you destroyed my body and my soul, now I have a drop of blood left. Won’t you let me go?"
At this time, an almost crazy sound suddenly sounded.
I don’t know how to swim out of the stars, but the huge body spans the whole spiritual world like a mountain firmly blocking Li Xuandao’s face. It looks wild, its eyes are unruly and its voice is wild and overbearing.
"Come on!"
"Heaven takes me five hundred years, and I will take this day for five thousand years!"
Chapter 174 Fuck him!
Chapter 174 Fuck him!
Zhang Kuangyin’s spiritual world keeps echoing.
Li Xuandao eyes shocked looking at the universe ZuLong is the first time to see each other so overbearing.
not bad
No matter who dares to take my things, they have to pay back twice as much, even if heaven takes them back ten times.
In an instant, Li Xuandao’s heart was filled with heroism
His body slowly rises and falls in front of Xuan Huang Zulong. "Old Huang, this is my punishment. Stay out of it."
"No, Li Xuandao, you are wrong."
The grand ancestor shook his head and sighed lightly, "At this time, you and I are one. This is the punishment of the two of us. If not, how could you have such a horrible punishment with your strength?"
Hearing this, Li Xuandao realized
No wonder when he saw the apocalypse, his heart felt a twinge of injustice.
It turns out that this emotion does not come from him, but from the ancestors of the wild.
However, he inadvertently smiled and said with a defiant look, "You said yourself that we are two in one. How can you bear the punishment now?"
Honghuang Zulong Leng Leng immediately burst out laughing and Hongliangyin shook the whole spiritual world slightly.
"Well, in that case, let’s go to Du Jie together."
Said the flood ancestor Long Changyin suddenly bent over and severely hit Li Xuandao.
A loud noise
Li Xuandao was stung slightly, and soon there was a terrible force. This force was invisible and intangible, but it was born with breathing and fell with exhalation. It was like a river, and it was like a raging wave.
At this moment, he felt that he could break the sky with a single blow from the gods.
"Li Xuandao, at the moment, you and I are in harmony, and we are afraid of Armageddon, but this state can maintain a wick of incense." The sound of the ancestral dragon in the wild sounded directly from the body
Li Xuandao gave a slight shock and shouted, "What do you mean?"
"Fuck him!"
Honghuang Zulong excitedly said, "It’s hard for me to see that I’m not pleasing to the eye everywhere since I came to the world of Xuan and Huang, but I was playing against the enemy of my life at that time, but I didn’t expect him to break in and destroy my flesh and soul. Today, I’m bound to give it a lesson when I come back from rebirth."
"Fuck him?"
Li Xuandao looked at the sky with a full face of astonishment, as if it were a whirlpool and a colorful robbery. "You said, let me do the robbery?"
God damn it!
This is a word that makes every practitioner turn pale.
Every practitioner is not afraid of provoking heaven and causing more severe punishment when he encounters the punishment of heaven, but the ancestor of Honghuang is bold enough to let him take the initiative to kill the punishment of heaven.
If this matter is known by others, they will definitely think that the ancestors of Honghuang are crazy.
But feeling the great strength of the body is like an endless stream of spirit, and his heart suddenly rises with an inexplicable self-confidence
You can blow through the sky with one punch. What’s worse, it’s just a punishment?
Suddenly Li Xuandao heart rises a wild.
He laughed wildly and flashed with cold eyes. "Listen to you, today we will kill the punishment!" "
Imitation if feel Li Xuandao murder to a resounding thunder.
Colorful robbery clouds suddenly burst into a golden thunder, which contains poor power, terror and ferocity. Like a golden body, it bared its teeth and rushed to kill all spiritual powers.
Li Xuandao’s face is proud and his eyes are violent.
He suddenly raised his hand, and he had no magic or spirit to grasp it directly.
Anyway, the ancestors of the wild and the wild said that at this time, the strength of the root is afraid of punishing the heart and punishing him. What else can he worry about?
Since we want to kill the scourge, we need the simplest and rudest way to let Heaven know his majesty in Li Xuandao.
At the moment when the palm of your hand touched the thunder, there was a wave of terror. Li Xuandao’s heart spread in all directions. Seeing the broken mountains and rivers in Fiona Fang, the ground collapsed and the trees were uprooted and the hills were instantly leveled.
This force is extremely violent and raging in every inch of the spiritual world.
Li Xuandao’s awe-inspiring spiritual world is the concrete embodiment of the whole soul mind, which destroys the spiritual world and his soul at the same time
It’s horrible to punish the immortal!
Whether he resists or not, it will do harm to the soul and make up for the trauma.
If it weren’t for the help of the ancestors and dragons, Li Xuandao would be very dangerous if he wanted to get through the punishment. However, at this time, his state is so strong that the punishment can also be shaken, and no matter how horrible the golden thunder is, it will hurt him.
"It’s a real hero to pull out the mountains and shake the earth!"
Li Xuandao’s eyes glared at him angrily, and the arrogance of the poor dragon rose. He drank a violent force and pushed generate’s right palm hard, which actually pushed the golden ray to half.
At this moment, his legs bent and he jumped up.
His whole person is like a peerless flying sword, soaring, and over the rainbow severely punishes the thunder.
A muffled sound
I don’t know that this tens of thousands of meters long is like a lightning bolt that spans the whole world. It was actually cut off by Li Xuandao and turned into golden light.
Colorful JieYun crazy rotation gives out bursts of conan the destroyer breath.
It seems that if it is angered by Li Xuandao’s move, the cloud will rotate and the poor thunder will flash slowly.
The sudden drop of heavy momentum shattered the earth.
The breath of terror is pressed hard as if to kill all life.
"Ha, ha, ha, so much for punishing the immortals. Do you want to judge the old with such power?" Li Xuandao looked up at the sky colorful JieYun corners of the mouth holding the wild uninhibited laughter deep and overbearing.
Tianwei cannot be committed.
The majesty of the emperor is even more humiliating.
Is it the vastness of Tianwei or the majesty of the Great?

Zhou Hanhan couldn’t speak any more, so he hung up. It turned out that everyone had already planned it. Funny, he was still nervous for her. He was so stupid that he made a fool of himself.

Sacred really didn’t care about jokes. After thinking for a while, he sent a message to Fu Yunyi and asked, "Why did you suddenly confess to that Uber? What is the stimulus? "
Fu Yunyi swept the warmth. When she saw that she was watching the game, she bowed her head and quickly replied a few words, "He made people stare at me and hit him if he was not comfortable. Anyway, he had already seen it."
Section 424
"Aren’t you afraid of him spreading it around?"
"He won’t!"
Holy pie-pie. Well, just rush at the excitement of Uber. I also know that people won’t betray others, but I am more angry and nervous than him.
☆, Chapter 49 Fan you don’t want to?
"By the way, what about that flower?" Speaking of Zhou Hanhan, you have to have a garden full of spring scenery. It is simply a common pain in several people’s hearts. The more they show off in an ostentatious manner, the more they look at their eyes.
Sacred and relaxed, "Don’t worry, everything is under my control."
Fu Yunyi didn’t believe it when he looked after him, but he couldn’t let his guard down for 24 hours. "Are you sure? If you neglect to let him steal flowers, you are a sinner. "
Sacred or sneered, "How could I do that stupid thing? Come on, I put him on Wuzhishan and put a spell on him. He won’t think of it for 500 years. "
Fu Yunyi corners of the mouth smoke "… that’s good. I won’t talk to you after watching the game."
"Wait!" Divine eager to type the past two words and then sent a crying expression "It’s so cruel. It’s unfair that you watch the game with Wener and I have to be alone and work hard in the hospital."
"I want compensation?"
"… tell your second brother and third brother that they are really enjoying themselves. I just arrived in Beicheng last night, and I was even more miserable than you. You can’t complain with me."
"Coco, after all, you are one step ahead of me. It is reasonable for me to be jealous."
"I didn’t do anything with my arms around Warm Son last night."
"ah? You can’t? Oh yeah! "
Fu Yunyi couldn’t help sneering when he saw the screen exploding with fireworks. "If you think too much, even if you can’t do it, I won’t be unable to do it. My physical strength is several times better than yours, especially if my waist muscles can explode you."
Divine immediately sent an angry expression, and then a series of show-offs.
"Hum, I have medicine."
"I still have technology."
"I know sensitive acupoint stimulation and massage."
"I’ll wait afterwards."
"Oh, my foreplay is great, too."
Fu Yunyi waited for him to finish and send a sentence, "When you are warm in bed, you will call my brother. Every time you listen to it, it’s like taking an aphrodisiac. Don’t you think it’s so irritating?"
"I’ve been hurt by crying blind for 10 thousand points, and I’m begging for a cure tonight."
"I’ll keep warm tonight!"
"Didn’t you accompany me last night?"
"I didn’t do anything last night."
"That’s your problem. Who told you not to do it?"
"It’s your third brother who is a demon. If you want to blame him, blame him."
"eh? He still has the heart and means? "
"Hum, he’s good at practicing double major with Warm Son. He’s been squeezed dry and we’re not allowed to sleep with Warm Son."
"ah? He and Nuaner double-repaired? Oh, this is a good thing. You can bear it even if you are jealous. "
"Hey, hey, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, you know"
After the chat, Fu Yunyi turned to look at the magic. Is it true that after the double repair, Wener is not only strong in martial arts, but also strong in some ways? If so, well, I can bear it
But the dharma can’t be lost
The magic was seen by Fu Yunyi with a sad face. Is this calculating yourself again?
When he saw this, he smiled in a straight way. Alas, I pity the three fair people. This is to be sacrificed to the young lady by my big cousin. Hahahaha, the most painful thing is that this yang mining is still so pure and there is no one.
Hearing the magic of laughter is even more uncomfortable for Fu Yunyi. He is a little afraid of being out of his mind, but he is bold and gives it a bad look. "What are you laughing at?"
God shrank his neck "? I’m in the middle of a game. Hehehe, it’s wonderful! "
I can’t wait to choke it when I hear the magic. "Wonderful?"
I was dumbfounded when I looked intently, huh? It was the match between the Knights and the brother of Shenshi martial arts school that Fu Feng won. The audience cheered and thanked Fu Feng coldly. The media cameras aimed at him, scratching and flashing.
It’s a tragedy when God comes out. I have to laugh and say, "Winning or losing is a common occurrence in military affairs, isn’t it, big cousin?"
The winner is Fu Fengchang, and of course it’s this guy.
Fu Yunyi doesn’t cooperate with it leisurely, saying that "strength determines everything"
God pouted, "Cousin, you will really lose me."
Fu Yunyi sneered at "I can’t ask for it"
God turned to warmth for help. "Young lady, you see that they are not gentle and considerate to ladies at all. You have to take care of it. Isn’t this a heart planted in your face?"
Warm, angry and funny, but I can’t help it. "Come on, watch the game and it’s Zheng Nan. Is it true this time?" After all, Shenshi martial arts school brother is not a vegetarian.
This topic change was successful, and several people focused on the game. One game was that the Knights and the Shenshi Martial Arts School lost two games in a row, which is very rare.
Because Shenshi Martial Arts School has never lost from the first day of the competition, it has been praised by the media that the general always wins or the team wins, which is amazing. Finally, the record was broken in the final, although everyone could have expected it and witnessed it with their own eyes, they were still excited.
It’s ugly to have a magical face. He taught my brother to lose. Isn’t that cutting his face?
But it’s too short. Even if he is gifted, he can’t turn them into peerless masters in an instant. Now the situation is actually very bad, but it’s still too unpleasant to watch his brother play.

At the same time, a huge circle appeared at Tam’s feet.

The normal circle is composed of five elements of attributes, which keep rotating.
And the center of the circle is the position of Tamsuo.
These five elements of spiritual force converge to the central point to form a special energy.
This energy is the magical power.
After the emergence of magical powers, a huge waterfall peak began to appear behind Tam.
And this mountain peak impressively write three words … Miaomushan.
Chapter 322 Perfect field, Fairy Miaomushan!
Look at the shadow behind Tam.
Liu Yuan’s face suddenly lit up.
That hazy illusion is the core sign that Tam began to condense the field.
As the core of the Tam field gathers, the spiritual forces around it begin to converge crazily towards the Tam body.
The absorption speed of terror makes the training room form a vortex similar to spiritual storm.
In this whirlpool, Tam’s figure gradually becomes illusory.
The projection of’ Miaomushan’ around us becomes more and more real.
At this step, Lu Yuan and Xiao Guang have no way to continue practicing.
Everyone looked at Tam and wondered when it would be able to condense the field.
Gold level field skills for a pet beast.
Doubt is to break into a butterfly, and the better the talent, the better the pet beast.
The more horrible it is to rise from the silver level to the gold level.
God beast like shadow unicorn.
Although the silver-level former shadow Kirin is also very powerful.
However, for the pet animals of the same level, it is still an absolute suppression.
Because of the difference between the beast and the common pet beast at the silver level
It is the physical quality and spiritual strength level.
But these things can be made up by other things
This can be seen from the fact that Tam was able to leapfrog over Shadow Kirin.
But if the shadow Kirin was gold and mastered the field skills at that time,
Even if Tam has ten silver-level strengths, it will never be a shadow Kirin opponent.
Because of a’ dark sky in the field’ or’ Wan Lei prison in the field’
Enough for Shadow Kirin to kill Tam ten times.
This is the difference between having domain skills and not having technology.
And even if they are also leading skills, there is a difference between ordinary field skills and perfect field skills.
Liu Yuan’s view is that although there are some skills in the field of pet animals, there are some for pet animals.
But there is no perfect skill to promote pet animals.
For example, the field of fire orangutans, lava hell
Or the black scale rattlesnake field, the poisonous abyss.
It seems that the land resources of these two fields are ordinary field technologies.
Because these two fields have changed the environment.
No field forms a special rule.
Domain Dark Sky is to perfect the’ devouring’ feature of dark attribute psychic force.
For a horrible effect that even that five senses can devour.
Domain Wan Lei Prison is to perfect the’ violent’ characteristics of mine attributes.
For a strengthening effect comparable to’ door-dodging armor’
Even the gluttonous field, gluttonous feast, has played its’ demon’ attribute to the mechanism.
The kind that controls all the bodies in the field like marionettes.
Liu Yuan seems to be born on a special battlefield.
More than Lu Yuan, there is a feeling that he met a gluttonous member.
Not a gluttonous body
Otherwise, there is absolutely no way for him to break through other fields so easily.
Liu Yuan doesn’t think that the gluttonous field can control the dead.
Complete domain gluttony feast is likely to be able to control the living.
Once those strange eyes are parasitized in battle,
Gluttony may control the enemy in the field.
At worst, it can have an impact on the enemy.
An enemy whose body is out of control or whose actions are impaired.
Meet a glutton that can continuously devour vitality and condense vitality to form multiple lives.
There can be no suspense in this way.
Lu Yuanfa imagines how difficult it is to have a complete field of gluttony.
When I thought of this Liu Yuan, I started to look forward to Tam’s mastery of the field.
What kind of situation will it be?
Tam’s potential and displayed talent
Its mastery field is absolutely perfect.
And the Tam domain with different single attributes is composed of magical powers.
The psychic power level of body magic is a general attribute.
The power of the magical psychic force formation field is absolutely beyond the imagination of ordinary people.
The science of uniting the room with tam absorb spiritual force more and more.

next day

Early in the morning, the Wen family mansion is busy, especially in the kitchen, where the ingredients are prepared several days ago. Xiao Yulan also specially invited a super chef from the outside to show his skills and ask for a decent scenery for today’s banquet.
It warmed up early and made a few simple breakfasts. When several people ate it, she looked at it strangely. She was still a little angry about last night, but she just wanted to get down to business and pretend to forget for the time being.
"I’ve found all the staff of the martial arts school, and then they will go to take a look at you. You can meet them and get familiar with each other. I think their conditions in all aspects are very good. Don’t scare people away …"
She thought she was very calm and told the bear child not to be impatient when she stared at her eyebrows. "Come on, come on, didn’t I tell you not to whine? I forgot what kind of brain you were after one night?"
Warm a choke secretly grind your teeth "I am kind enough to wake you up …"
Sacred interrupt "when you are always a three-year-old child, do you still need to wake up?" Hum, you have the potential to be a mother, and you still can’t stand it! "
Warm breath, shortness of breath and bad tone shouted at him, "Amazing, did you take the wrong medicine early in the morning?"
Magic cold hum with poke a bowl of food "old and nothing wrong with what medicine? If you eat it, it’s also because you secretly give it to the old man in the food. How stupid do you think you are? "
"magic!" The warm face looks like a storm. What if she wants to hit someone?
Fu Yun covered her face and couldn’t bear to look straight at the magical IQ. What about pick up hot chicks? Miss so * * shall not be angry?
"Why are you yelling? Women should be gentle, okay?" The magic is like saying that you are in a very annoyed mood and licking chopsticks. "If you don’t eat, you will be full of gas, and you will go out to eat."
He just turned and left.
Sanzang shouted, "Remember not to eat too many cucumbers and tomatoes when you eat outside. One has a ripening agent, the other has a sex hormone, the other can stimulate your false development and disturb your secretion …"
Amazing. A stumble. Almost fell.
The warm expression is messy, staring at the sacred is like looking at a rare species.
Holy surprise with a smile, "Warm son, don’t get me wrong. I’m not a small son. I’m as close to him as you are. I mean to say that. Small son’s wonderful rebellious mentality is particularly heavy since he was a child. The more he is not allowed to eat, the more he will eat. Then his aunt and dad will be disordered. Maybe he won’t yell at you if he doesn’t come once for several years …"
Warm can’t listen, get up and run away again.
Touching the nose in a sacred way is not embarrassing to the longing eyes. He mused, "Don’t say that Xiao Er’s pick up hot chicks method is a little brain-dead, but it’s not a place."
With longing, I asked "Where"
I’m sorry he didn’t see the harm, but it’s obvious that it’s not worrying to eat a chicken and jump a dog for breakfast.
Sacred is a matter of course. "Brush in the feeling. Didn’t you find that Xiao Saner was crushing you and me recently?" He has succeeded in this abnormal way to make warm children feel all about him. "
"Is it because of him that the warm son is angry?"
"Anger is also a kind of fire. It would be nice to kiss the dead, eh? How did I spill the beans? Second brother, you won’t steal my routine, will you? "
"… no"
"Well, in fact, I’m not afraid that you can help warm children put out the fire in another way because of my horse. Hey, hey, hey … ah, I let it slip again. You won’t be jealous, will you?"
The longing is also depressed.
The remaining A Dai expressed dissatisfaction under great pressure. "Didn’t the Grand Duchess and Uncle tell you to take good care of your brother? Why do you always like to cheat them?"
Holy white his one eye "or I pit you?"
A Dai was so busy that he left with his job.
Sacred just sighed and stared at half a bowl of porridge in front of his eyes and said to himself, "There are more wolves than meat. Of course, I have to eat before I can have the strength to take care of others. What is that no one can understand me? Alas, indeed, heroes are so lonely since ancient times …"
Then god flew in excitedly and shouted, "I understand you!" You have to be hungry and full if you eat only a little meat from your wife. If you don’t let them eat meat too early, then you three brothers can’t be hungry. That’s really hard! "
☆ Chapter 35 Attack
As soon as this is sacred, it sounds like seeing a bosom friend clutching its wings tightly and tears welled up in his eyes. "Long live understanding!"
God’s grasp of his wings hurt and he struggled to come out quickly. "Dagong is calm and calm …"
"How can I be calm when everyone else has a good heart for me?" Said the sacred hold on to its wings again, and it looked like excitement and I couldn’t wait to pull it.
God grinned with pain. Now he has every reason to believe that the archduke is not excited. This is revenge. Woo, it is just gloating that he doesn’t have enough to eat, but it is true!
Warm doesn’t know that God is bullying and crying. She simply changed her clothes in the bedroom and planned to go to Yuexuan first and then meet people at the airport. Just as she was about to go out, her cell phone rang.
She looked at the phone number of Zhong Hong’s office. She picked it up. "What can I do for Dean Zhong?"
There is a kind of eagerness in the voice. "Miss Da came to the hospital early in the morning. Many patients want to see the doctor …"
Warm interrupt "Dr. Shen has something to hang up with other doctors today?"
Zhong Hongnai said, "That’s what I arranged, but those patients don’t want to. Their families are crying and crying to help them. Now they are kneeling at the gate. It’s really …"
Warm frown "is it a real patient or a trouble?"
"It doesn’t look like trouble, just in case I personally went to see if those patients really have symptoms and they are all very difficult to treat. I asked the chief doctor of the department, and they were not sure about it and it was not good to take it over."
Warm meditation didn’t speak.
Zhong Hong tentatively asked, "Miss, what should I do? I also know that doctor Shen will accompany you to receive the distinguished guests today, and the old lady has told me that if I don’t have to, I really don’t want to sweep you and doctor Shen Xing Ke to save lives is the first responsibility. You also know that this is our Wenshi hospital. No matter who enters this hospital, we must abide by putting patients and workers in the first place. No matter what private affairs we are doing, we must come back to the hospital if necessary …"
Speaking of the warmth here, it’s clear what Zhong Hong meant. Actually, she doesn’t say sacred first. She is entertaining with her. She is doing something very anxious and important. If there is a conflict with the hospital, it is also necessary to sacrifice personal interests, not to mention that perhaps in Zhong Hong’s view, entertaining guests is really not very important. Less things are much less important than saving lives.
I understand warmth, but she knows that it’s not just that. Someone in Lee Hospital wants to support something sacred to her purpose. Her lip corner evokes a sneer, and it’s convenient for her to leave, right?
"Big miss …" Words there and urged a.
The warmth has calmed down. "You tell the patient to wait a moment and be sacred for a while."
"Well …"
Hang up the phone and warm the building, and you will see that the divine is holding God’s arm and telling something excitedly, while God’s eyes are full of tears. Listen, don’t be too sad. Only when you see her lovely expression will you suddenly come back to life. "Ah, little lady is here."
As if her coming was something that could save it.
Sure enough, this success made the sacred shut up and let go of his hands. He quickly hid far away and rubbed his wings pitifully. "Don’t show off in an ostentatious manner when you are a bird …"
Warm didn’t hear it whisper and looked at the sacred way, "The hospital asked you to go to class."
"hmm? Not asking for leave? "
"Say you have a patient."

"But it is impossible for me to have a perceptual error."

"Is it that the ninjas in Xingren Village are practicing" stars "?"
"That piece of extraterrestrial meteorite Murphy …"
"Is it with bijuu?"
In the Red Star, the off-road people who just went to Xingren Village had a delicious meal. Soon, because it was getting late, the off-road people lived in Xingren Village to entertain the guests. It was said that Red Star would let the off-road people have a good rest for a day and then personally entertain the off-road people.
It’s not bad to entertain people in Xingren Village.
It is whenever the cross-country is turned on, the mind’s eye finds that the wisp of bijuu is surrounded by Xingren Village, and the cross-country is somewhat depressed and becomes more anxious as soon as it is turned on.
In particular, carefully recalling the scenes in the original plot, I found that Xingren Village did not have bijuu’s cross-country vision in the plot, but I couldn’t help but focus on the "star".
Because that piece of extraterrestrial meteorite "Star" is obviously the only suspect in cross-country
However, when I continued to recall the original plot, I suddenly found out that the description of "Star" in the original plot was actually rarely explained at most, that is to say, "Star" was an extraterrestrial meteorite that landed in Xiong’s country more than 200 years ago and was discovered.
When I studied here, I found that my clues were broken.
But just because the clue is broken doesn’t mean that the cross-country brain hole can be broken there!
Once again, I recalled the dribs and drabs in the original plot, and with the breath of bijuu, I soon had a bold assumption!
That hypothesis is that the real source of the "star" is Ootutuki Hagoromo, who sealed ten tail’s body and the moon!
In that case …
Isn’t it chakra, ten tail, in the practice of "Star" in Xingren Village?
Wouldn’t it make sense that the "star" surface is accompanied by the breath of bijuu?
"If … just if!"
"If Xingren Village’s cultivation of" stars "is really a little strength of ten tail, then the effect of" stars "cultivation in the original plot is that bijuu and chakra are self-absorbed?"
"Ordinary people can’t control the strength of every bijuu column in bijuu chakra Institute. Only after repeated screening and hard training can they master the strength of bijuu and chakra to transform the column."
"Isn’t the practice of ninja in Xingren Village like the practice of pseudo-column strength? In fact, it is actually the practice of" star "power to create one by one with abundant pseudo-column strength in chakra, but in the original plot, they can" star "the red star Xia Rixing. They can always practice" star "because of their special physical ability to withstand bijuu and chakra?"
"Like the rest of the stars endure the truth of death because of the" star "uniting the weak body …"
"I just can’t bear bijuu and chakra to bite back?"
I had a preliminary idea in my heart and nodded silently. Finally, I could sleep peacefully.
In my mind, I have an idea before I go to sleep with the breath of bijuu. I want to find a time to get in touch with a "star" and see if the breath of bijuu is a "star".
Is the cultivation of "Star" by Xingren Village something special in chakra, ten tail?
If the "star" is really the product of ten tail and chakra, there is not much fruit. Even if it is to eradicate a scourge, it must be solved secretly.
Unless the "star" is not a product of ten tail and chakra, it will have nothing to do with cross-country if it endures the death of the village.
People in Xingren Village and cross-country are unrelated. Is it necessary to wake them up to the harm of "star" cultivation?
People’s greed is poor, and if there is a "star", then no one can give it up easily.
What’s the point of waking up when you know that you are awake?
Anyway, the purpose of the cross-country trip is to test whether Xingren Village is rebellious, isn’t it?
If the cross-country can be successfully completed, the ninja in Xingren Village is dead. What is it with him?
Early the next morning
Because of thinking too much, the quality of cross-country sleep is not very good, but based on long-term practice habits, cross-country still gets up early and finishes morning exercises, and is ready to take Akai Ri to visit the host of the party.
And let off-road feel the accident is not long after they just get up, the figure of Star Endure Red Star appears very coincidentally.
"Did you have a good rest?"
"Thank you for taking a good rest."
Nodded off-road staring at the red star so early and asked, "Excuse me, is the head of Xingren Village able to meet us after practicing?" Otherwise, Red Star Jun, you are here so early … "
"Ha, ha, ha, there’s still a long time for the village head to practice. Come to me so early …"
Red Star smiled a few times and said, "I came here so early mainly to see if a few people have a rest. You are from Muye Village. That’s why our guests in Xingren Village can’t be neglected." Just now that you are all up, I will show you around our Xingren Village! "
"By the way …"
"Please ask your distinguished guests from Muye Village to give us a little advice on practicing in Xingren Village?"
"oh? Give directions? It should be a discussion! "
I found that Red Star was somewhat inebriated. Cross-country also smiled and immediately quietly gave Ah Kai and others a wink and returned to "Red Star Please"
"Cross-country please!"
Red Star leads the way in cross-country for fear that Akai and others don’t see him, which makes the shadow communication once again emphasize the need to be careful of Xingren village ninja.
Akai and others are not just debuting, and they must have taken it to heart to listen to cross-country warnings many times.
But after the cross-country woke up, Kai and others should be careful, what happened later was that the cross-country was unexpected.
Because people who lead the way in Red Star and cross-country really never thought that Red Star would take them to the first place, which turned out to be the practice place of Xingren Village!
He wants to show off-road people around, and it turns out to be a "star" practice!
Chapter 41 Red Star Plot
Every practice of forbearing the village is the secret of the secret.
Suddenly, I heard that Red Star was going to take himself and others to visit Xingren Village to practice cross-country. The first feeling was that it was either courting or stealing!
It is true that the cultivation of Xingren Village must rely on the power of "Star", otherwise, what if it is a strong movie?
Not to say that all the movie-level strong people can have a bijuu like Hoshigaki Kisame in the original plot, right?
Just holding a small amount of chakra in your body, like cross-country, you can’t cultivate the peacock magic method, let alone show the mystery of the peacock magic method like the ninja in Xingren Village such as Red Star.
However, due to cross-country, I really want to know whether the treasure "Star" in Xingren Village is contaminated with the breath of ten tail. When Red Star proposed to visit Xingren Village’s cultivation method with cross-country people, although there was a little vigilance in the cross-country heart, he finally agreed to Red Star’s proposal and went to the most secret location in Xingren Village.

"Very good a ghost! I am a girl! Girls and girls! "

Listen, Itsuka Kotori said that Wu Heshi’s woven face suddenly blushed, and the girl said in such a flurry that she looked at a loss.
"Who says girls and girls can’t do such things? Girls and girls love is the purest."
"Don’t show that expression. This is to make the elves feel good about the world, but also to make the elves shy to seal them. Then the way to make the elves shy is to have love!"
A clear-headed analysis of the benefits of this method made Qin feel very satisfied with the reason why he was ready to deal with Wuhe Weaving temporarily or long ago, but he didn’t say’ I really am the cleverest’.
"I … I know, if it can protect that girl."
I remembered the sad appearance of the purple-haired girl I saw. Wuhe Shizhi couldn’t help but have a slight quiver in his heart.
That ….. is the feeling of love.
Chapter 379 Invitation
"Speaking of which, what happened to Priness and that man over there?"
"Princess Priness?"
Five rivers and weaving slightly leng leng while Itsuka Kotori is gently nodded his head.
"Elf code names are based on their physical characteristics because elves have no names. They take all kinds of nicknames."
Itsuka Kotori said so, Wuhe Shizhi was silent again, but Chin didn’t seem to notice and began to ask questions.
Tracking shows that she still hasn’t returned to the critical point, and she doesn’t know what happened. Now she and that man are staying in a remote shrine.
"Well, let’s observe for the time being and see if there is a possibility of direct communication."
At the same time, on the other side of the shrine, Yu is worried that the eyelids of the girl with ten incense are getting heavier and heavier, and it seems that she will fall asleep at any time.
"What happened suddenly? What happened to Shixiang? Are you okay?"
"No … nothing is sleepy … want to sleep"
"Sleep? Is it critical? "
"Well … it looks like I’m going back. Goodbye again, Ye Yu."
So obsessed with saying this, ten sweet sounds became smaller and smaller, and finally disappeared directly in the arms of Ye Yu.
"Back to … critical?"
Looking at ten incense so disappear in front of your Ye Yu some loss so to speak.
But what on earth did you come to this world for? I haven’t understood it yet. Naisha Naisha hasn’t told herself. Is it the same as the original world?
But where should I go now? Ten Xiang said goodbye once, but when will she go back to the critical sleep this time? How long will she sleep? And she didn’t say where she will appear when she returns to the present world.
Well, there will be earthquakes before the elves appear. At that time, we can know where the ten incense appears by the location of the earthquake.
Just as Ye Yu was thinking about going to town to have a look, there was a sudden noise outside the door.
"That … is anyone there?"
The door of the shrine was suddenly pushed open and came in. Ten incense saw Ye Yu appear in front of her and made a lovely sound with a slight leng.
"Ah how … how the elves disappeared? !”
A face of don’t understand looking at swinging shrine and Ye Yu five rivers and weaving in front of your face, saying this is also saying this to the ear micro communication device.
Before being sent to the shrine, Wu He Shi Zhi was encouraged by her sister Qin to persuade the elves through dialogue, but to her surprise, when she came in, she found that the elves were gone.
Hey, hey, hey, what should I do now? Why is there a man here when the elf is gone and the elf is gone? What should I do now? It’s embarrassing.
Wuhe Shizhi looked embarrassed and didn’t know what to do, while Ye Yu looked at each other curiously and soon found something unusual about the girl.
Interesting … Is this girl with those girls who attacked at the beginning, or is it …
"What should I do now! What elves are missing? What a situation this is! "
"How do I know? It seems that Priness should be back to the critical point?"
"What should I do now? What should I say to this man?"
"Well, this man is also very important. Ask him a little bit about what elves will leave with him when they have elf information."
"But how do you ask this question? Isn’t it exposed? Didn’t you say you couldn’t let the elves know about me and you? "
Wuhe Shizhi asked so inexplicably, while Qinli answered with a face of so-called samples in the headphones.
"So what? Anyway, he’s not an elf. It’s a big deal to absorb him into the organization when the time comes. It’s just easier to match with you."
Jean said that Wu Heshi’s face expression was even more corrected. Looking at the curious man in front of your face, he didn’t know what to say.
"What about … what about this gentleman elf? What are you and elf?"
"Interesting … Are you with those people?"
"What … what people do you mean those who attack elves? I’m not with them."