Yu Xin, "I said no"

Xu Ling "…"
Yu Xin said quietly, "I may have spent that night with you except for the company. Are you boyfriend and girlfriend?"
Xu Ling "What do you think is boyfriend and girlfriend?"
Yu Xin "less like each other"
Xu Ling froze.
Yu Xin, "Mr. Xu, I still formally resign from you. I will hand it to you face to face when I come to work the day after tomorrow."
Xu Ling "Do you want to leave Xu Shi so much?" Leave me
Yu Xin: "I don’t think I can continue to work around you well, and I want to do something more suitable for my major. I am about to graduate and just want to prepare my thesis and defense after I resign."
Xu Ling "Resignation will be discussed when you go back to the company … Shen Chu asked if you were my girlfriend, but you can tell him yes."
Yu Xin, "Manager Xu, what do you mean?"
Xu Ling "as you heard, it means literally"
Yu Xin was silent for a moment. "Xu Zong, if you don’t do this, I won’t be responsible for the matter that day. It was an accident."
Xu Ling: "So you and I claimed that you were my girlfriend because we were responsible for that day?"
"Isn’t it? Otherwise, what else could it be? Don’t worry, I won’t tell you anything. I’ll rot in my stomach, and when I leave Xu Shi, I might leave S city, so Mr. Xu won’t worry about others knowing. "
Xu Ling really vomited an old blood. He was going to be angry with Yu Xin.
What, Yu Xin, is he just afraid that she will go out and talk nonsense and block her mouth to lure her?
Who does Yu Xin take him for?
Xu Ling took a deep breath. "What on earth are you thinking?"
Yu Xin, "am I wrong? If it’s not for this reason, then why did you do it? "
Yu Xin is trying to force him to say he likes her.
She knew that Xu Ling should grow so big and never said she liked it to others.
It should be difficult for him to say it himself.
But she’s going to be forced.
Xu Ling awkward words to the mouth how all didn’t say it.
Yu Xin, "I know Xu Zong, you don’t explain that I’m a little busy hanging up in advance."
Then she hung up quickly.
Xu Ling holding a mobile phone expression "…"
Yu Xin has put on her makeup and talked for fifteen minutes, just pinching it just right when she finished her makeup.
At this time, Shen Yutang has sent a message that he has set off.
Yu Xin replied, "I’m going out, too. See you later."
Shen Yutang [Well, see you later]
When Yu Xin was sitting in the car, Xu Ling’s words came again.
But Yu Xin didn’t pick her up. She was in the car.
Today is to brush Shen Yutang’s goodwill value on Xu Ling. Everything is planned. It is estimated that he will deliver the door himself soon.
Yu Xin and Shen Yutang only said a few words after meeting, and Shen Yutang confessed.
He took out a diamond bracelet as a present to buy today.
Shen Yutang’s voice is shy, but his tone is firm. He asks Yu Xin if he wants to be his girlfriend. He will treat her well, even though he hasn’t graduated yet and is a student, he will make great efforts to make her live a good life later.
This kind of commitment is the most for Yu Xin.
Who can tell what will happen after that?
She already knows Shen Yutang’s situation very well. Teenagers are full of sincerity and can represent him. If you listen to his words and believe in him, you are likely to end up disappointed.
Maybe Shen Yutang likes her now, but … What can he do for her?
Yu Xin wants to know clearly that although Shen Yutang is pure and serious in her eyes, the more it is, the more impossible it is for her to leave Shenyang.
Yu Xin is already ready to talk to him.
She was moved to see Shen Yutang’s eyes filled with tears.
Shen Yutang was still very nervous to see her cry. I don’t know if I scared Yu Xin.
"Why are you crying? Did I scare you by talking? "
Yu Xin shook his head. "No, I didn’t expect you to like me so seriously. I’m very touched."
"You are so kind that many people should like you and me … I know my brother Shen Chuyan likes you, too."
Yu Xin, "That’s different. You are different from them."
Shen Yutang looked at her with delight. "Don’t you like my brother?"
Yu Xin shook his head. "I don’t like that he likes to look like me with Xu Susu rather than the real me."
Shen Chuyan is estimated to grieve when he hears this sentence.
The dog ate my affectionate confession yesterday.
"So … would you like to be my girlfriend?"
Shen Yutang looked at Yu Xin expectantly.
I didn’t expect Yu Xin’s tears to flow more fiercely
"I can’t promise you."
Yu Xin’s teary-eyed appearance has a different kind of beauty. Delicate and beautiful, with pure feelings, Shen Yutang looks at her and wants to hold her in the palm of her hand to stop crying.
"What? You … don’t you like me? "
Yu Xin shook her head again, but she didn’t talk, but she bowed her head. Shen Yutang was in a hurry.
"Will you tell me?"
"Actually … actually, the man said yesterday that I was with Xu Xinghan before."
Shen Yutang said in surprise, "But …"

No, no, if it’s ruined and ugly, who else loves him?

Liu Yuan Bai was blind for half a face, bloody and bloody, and blood and tears flowed from the eye hole.
"I … my face …"
Liu Yuan Bai cried and laughed like crazy, stared at him as if he wanted to eat people’s flesh and roared, "Bitch, I’ll kill you!"
He said, "Hold the sword and cut it."
Lu Changyuan stopped frowning. "What are you making?"
Xiao Jing laughed so hard that tears flowed.
Listen to Brother Feng, and you can rest assured. No one can bully yourself from now on.
"Master, you want me to be the master!" Liu Yuan Bai’s face was covered with blood and she cried her heart out. "Uncle Shi ruined my appearance and I am not alive!"
Lu Changyuan frowned and asked, "What’s going on?"
Liu Yuan Bai cried like a backbone, "I accidentally saw a wisp of ghosts coming as soon as I caught Uncle Shi, but I have ulterior motives."
"I didn’t …"
"Later, the ghost couldn’t carry the daylights out of the sun, so Uncle Shi said it was dry."
"He insulted me and tried to kill me"
Liu Yuan Bai cried pear flower with rain and couldn’t breathe. "I … I really didn’t …"
Xiao Jing’s face was heavy and he took out three black beads.
Suddenly Liu Yuan Bai stopped crying and looked at him in horror. I never thought that he would dare to start work in front of Master.
"Come on, why don’t you say it?" Xiao Jing’s eyes are cruel, and he will not let him go easily if he holds the malicious strength of mutual destruction.
Liu Yuan Bai cried and hid behind Liu Changyuan and trembled and said, "Master, please help Bai Er. Uncle Shi is crazy …"
Lu Changyuan distanced himself and asked, "Brother, do you want to kill yourself?"
"What do you care?" Xiao Jing sneered and said coldly, "If you don’t get out of the way, you will die with him."
Liu Changyuan saw that his face was still covered with tears, and there was no song listening to maple ghosts around him, so he couldn’t help but guess.
Song Tingfeng is really past?
"Brother, calm down." Although I don’t know what’s going on, the black ball is too powerful and I’m afraid I’ll hurt myself if I accidentally take it.
Liu Yuan Bai poked his head out carefully and prayed, "Martial Uncle, don’t make a mistake again. I can let bygones be bygones, but don’t hurt Master."
Xiao Jing’s face did not change and looked straight at Lu Changyuan. "Do you let it or not?"
"You can tell me what happened to your younger brother."
"Tell you?" Xiao Jing sneered and asked, "I want to tell you something?"
He has experienced this scene too many times. If Liu Yuan Bai is here, he can be excused. Don’t talk. You can’t trust him. You have to agree to say more.
When Lu Changyuan’s throat choked, he felt very uncomfortable. He wanted to hold him in his arms, but he was disqualified.
"Do you want it or not?"
Xiao Jing is too lazy to talk nonsense with them. Today he will kill Liu Yuan Bai!
Moment Xiao Jing throws a black bead and is easily shot by Liu Changyuan.
The second and third are still the same.
Liu Yuan Bai hid behind Liu Changyuan and showed a ruined face. He said with a ferocious smile, "Do you dare to fight with me, punk?"
Xiao Jing read his mouth and immediately smiled.
Dare not fight with you? Then try it.
Then Xiao Jing took a handful of black beads and threw them regardless.
In an instant, the wrath of heaven split a thunder and smashed all the black beads, even leaving no fly ash.
The warning of another purple thunder wandering in the clouds is self-evident.

But from Mrs. Min’s mouth, she also smelled something.

Min Jing has been treated unfairly in the detention center, just as she was treated herself at the beginning. The purpose of her second uncle’s doing this is naturally to treat her humanely. She dealt with herself at the beginning and tried to deal with her.
She doesn’t know exactly how much Min’s family knows about the back and forth of this matter, but according to her guess, Min’s family should not know that this matter is rooted in Lengxiao’s deliberate setup.
The living room was silent for a long time in Mrs. Min’s sob.
Finally, the old man Min sighed for a long time and looked imploringly at the cold owl. "I know my daughter is wishful thinking because she is wrong about what kind of legal sanctions she should suffer for what she has committed now, and because Uncle Min hopes you will not neglect the law."
Ignoring the law? !
If he means something, the meaning of his words is obvious.
Treasure and pure heart sobbed a little annoying and worried about juwan.
However, Xiao Ye is always calm.
Whether it’s the old man’s mandarin or Mrs. Min’s cheating and whining, he sits there quietly like an outsider watching the play, with a cold, serious face and no sympathy or other emotions.
Hearing this, he frowned slightly and refuted the cold feeling with expression.
"Min Lao Law Tells Evidence"
"Owl can do whatever you want …" I didn’t expect him to say anything. He still didn’t want to do anything. The old man bit his teeth and nodded his head and looked at the cold old man. "What do you say about the old cold thing?"
Cold old man was silent.
As Mrs. Min said just now, his friendship with this old Min really came out during the war years. I think they were trapped in the enemy sniper line during the self-defense counterattack against Vietnam. If it weren’t for the old Min, maybe he would have died in the battlefield. Where would there be today?
But what should he do?
Cold old man is feudal and stubborn, paying special attention to his comrades’ friendship, but he is also a man who is very particular about principles and laws.
There was a long silence before he looked up at Min Lao. "Old Min, if Xiao Jing really committed something, no one can protect her. Everyone should bear the responsibility for what you said … I think our second child is right. The law emphasizes evidence …"
"Old cold you!"
The eyes are heavy and heavy. The old man’s face suddenly swelled red.
Then his eyes swept coldly at Leng Xiao, and a word was inscrutable: "Xiao Xiao, don’t be aggressive, I just want her life!" I asked someone to ask her. She was not treated fairly as an ordinary suspect in the detention center. This is extremely unfair to her. Think about it. It’s nothing for you to lose a father. I don’t think I can ask too much! ….. but it’s not good for you if she dies! "
Don’t say he’s threatening
With a cold finish, he got up bitterly. He grabbed and cried, and Mrs. Qi Min was leaving.
"Min Lao Walk Slowly" gave him a cold wind, and his faint words were polite and rude.
However, sen’s cooling oozing from the bone made the people who listened to it a little tremble.
Leng Xiao is getting more and more cruel!
On the spot, there was no place to put the old man’s face.
Looking at him, he blushed for a while and muttered his lips for a long time as if to say something.
But in the end, he turned away without saying anything.
"old man!" A deep call was made to the cold old man, frowning, and he got up. A word was very eloquent, and he was quite sincere. "Old Min is home today, and after dinner, we have been in love for decades. I don’t want these little misunderstandings to affect our friendship."
His back was stiff, and the old man’s words to him seemed to have touched a little and his face eased a lot.
Thoughtfully touching his eyes, he hummed and sat down again.
People who are in their early decades all attach great importance to this kind of comrade-in-arms feelings, but their daughters are equally important, but the friendship between comrades-in-arms is even more important. What’s more, they can’t solve anything on impulse, and there may be room for manoeuvre if they stay.
I sat down again and added new tea. The topic dominated by the cold old man was revealed from the embarrassment just now.
Others are so-called, and the Min couple have to follow the steps in this embarrassing situation.
After climbing the steps, your mind will gradually clear up.
He knows that no matter whether he is old or young, his father is a hard nut to crack, not just a few threatening words.
Once he calmed down, he remembered another thing, so while everyone was chatting, he officially recommended the young man who came with them.
"Old cold, this nephew of mine is the only child in my eldest brother’s family. Well, you know what I have learned from a daughter of Xiaojing. He is the only male in our old min’s family."
Daughter’s marriage can’t be changed.
This old man Min’s abacus has made him want to have feelings with the cold old man on the one hand, and his daughter on the other hand. On the other hand, the influence of the cold family has been in full swing over the years, and the officialdom situation has forced him to curry favor.
No matter for what reasons, the Min family will make a profit and not lose money.
Dazed dazed cold old man looked at the treasure and pure.
What happened just now has made Lao Min embarrassed. Now he can’t brush his face and sip his lips. He seriously said, "Xiaoqi, this is the brother I told you about. He is a brilliant student in the field of biology. You two should be able to have a common topic. Young people should know more about it."
Treasure and pure froze.
What do you mean! ? The second time, the old man hinted that it was even more cruel this time. It was too much to say it in front of everyone in the hall, wasn’t it? Her generation to become their comrades-in-arms friendship?
Glancing coldly at a man who looks quite gentle with glasses, she picked her eyebrows and laughed.
"Grandpa, I’m really sorry. I’m not interested in mosquito blood!"
With that, her eyes glanced at Lengxiao, who was impartial and cold, and looked at her with a cold thorn in her eyes.
Touch each other for a second and move each other.
She wanted to laugh but didn’t dare to. To be honest, she had a hard time suppressing it.
There are two people who know about this mosquito blood allusion.
Min Xue mosquito blood …
The guy’s surname is Min. She took a radical and renamed him mosquito blood.
But also so lose face directly refused.
At that time, the atmosphere was deadlocked.
The cold old man coughed gently, fearing that the Min couple couldn’t stand the stage, and then he laughed and prepared to ease the atmosphere. "Our little seven is so direct in speaking. Don’t mind if you have this heart. Can’t you thaw the ice?"
"That’s that’s … that’s that’s that’s …"
Repeating these two words, Min Xue wore thick glasses at the bottom of a beer bottle, and his face was a little red with anger at the bottom of his eyes.
Also from a noble family, he played with women, and everywhere he went, his daughter came looking for him. Where did he receive such a direct refusal without face?

Huo Cang’s face sank. "If you are not afraid of losing your life, take her. I’ll tell you the truth. If you lose your life, don’t blame me for not waking you up." In his opinion, Di La and Xiao Na naturally don’t want to go out with her if they can’t disobey orders.

When Dilla heard Huo Cang’s words, she hesitated for a moment. She had not made a decision yet, and she heard Huo Cang say "someone is coming". The words just fell and Xu Zhongyong appeared in front of them. He wanted to rush to the front of Fengzhu, but he was stopped by a group of wolves.
The man was still wounded in the abdomen and the dagger had not been pulled out. At this time, a group of wolves stopped him. He did not hesitate to pull out the dagger and a group of wolves fought together.
After the first two or three seconds of pain passed, Fengzhu slowly regained consciousness. Whether it was brain or dull pain made all her reactions particularly slow, but she knew one thing very well, and she not only encountered it, but also experienced it herself.
Phoenix bamboos slowly rose from the ground. She took a look at the flute and then at Xu Zhongyong, who was already covered in blood. It is impossible to kill a group of wolves without being injured. The wolf has strong teamwork ability. It is not impossible for Xu Zhongyong to avoid their attacks without being injured, but he can’t hurt the wolves at all.
So his hand is a fatal blow to one wolf and attacks on other wolves. To avoid important parts, he doesn’t care whether he is injured or not, and soon he becomes a bloody man.
Di La said to Huo Cang, "Kill her." Huo Cang came at Feng Zhu but was stopped by Xu Zhongyong who was desperate to rush over.
Fengzhu took another look at the man and turned away without hesitation. She didn’t help much if she stayed. She was passively beaten for the flute brain wave attack, but she left the man herself to get away.
But before she went far, she heard Huo Cang shout, "Flute attacks Xu Zhongyong’s brain, and wolves and I are no match for him." If the man pauses for a moment, he can wring his neck.
The first volume 37 Zhang Wu Zhongyong Go to your heart
Fengzhu has a moment’s pause. The first moment of the crisis can kill people. Fighting with Xu Zhongyong is still a group of wolves and a master. She knows that at this time, a man will die if he wants to play flute.
But what does it matter if she stays? Although she has just hypnotized Deborah, although she also remembers the brain wave attack method, she doesn’t think she can learn it instantly and then attack Deborah!
But after thinking about it for half a second, Fengzhu turned and walked back. She didn’t want to owe her life to be a killer. She owed nothing to her in this business, because there is a rule in this business that she owes her life to the Yan, and if she owes too much, she will be collected by the Yan sooner or later.
Killers come to do ghost jobs and decide other people’s lives at will. This business has not died, whether it is retribution or not, but Fengzhuxin has never killed anyone. When he was born again, he secretly vowed that he would never be a killer again and would not kill people easily unless his own life was in danger.
The phoenix bamboo turned around purely because she didn’t want to lose her life because Xu Zhongyong saved her. She went over to Dilla. She didn’t know if she could stand another brain wave attack. It is normal to know that once the brain is damaged, it will become a vegetable or an idiot.
Feng Zhu walked over to Di La and Xu Zhongyong suddenly pushed and was sharp. Many huocang shouted at Di La, "What are you waiting for? If something happens to me, you can’t walk out of the dome country alive. "
Dilla was pale and shouted at Huocang, "You are quick to let the wolves protect me. I can control her regardless of the soul control attack. I can control it once." If she could keep making the phoenix bamboo, she would have killed it.
In fact, Della Soul Control has never been able to attack people. Maybe it was just in life and death that she was so powerful. At this time, she can’t make it again.
Fengzhu can see from Dilla’s expression that she is not lying. Dilla really can’t do it. She said, If such a strong attack is like eating casually, the dome country has long been defeated by the Great Cang country. Obviously, such an attack cannot be done by anyone.
Xu Zhongyong didn’t threaten her life. This time, Fengzhu turned and ran away without hesitation, but this time she didn’t run far. She was stopped again, and this time the person who stopped her was the county magistrate Zhang Wu.
"Sister-in-law, I also can’t help it because of me. I have to take care of my sister-in-law, whether it’s brave or not? Do you know him? If those people are not dead, Zhongyong will haunt them until they are dragged to death, and he did this to make you have no threat. Zhongyong can do this. Can you really leave? "
Fengzhu definitely said, "He won’t die." He still has Xu Zhi to take care of, and he won’t die easily.
"That sister-in-law know what brave agreed to hold you shrines? He decided to do this because he saw that you were disturbed by the villagers these days. He hoped that your life would not be affected by the past. "
Life is not affected by the past. Has Xu Zhongyong noticed something? It seems that this is nothing strange. After all, she has never concealed anything. She has never intended to live instead of her original body. She lives for herself!
Zhang Wu went on to say, "He and I didn’t know you would be so disgusted. If we knew, he wouldn’t have done it, and I wouldn’t have forced you. Now that we know that my sister-in-law is wrong, just give me a chance to make up for it. I promise I will do it according to her wishes."
Phoenix bamboo indifference said, "If you want to make up for me, then you can save Xu Zhongyong even if you owe me a write-off." Say that finish and turn around and leave. This bastard magistrate can turn people into demons and convince the city people that he can definitely save Xu Zhongyong with his tongue.
Zhang Wu couldn’t have appeared in front of Fengzhu at this time. Maybe she will go back and see if Xu Zhongyong is worried about him. What on earth is an outsider mixing two people?
Zhang Wu followed Fengzhu. "Sister-in-law, I can’t help it. If I hurt Zhongyong without a daughter-in-law, I will feel guilty for a generation. Can you bear to see me in pain?"
Fengzhu nodded firmly. "I’d love to!" Zhang Wu still wants to play the bitter drama, and he can’t play it anymore. He choked and almost choked. Should we be so heartless? At least we have two sides. Can’t we get along well?
Zhang Wu is still pathetic to follow Fengzhu, like Fengzhu. If he doesn’t go with him, he will stop with a generation of Fengzhu and say to Zhang Wu, "Do you want to follow me? Xu Zhongyong won’t last long, but you should be able to tell the priorities! "
Zhang Wu saw that Fengzhu was determined not to look back, so he said seriously, "No matter whether you believe it or not, he will definitely fight with that group of people to the end, and he will control the orcs. If Sister-in-law is really from ruin, then go back to Fengsha Village in a few days and take Xu Zhi away, because I’m sure Zhongyong will definitely be gone at that time."
Zhang Wu thought that your daughter-in-law is brave, and I can persuade her to come here. Can you look back at your weight in her heart?
Zhang Wu finished and left. He really knew that Xu Zhongyong would never run away when he didn’t completely solve those people. Zhang Wu shouted at Xu Zhongyong, "Don’t try so hard. Fengzhu has already left. Do you really want to leave Xu Yong alone?"
Zhang Wu let the chief behind him sprinkle a circle of exorcism powder around them. The people he brought were ordinary chief, even if they went to help, they just went to die. They all finished behind Zhang Wu, just like their county magistrate, to watch the fun.
"Isn’t there still you?" Xu Zhongyong returned
Zhang Wu couldn’t wait to slap himself. He was really wrong. He shouldn’t have gone out. He shouldn’t have advised Fengzhu to appear in front of Xu Zhongyong. Maybe he will come back to save Xu Zhongyong regardless of his words. Xu Zhongyong will also have scruples because of Xu Zhi, but it’s all his fault that these two people saw him go completely and desperately.
Zhang Wu asked the chief behind him, "Can you convince Xu Zhongyong that the person who just talked to him is not me but his illusion? If you can do it, I will give you more money. "
The chief behind them shook their heads. "Your honor, don’t be difficult for us. We don’t have adults to say that Xu Zhongyong won’t believe us."
Zhang Wu hated iron and said, "What a bunch of idiots can’t even do this little thing well. This money is deducted by one person."
Zhang Wu felt at ease and said to Xu Zhongyong in the stupefaction of the officials, "You will marry someone else after you die, and you will have children with others, eat others’ meals and call others’ husbands to forget all about you."
"If you really die, I can’t let my brother’s wife be widowed. I will pursue Fengzhu. I will take good care of her brother. Just go with peace of mind!"
The first volume 38 enlightenment tricks
Xu Zhongyong’s face is getting more and more ugly. I don’t know if it is because of excessive blood loss or being angry by Zhang Wu. If he has a third hand, he must have torn up Zhang Wu’s mouth.
However, Zhang Wu still added fuel to the fire and said, "Zhong Yong, tell me about Fengzhu’s hobbies before you die. What does she like to eat? Who is closest to you in the village? If you want to break her heart, you must get the approval of her friends. You can’t hide it from me or our wife will be abducted by others! "
Our wife … Let’s … My wife Xu Zhongyong’s veins stood out and punched a wolf head and rushed to Zhang Wu in an instant.
"You’re right. Nothing is as important as a wife. I’ll leave it to you here. Don’t worry, if you are torn to pieces by wolves, I will definitely help you collect the body when I get my wife back. You should expect me to get my wife back soon, or you may be exposed to the wilderness."
Xu Zhongyong said a flicker and disappeared. Zhang Wu wanted to grab his clothes but it was too late. "Mama really left?" I really don’t care if I live or die? "
As soon as Xu Zhongyong left, the officials pushed hard behind Zhang Wu. Because of the crowd, they accidentally pushed the adults out. One official grabbed the adults’ clothes by the load, but because the adults dressed up as clean clothes all day, one patch after another, the official dragged back and was composed of patches. The official failed to withstand the tension and completely fell apart.
Instead of being pulled back, the adult was stripped naked, and the chief hurriedly apologized with a sad face. "Adult, I didn’t mean it. I am willing to take the initiative to accept the punishment and deduct ten pence more."
Zhang Wu’s naked figure shouted at the chief, "Do you still have salary money this month? I have already deducted all my money, and now I have no money left. "The chief regretted it. If I had known he wouldn’t have’ saved’ my adult, he swore that he would never care about important people again.
The chiefs looked at the adults and looked at them with contempt. Zhang Wu threw a sharp look in the past. "And you just pushed me. You all had a month’s salary deducted."
An official muttered, "Why don’t you be fierce at the enemy behind you?"
Zhang Wu gas pointed to the chief "you dare not? The adults will let you see me. "
Zhang Wu turned to Dila and Huo Cang and said, "You are guests from a long distance. Let’s be polite first. Are you going to follow the official honestly or ask for it and let them carry you back?" Zhang Wu didn’t even give it to two people. Obviously, he didn’t put two people in his eyes.
In his opinion, Xu Zhongyong’s desperate efforts in person like that are hopeless. Isn’t it demeaning to deal with wild animals and want people?
Dilla looked at Zhang Wu with no material at all and said contemptuously, "I overreach myself." Huo Cang was injured by Xu Zhongyong. At this time, he also looked at Zhang Wu. Why do you still want to stop them with such a few people? Wolves can tear them apart in an instant.
Zhang Wu looked at the two men and said, "There’s nothing the officer can do. Since you don’t come with me, the officer will be welcome." He waved at the officers and "smashed them to death." He looked at the officers and said, "Idiot, open the black bag for you and throw it at them and run, okay?" Zhang Wu rewarded them with a kick and told them to act quickly. They had already run away.
The officials didn’t know what was in the bag given to them by the adults, and they didn’t want to feed the wolves. They unpacked the bags and threw them out without looking, and turned around and ran away.
However, before we ran far, we heard buzzing and wolves howling in pain. "Oh, my God, adults let us take a hornet’s nest. No wonder adults ran first!"
The officials rushed to an official doorway near the adult in the distance. "When the adult just left the city, he asked the people to send these black bags. They used to be filled with wasps. How did the adult think?" Why do you always come up with these strange tricks?

"But it is impossible for me to have a perceptual error."

"Is it that the ninjas in Xingren Village are practicing" stars "?"
"That piece of extraterrestrial meteorite Murphy …"
"Is it with bijuu?"
In the Red Star, the off-road people who just went to Xingren Village had a delicious meal. Soon, because it was getting late, the off-road people lived in Xingren Village to entertain the guests. It was said that Red Star would let the off-road people have a good rest for a day and then personally entertain the off-road people.
It’s not bad to entertain people in Xingren Village.
It is whenever the cross-country is turned on, the mind’s eye finds that the wisp of bijuu is surrounded by Xingren Village, and the cross-country is somewhat depressed and becomes more anxious as soon as it is turned on.
In particular, carefully recalling the scenes in the original plot, I found that Xingren Village did not have bijuu’s cross-country vision in the plot, but I couldn’t help but focus on the "star".
Because that piece of extraterrestrial meteorite "Star" is obviously the only suspect in cross-country
However, when I continued to recall the original plot, I suddenly found out that the description of "Star" in the original plot was actually rarely explained at most, that is to say, "Star" was an extraterrestrial meteorite that landed in Xiong’s country more than 200 years ago and was discovered.
When I studied here, I found that my clues were broken.
But just because the clue is broken doesn’t mean that the cross-country brain hole can be broken there!
Once again, I recalled the dribs and drabs in the original plot, and with the breath of bijuu, I soon had a bold assumption!
That hypothesis is that the real source of the "star" is Ootutuki Hagoromo, who sealed ten tail’s body and the moon!
In that case …
Isn’t it chakra, ten tail, in the practice of "Star" in Xingren Village?
Wouldn’t it make sense that the "star" surface is accompanied by the breath of bijuu?
"If … just if!"
"If Xingren Village’s cultivation of" stars "is really a little strength of ten tail, then the effect of" stars "cultivation in the original plot is that bijuu and chakra are self-absorbed?"
"Ordinary people can’t control the strength of every bijuu column in bijuu chakra Institute. Only after repeated screening and hard training can they master the strength of bijuu and chakra to transform the column."
"Isn’t the practice of ninja in Xingren Village like the practice of pseudo-column strength? In fact, it is actually the practice of" star "power to create one by one with abundant pseudo-column strength in chakra, but in the original plot, they can" star "the red star Xia Rixing. They can always practice" star "because of their special physical ability to withstand bijuu and chakra?"
"Like the rest of the stars endure the truth of death because of the" star "uniting the weak body …"
"I just can’t bear bijuu and chakra to bite back?"
I had a preliminary idea in my heart and nodded silently. Finally, I could sleep peacefully.
In my mind, I have an idea before I go to sleep with the breath of bijuu. I want to find a time to get in touch with a "star" and see if the breath of bijuu is a "star".
Is the cultivation of "Star" by Xingren Village something special in chakra, ten tail?
If the "star" is really the product of ten tail and chakra, there is not much fruit. Even if it is to eradicate a scourge, it must be solved secretly.
Unless the "star" is not a product of ten tail and chakra, it will have nothing to do with cross-country if it endures the death of the village.
People in Xingren Village and cross-country are unrelated. Is it necessary to wake them up to the harm of "star" cultivation?
People’s greed is poor, and if there is a "star", then no one can give it up easily.
What’s the point of waking up when you know that you are awake?
Anyway, the purpose of the cross-country trip is to test whether Xingren Village is rebellious, isn’t it?
If the cross-country can be successfully completed, the ninja in Xingren Village is dead. What is it with him?
Early the next morning
Because of thinking too much, the quality of cross-country sleep is not very good, but based on long-term practice habits, cross-country still gets up early and finishes morning exercises, and is ready to take Akai Ri to visit the host of the party.
And let off-road feel the accident is not long after they just get up, the figure of Star Endure Red Star appears very coincidentally.
"Did you have a good rest?"
"Thank you for taking a good rest."
Nodded off-road staring at the red star so early and asked, "Excuse me, is the head of Xingren Village able to meet us after practicing?" Otherwise, Red Star Jun, you are here so early … "
"Ha, ha, ha, there’s still a long time for the village head to practice. Come to me so early …"
Red Star smiled a few times and said, "I came here so early mainly to see if a few people have a rest. You are from Muye Village. That’s why our guests in Xingren Village can’t be neglected." Just now that you are all up, I will show you around our Xingren Village! "
"By the way …"
"Please ask your distinguished guests from Muye Village to give us a little advice on practicing in Xingren Village?"
"oh? Give directions? It should be a discussion! "
I found that Red Star was somewhat inebriated. Cross-country also smiled and immediately quietly gave Ah Kai and others a wink and returned to "Red Star Please"
"Cross-country please!"
Red Star leads the way in cross-country for fear that Akai and others don’t see him, which makes the shadow communication once again emphasize the need to be careful of Xingren village ninja.
Akai and others are not just debuting, and they must have taken it to heart to listen to cross-country warnings many times.
But after the cross-country woke up, Kai and others should be careful, what happened later was that the cross-country was unexpected.
Because people who lead the way in Red Star and cross-country really never thought that Red Star would take them to the first place, which turned out to be the practice place of Xingren Village!
He wants to show off-road people around, and it turns out to be a "star" practice!
Chapter 41 Red Star Plot
Every practice of forbearing the village is the secret of the secret.
Suddenly, I heard that Red Star was going to take himself and others to visit Xingren Village to practice cross-country. The first feeling was that it was either courting or stealing!
It is true that the cultivation of Xingren Village must rely on the power of "Star", otherwise, what if it is a strong movie?
Not to say that all the movie-level strong people can have a bijuu like Hoshigaki Kisame in the original plot, right?
Just holding a small amount of chakra in your body, like cross-country, you can’t cultivate the peacock magic method, let alone show the mystery of the peacock magic method like the ninja in Xingren Village such as Red Star.
However, due to cross-country, I really want to know whether the treasure "Star" in Xingren Village is contaminated with the breath of ten tail. When Red Star proposed to visit Xingren Village’s cultivation method with cross-country people, although there was a little vigilance in the cross-country heart, he finally agreed to Red Star’s proposal and went to the most secret location in Xingren Village.

"But studying the resurrection of Poké mon is that Poké mon …" May asked.

"That is to say, the earth Poké mon Gulado was created," Diane replied.
"That’s right, Poké mon!" May was surprised.
"At the very least, it has to be something of this level, otherwise the Fire Rock Team wouldn’t pursue it so much." Aaron echoed the sentence.
"But in the end he found Jirachi in Faos," Diane continued.
"Looking for Jirachi? Do you want Jirachi to help realize your wish? " Xiaosheng immediately got up and asked May to press Xiaosheng again and again. Now he is in the car, and the ground is uneven and he is uneasy.
"No, he wants Jirachi to manipulate the huge energy of the Millennium Comet. The resurrection of Gulado needs a lot of energy. According to Butler, a failure is due to lack of energy." Diane said, "And in order to wake Jirachi up, there must be a Jirachi partner juvenile hall. We will perform magic shows everywhere to find this teenager."
"And this boy is a small victory," said May, looking at a small victory.
"By the way, where is Faos?" Small wins and looked at lying in the chair Jirachi then asked.
"It takes four days to drive," Diane replied.
"It’s my partner’s mission to leave Jirachi for a while," Xiaosheng said. It should be said that it is rare to see Xiaosheng speak so seriously
"My words are not the original plan. I didn’t finish working directly for seven days. At most, I didn’t add another two or three days when I came back." Aaron looked at Xiaosheng and said Xiaoshengyi smiled happily. May naturally went and nodded at Xiaosheng
"It’s been so long, let’s go to Faos." Diane said that she didn’t want Diane to act together with Aaron.
"There are two days left." Three nights after departure, May closed the "Seven Nights wishing star" as usual, and one of the small victories suddenly shouted "Don’t be like this, sister!" And ran away.
"Small victory …" May muttered should say don’t know what to say.
"He doesn’t want to be separated from Jirachi, right? Because of May, you are counting down the victory." Aaron said next to May that May looked at the wishing sunflower in his hand and didn’t say anything about silence.
"Don’t worry, everyone knows that May is very clear about your heart, but you really want to be with Jirachi. That’s the mood. Forget it, May. You go to sleep quickly. Leave it to me. It is estimated that you will arrive in Faola one day or the day after tomorrow." Aaron said and then wanted to walk to Xiaosheng.
"Aaron" May suddenly called Aaron Aaron and turned around.
"What’s the matter now?" Aaron asked with a smile
"No … thank you," said May, and Aaron laughed. "Well, thank me, then go to bed quickly. Keeping up the spirit is the best reward for me." Aaron laughed and laughed, and May nodded and got into the car.
"It’s almost time for Xiaosheng. You should go to bed quickly." Aaron went to Xiaosheng and sat down.
"But the horse won’t see Jirachi," replied Xiaosheng.
"But even if you are so depressed, there is no way to delay the time longer. If you sleep late today and get up early, you will have no spirit to play. 1+1 is the same as 1+5+5. The answer is the same. Your happiness may eventually be equated, but now you are depressed when you lose and create happiness." Aaron said, "A thousand years is really a long time for people, but for Jirachi, it is just a moment in sleep, but now Jirachi and Xiaosheng are together. It is definitely not a moment. For it, Xiaosheng, these seven days with you must be longer than the Millennium. "Aaron continued to say that Xiaosheng is incredible. He looked at Aaron and then at Jirachi.
"If you know each other, there must be separation, which is inevitable. Whether it’s people and Poké mon or people, you and Jirachi are good friends. Since they are good friends, Jirachi certainly doesn’t want to see you so unhappy. It’s a day to be able to play. I’m more happy that you and Jirachi can go to bed now, otherwise you will have to worry about you when you go to May like this." Aaron finally said that it is actually difficult to win a small victory, but it is also very simple like these times.
"There are still two days to go. We have to find a Poké mon Center on the road and find another guy to come over. I’m afraid the words of Three Gods Birds alone can’t deal with that guy." And Aaron has his own abacus
Thirty-seven real eyes! To "draw"?
From the sixth day, we will move forward in the forest. There is no way to drive in the forest, so four people will walk instead.
Finally, it was the last day of the seventh day. Four people were walking along the road when Absuolu suddenly appeared in front of Aaron and them.
Absuolu gave a cry and walked forward.
"Tell us to follow," Aaron said, and then followed.
Walking behind Absuolu, many Poké mon appeared on both sides.
After walking into a cave for a while, Absuolu suddenly ran away. What happened?
"The stars are calling me," Jirachi suddenly said. It seems that it should be the destination.
Jirachi wanted to fly away, and then Xiaosheng suddenly hugged Jirachi.
"I really don’t want to be separated. It’s hard to be friends. I really don’t want to be separated." Xiaosheng cried
"The stars … are calling me." Jirachi once again said that Xiaosheng should be said to be transfixed, and then let go of Jirachi and flew.
"Xiaosheng, don’t cry. Jirachi thinks the same as you. Jirachi certainly doesn’t want to be separated from you, but it’s something that has to be done." Aaron patted Xiaosheng on the shoulder and then sank his head. "Yes, it has to be done or something that has to be done consciously …" Aaron muttered May, but he looked at Aaron’s slightly sad expression. May didn’t see much.
"Aaron, you’re all right …" "But it’s precisely because of this that you can’t be sad if you don’t let your leaving friends worry and Jirachi worry, right?" May just wanted to say that Aaron continued to look at Xiaosheng and said that May should say that the horse smiled and worried that it might be a bit redundant. "Aaron can cheer up." Almost May thought so.
"Jirachi is going to open his eyes," Diane said.
"Real eyes?" May naturally puzzled.
"The real eye will only open when Jirachi summons the energy of the Millennium comet," Diane explained. "In the Millennium sleep, Jirachi will inject part of the comet energy into the earth, which is why the Faos environment is so good." Diane said that Xiaosheng also nodded. "It turns out that the earth here was bred by Jirachi." It seems that there is some understanding.
Suddenly there was a sound coming from the surrounding rock wall, and then four purple rays hit, and Jirachi became a ball and wrapped Jirachi to catch Jirachi.
"What is it?" Xiaosheng shouted in a hurry
"I think this road is going too smoothly," Aaron shouted. He immediately took out Poké Ball from his waist and pressed it to enlarge it. No response?
"Here really also put that kind of magnetic wave? I don’t know if that person can catch up, "Aaron said."
As soon as Jirachi was caught, he was alone in a high platform.
"welcome to the real butler magic show," said the man. "it’s butler!"
"Butler, what are you here!" Diane seems puzzled?
"In order to open Jirachi’s real eye, although illusion can only get it, your friendship is the best. You are the biggest and last trick I prepared." Butler looked at Diane’s question and said, "You will understand me after Diane’s experiment is successful." Butler said, and then four purple lights hit Aron’s side. Aron May defeated Diane, and the action of four people was blocked.
"Everyone * * is about to start now. Please enjoy this great magic!" Butler said and then disappeared from Aaron and others’ field of vision.
"If I could call out Poké mon, I wouldn’t make you so crazy. Haven’t you arrived yet?" Aaron said
"Aaron, what are you talking about?" It’s strange that May noticed.
"Well, a friend of mine, if he arrives, I’m sure I can release Poké mon." Aaron replied to May. It should be said that he didn’t understand it very well, but he knew that a very powerful person was coming …
Then a light came out of the huge platform where Butler was located. Aaron knew it was from Jirachi, and then there seemed to be an explosion in the comet. Then a light immediately hit the platform, and then he saw a ball at the lower end of the platform protruding from three angles, and then light appeared from these three angles respectively, and then converged and emitted at one point, hitting the ground. Aaron couldn’t see it here, but it seemed that the light was constantly changing angles, and what patterns were being drawn.
This is ABSOLU’s arrival. He used a test knife and fired it in the form of a wave blade. A dozen hit the wall and emitted this purple light. The machine exploded, and then another one exploded, and one of them also flew in the desert. Dragonflies were Aaron. They saw that one trampled on the way here, and then hit a dead light and exploded another one. All four mechanical things were killed.
Then the desert dragonfly landed next to Aaron and his party.
"Do desert dragonflies want to help us?" Aaron said that the desert dragonfly nodded, and Aaron nodded, and then climbed to the back of the desert dragonfly.
"I’ll go, too," Xiao Sheng told me.
"No, it’s too dangerous. You stay here." Aaron refused.
"But … I also want to save Jirachi …" Xiaosheng bowed his head and said.
"Forget it, hurry up if you want to come." Aaron finally couldn’t refuse Xiaoshengyi for the second time and smiled and climbed the back of the desert dragonfly.
"Caught Xiaosheng" Aaron said to Xiaosheng, "Desert Dragonfly, please." Then Aaron said to Desert Dragonfly, the desert dragonfly nodded and flew.
"Be careful, Aaron Xiaosheng" May said that Aaron answered "Yes" with a smile and flew with his thumb up. Suddenly, a Poké mon stood in front of Aaron and Xiaosheng.
"It’s violent!" Xiaosheng said
"Did you release Poké mon before you released the magnetic wave on your side?" Aron said, "What skills can desert dragonflies have?" Aron took out an illustration of his side. Although it can be seen from the situation that desert dragonflies destroyed the dead light just now, this desert dragonfly is very excellent. First, it is very strong. Second, it has been many times. After destroying the dead light, there are very few deputy.
"Bite, bite, break, dig a hole, earthquake feint, ground crack, plot against sonic wave, quicksand, hell throwing sand, ultrasonic dragon breath noise, dragon claw dust storm destroying the dead light … Are you really a wild poké mon? Can desert dragonflies learn skills?" Kojiro’s first plug-in can check skills, but when he saw the wild, he didn’t need to look at skills. If he was interested, he could just grab it and watch it at any time, and those poké mon were able to learn those skills in the wild. I memorized it, because I didn’t look at those English grammar classes at this time, Aaron used those hours to study illustrations. To tell the truth, there is no need. This time, Aaron is going to prepare a messenger to fight wild Poké mon, which is attached to this desert dragonfly. Aaron himself has a small victory. If he can’t lose, he should prepare as much as possible to win.
As soon as the salamander let out the jet flame, the desert dragonfly fluttered its wings and rose to avoid Aaron. There was no small victory. It seemed that there was no way for the horse to adapt to this situation and clung to Aaron’s clothes.
"Use ultrasonic desert dragonfly!" Aaron said that the desert dragonfly was stupefied and then shouted. Aaron didn’t bring earplugs for a while.
"Although you can’t hear the sound, the frequency of desert dragonfly is just as uncomfortable. Holding back the ultrasound has a greater impact on human beings than on Poké mon," Aaron said, but you can’t respond when you don’t hear the response.
"Good dragon breath!" Along ling

"Very good a ghost! I am a girl! Girls and girls! "

Listen, Itsuka Kotori said that Wu Heshi’s woven face suddenly blushed, and the girl said in such a flurry that she looked at a loss.
"Who says girls and girls can’t do such things? Girls and girls love is the purest."
"Don’t show that expression. This is to make the elves feel good about the world, but also to make the elves shy to seal them. Then the way to make the elves shy is to have love!"
A clear-headed analysis of the benefits of this method made Qin feel very satisfied with the reason why he was ready to deal with Wuhe Weaving temporarily or long ago, but he didn’t say’ I really am the cleverest’.
"I … I know, if it can protect that girl."
I remembered the sad appearance of the purple-haired girl I saw. Wuhe Shizhi couldn’t help but have a slight quiver in his heart.
That ….. is the feeling of love.
Chapter 379 Invitation
"Speaking of which, what happened to Priness and that man over there?"
"Princess Priness?"
Five rivers and weaving slightly leng leng while Itsuka Kotori is gently nodded his head.
"Elf code names are based on their physical characteristics because elves have no names. They take all kinds of nicknames."
Itsuka Kotori said so, Wuhe Shizhi was silent again, but Chin didn’t seem to notice and began to ask questions.
Tracking shows that she still hasn’t returned to the critical point, and she doesn’t know what happened. Now she and that man are staying in a remote shrine.
"Well, let’s observe for the time being and see if there is a possibility of direct communication."
At the same time, on the other side of the shrine, Yu is worried that the eyelids of the girl with ten incense are getting heavier and heavier, and it seems that she will fall asleep at any time.
"What happened suddenly? What happened to Shixiang? Are you okay?"
"No … nothing is sleepy … want to sleep"
"Sleep? Is it critical? "
"Well … it looks like I’m going back. Goodbye again, Ye Yu."
So obsessed with saying this, ten sweet sounds became smaller and smaller, and finally disappeared directly in the arms of Ye Yu.
"Back to … critical?"
Looking at ten incense so disappear in front of your Ye Yu some loss so to speak.
But what on earth did you come to this world for? I haven’t understood it yet. Naisha Naisha hasn’t told herself. Is it the same as the original world?
But where should I go now? Ten Xiang said goodbye once, but when will she go back to the critical sleep this time? How long will she sleep? And she didn’t say where she will appear when she returns to the present world.
Well, there will be earthquakes before the elves appear. At that time, we can know where the ten incense appears by the location of the earthquake.
Just as Ye Yu was thinking about going to town to have a look, there was a sudden noise outside the door.
"That … is anyone there?"
The door of the shrine was suddenly pushed open and came in. Ten incense saw Ye Yu appear in front of her and made a lovely sound with a slight leng.
"Ah how … how the elves disappeared? !”
A face of don’t understand looking at swinging shrine and Ye Yu five rivers and weaving in front of your face, saying this is also saying this to the ear micro communication device.
Before being sent to the shrine, Wu He Shi Zhi was encouraged by her sister Qin to persuade the elves through dialogue, but to her surprise, when she came in, she found that the elves were gone.
Hey, hey, hey, what should I do now? Why is there a man here when the elf is gone and the elf is gone? What should I do now? It’s embarrassing.
Wuhe Shizhi looked embarrassed and didn’t know what to do, while Ye Yu looked at each other curiously and soon found something unusual about the girl.
Interesting … Is this girl with those girls who attacked at the beginning, or is it …
"What should I do now! What elves are missing? What a situation this is! "
"How do I know? It seems that Priness should be back to the critical point?"
"What should I do now? What should I say to this man?"
"Well, this man is also very important. Ask him a little bit about what elves will leave with him when they have elf information."
"But how do you ask this question? Isn’t it exposed? Didn’t you say you couldn’t let the elves know about me and you? "
Wuhe Shizhi asked so inexplicably, while Qinli answered with a face of so-called samples in the headphones.
"So what? Anyway, he’s not an elf. It’s a big deal to absorb him into the organization when the time comes. It’s just easier to match with you."
Jean said that Wu Heshi’s face expression was even more corrected. Looking at the curious man in front of your face, he didn’t know what to say.
"What about … what about this gentleman elf? What are you and elf?"
"Interesting … Are you with those people?"
"What … what people do you mean those who attack elves? I’m not with them."

The first attack didn’t hit the driftwood, and it became more disorganized. Yunmingyuan moved fast enough, and even if there were a large number of branches out of the driftwood, there was no way to take Yunmingyuan.

The two sides were deadlocked for a moment, and Liumu didn’t get the benefits, but he didn’t say anything, and he was also got by Yunmingyuan.
Yunmingyuan didn’t expect it to be like this. He could get a part of this tree full of fruit after the original Liumu shot. Who would have thought that Liumu turned out to be a slag? Not only did it not take away the fruit of Liumu from his hand, but it also helped Yunmingyuan to get the fruit of Liumu. The process became simpler.
Yunmingyuan "…"
He didn’t know what to say at the moment.
Liumu is going to explode!
But it also realized that its fighting capacity is not good, even a human monk can’t deal with it!
It was only because of the weak fighting capacity that I found such a place to take root. I didn’t expect it to be rooted in the natural materials and treasures. I have been relying on the breakthrough of the turbulent people outside to create the illusion of my own strength.
This human comes in and tells it again that it is really not strong at all.
Flow wood first stopped moving.
Yunmingyuan also listened to it.
The two sides stared at each other face to face very quietly for a moment.
There’s an energy coming from Liumu Yunmingyuan. I heard a sound in my mind.
"You’ve taken all my fruits. Why don’t you leave?"
Liumuyin sounds … very young.
Like a cub
Yun Mingyuan didn’t bully the cub at all. He felt that his face was expressionless and calmly stated the facts. "I noticed that there is a natural resource here."
Flow wood tone panic a "what did you say? I don’t know anything! "
Yun Mingyuan "… I haven’t said you know."
Liumu "…" So it is without being pressed?
Flowing wood has opened up spiritual wisdom, but there is no cultivation to be able to take shape. Through it, the essence is not so strong for a while. When I really face human monks, I find that I am no match for human monks.
"What do you want?" Liumu is a little scared.
"I want to know what that natural treasure is."
"no! Impossible! " Even if Liumu has a bad brain, he knows that if he tells the name of that thing, it is impossible for this human being not to be moved!
No one can refuse to be lured by natural resources and treasures.
Less in the eyes of Liumu, it attracted attention at a glance, and no one can resist it!
Yun Mingyuan said something for a moment, "What is impossible?"
"Give up, human. I can never tell you what it is!"
"I can find it myself if you don’t tell me."
Yunmingyuan light way
He took out a compass.
Of course, he didn’t forge this compass, but he got it at the contribution point of Xianyun Zongli brother to detect the natural materials and treasures.
Although he is not so accurate occasionally, he may make mistakes on a large scale, but he is already here and can’t find what that thing is. He will go back and give a good talk to the refiner who is refining these arrays.
Liumu knows that the human friar always has some strange means. I really want this human friar to find it.
Chapter 7 Go to Hongyuan
"Brother, do you think you need a spiritual pet?" Liumu’s posture is very low, and his tone is also cautious, and he also takes a few minutes to please.
Yunmingyuan doesn’t know whether he should feel that Liumu is flexible or should feel that Liumu is so ashamed.
As the saying goes, black cats and white cats are good cats if they can catch consumption.
Liumu doesn’t care whether he can meet people by his own means or not, and he is shameless. Anyway, it’s just a tree with no face!
Yun Mingyuan didn’t know that he was going to be attacked by a tree. He glanced at his hand and he didn’t know that he should react at the moment.
Ice Excalibur is not responsible for answering his doubts. After absorbing the stone, Ice Excalibur directly returned to Yunmingyuan Dantian without leaving a word.
Yunmingyuan "…"
Suddenly I feel that none of these things he got from the God King are reliable.
He turned to look at the "eyeing up" to himself-actually, there is no eye to wonder that the trunk is facing Yunmingyuan’s flowing wood in a dull tone. "Sorry, I don’t need a pet now."
It’s ridiculous that he has already raised so many small ancestors, so why not raise any spiritual pets?
Yunmingyuan thinks he won’t do such a stupid thing.
By no means will the contract flow wood.
I’m not annoyed that Liumu was rejected and somehow turned into a palm-sized sapling. I eagerly asked Yun Mingyuan, "Do you still need leg pendants? I can also pretend to be a decoration. Do you think I’m cute now? It’s also wonderful to send my heart, right? "
Yun Mingyuan couldn’t help looking at a driftwood when he heard this and found that it looked really cute when it became smaller.
Yunmingyuan shook his head "…" He was really crazy and almost brainwashed by a tree.
"You don’t follow me" YunMingYuan will flow wood aside to Han Xiu ink location in the past.
Although the turbulence-causing stones have disappeared, the turbulence stones in this area will not disappear when the gangfeng is short.
Going back, Yunmingyuan still has to go through several Gangfeng winds and random turbulence, regardless of the roots jumping behind him.

This stone pillar is the beginning of Xerneas’s seal, and the veterans Poké mon worked together to rebuild it so that they could meet Xerneas’s return here one day.

Although many Poké mon were dead of old age …
Cheerful Xerneas has liberated himself from color change.
It flew back to Qiuyuan, and then a force threw Qiuyuan on its back and took off again.
"Ahhh! Wait! ! Fly slowly! ! Brother! You are my big brother. Fly slowly! !”
Qiuyuan clutched Xerneas’s neck and felt the strong wind blowing on his cheek caused by Xerneas’s high-speed flight.
After gradually adapting to the flight rhythm of Xerneas, Qiu Yuan did not feel happy.
"This brother went out and had a big day to blow." Qiu Yuan proudly thought, "I have ridden a beast or this top beast."
Flying by Xerneas, Qiuyuan was discovered by all the Poké mon, which made the bottom talk.
"Lindsey miles Lindsey miles? (Who is this human being? What’s riding a big man in Xerneas? )”
"gung? Isn’t this the human that Gengar brought in? )”
"roar! Ho ho! (What about Gengar! Come out and explain one! )”
"Ah ha? Whoo-hoo! (what is it? No, I’m not my business! )”
"Wave Keith! (Stop arguing! )”
Chapter 5 hermetic
Xerneas landed on the stone pillar with Qiuyuan and looked down at the poké mon who gathered together.
I don’t know where my family grew up. Togekiss, with high prestige, flew to the stone pillar respectfully and excitedly
"Lord Xerneas welcomes you back!"
All the Poké mon in the field burst into a huge shout to welcome Xerneas back.
I feel that everyone is deeply moved by their hearts, and even Qiu Yuan is infected by their warm feelings.
"Yes, I’m back."
At this moment, Xerneas calmed down and let go of the sigh. There was a sigh of joy in the light tone.
Cheers again in the field.
For the Poké mon present, waiting for Xerneas’s return seems to have become their common vision. This is the wish of Poké mon from the older generation.
But at this moment, they finally ushered in how can they not be excited and happy when they admire and love God!
"Speaking of it, the human beings around me rescued me."
Smell speech all the Poké mon are surprised to see Qiuyuan.
Gengar is also a face of surprise "blare ha? Woo-hoo-hoo? Hey, hey, hey, hey … (What? Is he the one who rescued Lord Xerneas? That I also have a lot of credit hey hey hey …) "
"What’s your name?" Xerneas looked at the pillar Togekiss way
"My name is Xerneas’s adult," Togekiss replied respectfully.
"Well, don’t be so careful about the trough. Is it terrible for me to let go?"
Perhaps most of the Poké mon present have never seen Xerneas, who is looking forward to Xerneas’s return, and now he has seen it, saying that Lord Zhongzelnias is still in awe.
But before Xerneas was sealed, it and Poké mon were more like friends. Now the reaction of Poké mon makes it a little uncomfortable.
Xerneas’s long horn frets, and the soothing power falls in all the Poké mon shapes, and the Poké mon people’s mentality is much easier.
"It’s Lord Xerneas."
The trough expression is also much more natural.
"Will you still practice occultism in the beginning?" Xerneas asked.
Qiuyuan is listening. It’s strange that you still have unique cultivation skills.
Without thinking, the valley replied, "Every newborn Poké mon will be taught occult skills after meeting the requirements, just waiting for the moment when the adults return!"
Xerneas laughed when he heard this. "Then please lead them to use secret skills!"
The trough should then turn around and look at all Poké mon.
With its command, a group of Togekiss stepped out of the formation and commanded some Poké mon.
See them sit in order, slowly close their eyes and enter a state similar to meditation.
"Are you ready? Qiuyuan "Xerneas way
"Prepare what?" Qiuyuan is at a loss about what your occult cultivation has to do with me. I’m not a poké mon.
Xerneas didn’t speak any more, so all the Poké mon were in a state of readiness.
Xerneas’s head root horns shine in unison, and the energy comes from it, and the core of the chest source also bursts with bright light.
As if Xerneas echoed the general field, Poké mon’s body also issued a dark light.
Seeing this Qiuyuan, I suddenly remembered that this is not the mural Xerneas Poké mon cultivation scene.
At the moment, I see thick pure white silk threads from the stone pillar Poké mon body slowly gathering together in the middle of Xerneas’s power package.
"Qiuyuan feels this power and integrates it into the core of I give you the source."
Xerneas sounded in Qiu Yuan’s mind and looked curious. Qiu Yuan was at sea with himself.
"How do you feel? Hey, I’m not a Poké mon! !”
"Hold the source core and feel it!" Xerneas’s sound soothed Qiu Yuan’s impatience. "Then integrate this power into the source core so that you can make it."
Got instructions from Xerneas Qiu Yuan hurriedly took out the Xerneas source core from the unified warehouse and held it in his hand.
According to Xerneas’s mind, Qiuyuan’s successful feeling is condensed with strength, and pure strength seems to have no attribute.
Slowly pulling the core strength of the source, Qiu Yuan also successfully integrated the cohesive strength of Poké mon into the core that Xerneas gave him.
At the moment of successful integration, Qiu Yuanxian felt a little bit of vibration in his chest.
Silent vitality has some tendency to be awakened!
⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ 931
With doubts Qiu Yuan said, "What is this force in Xerneas? I seem to feel the vitality! "
Xerneas was silent for a moment and thought about it.
"I don’t know what this power is. I have mastered this secret since I was born. Through it, my source power can be stronger and purer."

JiZhao direction just greeted with step Ye Cheng positive step Ye Cheng tall and straight figure came up when she saw him at a glance.

Four eyes look at each other, one is cold and the other is lax.
Step Ye Cheng walked over and the cold iron handcuffs seemed to hurt his eyes. He shrank his eyes and looked at one side coming towards him. A face of flattering police officers was as cold as if they had been soaked in ice water. "Officer Mo, what crime did my wife commit?"
Officer Mo hasn’t spoken yet, and his soft voice has come up. "I tried to kill people in Buye City, and I committed murder."
He turned his eyes back to Ji Zhao’s face when Bu Yecheng heard that his body gave a good shock. "Don’t deceive me," he said with a gentle voice and a slow smile. "Tell me what happened?"
Ji Zhao looked at him with a smile, and his tone was normal and natural. "Well, I ran over to find Ge Shu on purpose, but I didn’t have the strength to hurt her leg. She was just pushed into the operating room. Don’t you go and see her?"
Step Ye City closed its eyes and muted the line "I don’t believe it". He insisted on saying that the side head was facing the police officer’s mouth just now and "beat the handcuffs"
Mo police officer one leng eye dew difficult "this ….."
Buyecheng’s veins stood out violently. He seemed to be trying to keep back his words and almost spilled out of his teeth. "I told you to beat the handcuffs!"
"You don’t want to be a difficult police officer in Buyecheng. I made a mistake. You asked Officer Mo to handcuff me in front of so many people?"
Jizhao gently curled up his smile and stimulated his nerves endlessly.
Officer Mo is a genius at first sight. In this case, his brain still reacts and quickly calls Mrs. Ji Zhaoyi.
Jizhao looked aside. When Officer Mo saw that Officer Mo was winking at her constantly, it was business and asked, "Mrs. Step, let me ask you again what happened at the scene? Are you sure you are not hurting people in self-defense? "
"No," Ji Zhao smiled and didn’t want to answer, "I killed someone intentionally. I had this idea for a long time, but it’s a pity that I didn’t kill her with a knife."
Panic flashed from the bottom of the man’s eyes. He didn’t want to hug Ji Zhao in his arms. It took him a long time to calm down and his black eyes were unusually scarlet. "Ji Zhao, do you know that attempted murder is punishable?"
Ji Zhao echoed "Yes" with his eyes open.
"Ji Zhao, don’t be silly, don’t try to punish me by yourself." He gritted his teeth and spoke with a little bit of pleading for comfort. "Ji Yang has been released from prison. If you don’t believe me, call Ji Yang now and let him come over. I beg you not to hurt yourself to punish me."
"Well, I called Chen Yanting on my way. I thanked Chen Yanting." Ji Zhao quietly leaned back in the man’s arms and laughed. "I’m a success in Buyecheng, and I congratulate you. You did protect Ge Shu, but at the same time, you have lost me."
Step Ye Cheng felt as if his taut string had been broken until Ji Zhao was taken away by the police, and he felt as if his heart had been dug out.
Do you want to protect Ge Shuzhou in Buye City? I’m not as good as you … "
In the early morning, her heart-rending words rang clearly in her ears as if something had just happened.
She told him about Jiyang in this way, and he chose to stay out of it and oppose her.
He’s also in jail, punishing him, telling him that Jiyang was in jail, and he stayed out of it. Now she’s in jail, and he wants to control her and let him control it!
This woman, how hard is she to be so cruel to herself …
He couldn’t step quietly for a long time until Ge Shu was pushed into the ward from the outside.
Ge Shu’s pale face once got out of control and choked several times after seeing him "Ye Cheng …"
Step Ye City looked down at her bandages wrapped around her thighs for a short silence. He whispered, "Did Ge Shu say something to stimulate Ji Zhao?"
Ge Shu stared at the handsome face of the man. "What did you say?"
"I said, did you say something to stimulate her when Ji Zhao ran to you just now?"
Ge Shu didn’t expect Bu Ye City to question her anger after seeing her leg wound for a long time before she stabilized her mood and turned her face away. "Are you saying that I deliberately said something to stimulate her to let her cut me with a knife? Do I look so stupid in Buyecheng? "
Step Ye Cheng Adam’s apple rolled "Ge Shu" and he called her voice without ups and downs and without much emotion "Jiyang came out"
GeShuWen body gave a shock suddenly lift eyes looked at him "what did you say? Is Jiyang out of prison? "
He nodded, "Yes, Jiyang came out."
GeShu good-looking eyes suddenly tightened "step Ye city is you? Are you looking for it? "
Section 171
"It’s not me but Ge Shu" Step Ye Cheng calmly said "Chen Yanting is just a little faster than me"
Ge Shu suddenly widened her eyes and could hardly believe "Step Ye City, you-!"
Step Ye City slightly pulled the lip. "Well, I can’t raise a wild cat at home. I have to do what I should or shouldn’t do. I’m afraid she will scratch me with a careless heart."
But this time he was scratched by her, and his heart was almost suffocated by her biting and scratching bloody breathing …
After he finished this sentence, his face turned and walked outside the ward, which seemed to remind him. He suddenly paused and turned to look at it. I don’t know whether it was because of anger or illness. Ge Shu’s face turned white.
"By the way, the police will come and take a message later. I hope you can see that I have taken care of you for so many years and try to say as little as possible that is not good for my wife."
Ge Shu stabbed herself in Jizhao, and she almost won the game.
But what did you mean by what Ye Cheng said just now?
She didn’t react until step Ye City was away from her ward. What just happened?
Step Ye city should not run to her heart and then be disappointed with Jizhao after seeing her wound instantly?
I don’t know how many times I came to see Ji Zhao in the prison before going to court. No matter what Step Ye said to her, she turned a blind eye to him.
Step Ye Cheng felt that he had never been so desperate about one thing.
Two people, one outside and the other inside, communicate almost all the time.
He thought this woman must be blind. He loved her so much that he couldn’t see how much he loved her.
Now he understands that she is actually the clearest person. She knows that he cares about her, and she will punish him by herself. His attitude of staying out of Jiyang makes him feel guilty and regret to death!
The day before the court, Yecheng went to see Jizhao at the same time as usual.
He looked in his eyes and barely looked at her. Ji Zhao later called the prison guard. He went in and looked at Ji Zhao’s Adam’s apple rolling and dumb. He called, "Ji Zhao will be in court tomorrow. Can you talk to me now?"
Jizhao light lift eyes saw his one eye, and then dropped his eyes.
Step Ye City sighed, raised her arms and held her in her arms. I haven’t held her like this for a long time and hugged her for a while. It’s hard to tell.
"Jizhao, you have lost weight again."
Jizhao motionless, he held a word.
"Ji Zhao, if you want to get back at me, you don’t have to hurt yourself." He hugged her tightly as if she could feel her presence. "You said I would do whatever you want me to do."
"Step Ye City, your male chauvinism is too serious." Ji Zhaoba leans on the man’s shoulder and his eyes are slightly distracted. "You always decide for me that I want to do it according to your own ideas, and you never care about my ideas. You think that I want you to think that you have imposed your ideas on Jiyang and Ge Shu where I am."
He paused to adjust his tone and continued, "You think it’s Jiyang’s fault, and you realize that I should think so, too. I never put myself in the shoes. I think you think Jiyang should be punished for making a mistake? You hold me by the handle and do what you want and feel at ease that I dare not resist you, right? "
"JiZhao …"
As if listening to the man’s voice, she felt a headache and closed her eyes as if nothing had happened. "Do you want to persuade me not to admit that I killed someone intentionally when I was in heaven?"